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[2000-02-27-WWF-No Way Out] Edge & Christian vs Matt & Jeff Hardy


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The crowd didn’t really care for this but I enjoyed it even though it was sloppy in spots. King is embarrassing yelling Puppies at Terri coming out. The stiffness was there including a nice chop exchange between Matt and Christian. A couple of moves were botched or a little off but some ended up looking more dangerous like the Edge powerbomb. Both teams also took turns doing some heelish things although E&C more than the Hardys. Finish comes when Terri turns on the Hardys and Christian hits the Unprettier for the win. They seem confused as to why Terri did that as well. The Hardys grab Terri by the hair but she had the forethought to hire the APA for protection so they beat up the Hardys including a brutal powerbomb on Jeff. ***1/4

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I couldn't really get into this. It's good to see these teams into a traditional tag match, everyone worked hard and they did a technically good match that was well laid out, but it's hurt by both teams being babyfaces and the heat not being there. Edge and Christian ends up as the de facto heels I guess, but it's not very inspired because they aren't heels ... yet, at least. The big story here is Terri Runnels turning on the Hardys, which is a good move, as she doesn't really fit in with them anyway. Good stuff with the APA post-match angle. Terri was smart.

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I'm with you guys on this being an otherwise solid match that's really crippled by the lack of heat. Everyone's working hard and executing well, but the match lacks the necessary crowd energy to push it forward. A good contrast to the No Mercy match, as the ladder match didn't require a heel/face dynamic to work, but this does.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-27-WWF-No Way Out] Edge & Christian vs Matt & Jeff Hardy

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