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[1985-12-13-Houston Wrestling] Jim Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer (Coal Miner's Glove)


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This is a coal minors glove match. Like Matt D was saying it felt more like a big WWE stip match. Where it had it moments and postage stamps moments. I still enjoyed a lot of this. This is one of my favorite feuds of all time. I loved how they used a stip to set up another stip match. We got some brawling early. Buzz after Duggan's back. He worked over Duggan's back with a chair. A couple of the chair shots looked weak though. Buzz would stomp. kick the back. He posted Duggan's back into the guardrail. He hooks on the bear hug. The crowd went nuts everytime Duggan tried to climb the pole. It had a Royal Rumble count feeling. Once Duggan gets the glove the crowd is nuts. We get the finish, and a great angle to set up the dog collar match. A real fun match. Topped off by a great Duggan promo. 3 1/4*

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I didn't really love this match but the finish was fucking AWESOME! Buzz trying to use the dog collar and it backfiring on him when Duggan yanked it to pull Buzz into the big Coal Miner's Glove punch was about as perfect of a wrestling finish as you can get.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1985-12-13-Houston Wrestling] Jim Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer (Coal Miner's Glove)

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