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[2000-03-04-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Road Dogg vs Bull Pain & Todd Morton


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Pre match promos from Road Dogg. It is weird he was able to do this much stuff. Lance laughin at Road Dogg was humorous and Dave West calls him Dr. Suess which made me laugh. Match itself was a five minute brawl but something I enjoyed with weapon shots and hate. A frantic call off the air happens with Road Dogg being handcuffed and the KAW guys going for the kill against Lawler. **1/4

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This was the best MCW match so far. It would be cool to see something get more time, but these guys do a lot with the time they have here, giving us a wild brawl full of energy. I have always liked using the chair as a choking weapon. All four of these guys are really good. Even Road Dogg is in the type of setting that highlights what he does well, and he more than holds up his end.

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The Kick Ass pairing have got Al K. Holic as per usual and are carrying chairs with KAW written on them. Road Dogg cuts a short promo on the stage saying it’s the anticipation of the ass kicking they’re going to receive that makes Pain and Morton’s skin tingle, so they’re going to keep them in the ring just a little longer. When they finally make their way to the ring, the KAW guys head out to meet them in the aisle. The four of them brawl at ringside with Dogg smashing Morton into the announcing table and Lawler ramming Pain into the ring post. They eventually get into the ring and this looks like a Texas Tornado match. Morton with a double axe handle off the top and ‘The King’ comes to his partner’s rescue. Dogg tosses Morton to the outside, he runs and jumps off the apron at him, but Morton throws a chair right at him catching him flush in the face. Bull starts to use a chair as a weapon, jabbing Lawler in the face and sternum with it. Morton unloads on Dogg inside the ring whilst Pain beats on ‘The King’ outside. Morton with some chops and kicks in the corner, however when Dogg fires back, Al K. manages to handcuff him to the ropes leaving him helpless. Lawler slams Pain’s head into a chair and drives it into his throat. Morton nails ‘The King’ from behind and it’s now 2 on 1 against Lawler. Neckbreaker/double axe handle combination and Pain and Morton set up a table. They’re about to put ‘The King’ through it when the show goes off the air as we’re out of time.


A real good four minutes of action. The brawling, which was the main feature of the match, played to the strengths of everyone and there was a ‘wild’ sort of feeling to this. I liked Morton’s throwing of the chair at Road Dogg, whilst even the handcuffing, which could be the kinda thing I easily hate, didn’t look contrived or as if the Dogg was ‘waiting’ for it. Shame we ran out of time and didn’t see how this panned out.

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Biggest flaw with all of these MCW matches so far is the lack of time they have to develop anything noteworthy. This was about 3-4 minutes long and was pretty wild -- albeit not as wild as the previous IWA-MS brawl obviously -- but it was pretty wild for what it was.


All four guys go around punching and hitting each other with chairs for the entirety of it. I thought Morton stopping Road Dogg's comeback by handcuffing him was excellent as was the commentator who was with Lance Russell screaming they were going to kill the King by putting him through the table before it cut out before it.


Overall this leaves you wanting more because we never see what happened and because it was way to short.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-04-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Road Dogg vs Bull Pain & Todd Morton

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