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[2000-03-04-Michinoku Pro] Tiger Mask IV vs Minoru Fujita


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Interested in others thoughts on this. It felt to me like a Minoru Tanaka match in that the work was technically sound but the action and other ancillary factors weren’t really engaging. That is probably a blame levied at Tiger Mask as he is someone that has consistently failed to capture me with interest in any of his singles output. As a result, this was 15 minutes of work where I wasn’t regretful I saw it, but it is unlikely to be something that crosses my mind again. I can see others getting more out of it. ***

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Technically solid and good work but lacking any real emotion, kinda like well-prepared cuisine with no seasoning. It's funny that Chad pointed to Minoru Tanaka, because I definitely see that, but my mind went back to all of those disappointing Doc-Gordy tags in early 90s All Japan. Well-worked, but very much the kind of match that good wrestlers have because that's what good wrestlers do, more than it is something that stands out. ***

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I agree with the previous sentiment -- this wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly engaging either. Both guys have been good in the previous multi man tags they were in (and Fujita had that one fun match with CIMA), but they just didn't seem to be able to reach that level here. I dug the chicken suplex as a finish.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-04-Michinoku Pro] Tiger Mask IV vs Minoru Fujita

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