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[2000-03-10-AAA] Perro Aguayo Jr vs Heavy Metal vs Abismo Negro vs Electroshock


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I keep waiting for the AAA stuff to heat up but even if the action is better, it is still surrounded by bullshit that I am not interested in at all. It really is a WWF vs. WCW situation to me at the same time except CMLL has been much better at pulling off the amount of hate and disdain among all the factions. The AAA stuff still seems to be drawing but I for the life of me can’t care. This was another match that tricked me by having 2 minutes of decent action before resorting to bullshit with run ins, Pena getting bullied around, and chairs getting swung. Some day AAA will do something to interest me. *1/4

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WCW in 2000 is about as far from a model wrestling company as has ever existed, but they even had some moments that were aesthetically redeeming? Does AAA in 2000 have any such moments? Even one? We'll keep going along in hot pursuit. Agreed that the first two minutes was a promise that went unfulfilled by a circus of bullshit that lasted four times as long.

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So this seems to be a Russian Roulette type match and that's what it felt like with all the run-ins. Texano runs in and low blows the tecnicos and helps Electro win the match. This sorta reminds me of the beginning of Power Pro wrestling when you had Randy Hales get attacked by Lawler and Hales being all over tv. On a scale between Vince Mcmahon and Randy hales, Pena was closer to Hales. Great mind but just not believable as top tecnico. Just a mess of a match but at least it didn't involve Tiger Steel and had big heat from the crowd.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-10-AAA] Perro Aguayo Jr vs Heavy Metal vs Abismo Negro vs Electroshock

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