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[2000-03-11-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Derrick King


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Corey is by himself as Dave hasn’t made it to the studio. It is the 100th edition of the Power Hour. Brandon Baxter’s crew is like 8 deep at this point. That tiger striped red shirt is unfortunate. I love Corey getting into it. After their long promo, we hear from Dave Brown by phone that has suspicions that Baxter sabotaged him and that is why he can’t make it to the show. Corey gets into it again. Wolfie D cuts a promo and is attacked by Derrick King to some great heat. A really excellent 4 minute match ensues. Derrick King really should have been a star. He looks more refined and polished than anyone in OVW. Wolfie gets the win and Corey is disgusted. I loved all of this. ***

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Brandon Baxter and Wolfie D are just outstanding here on the mic. Someone bottle them up and ship them to 2017, please. A series of hot angles and promos lead into a balls-out, fast-paced four minute match with both guys looking great. As much as I love PG-13, Wolfie D in some ways looks even better on his own, and Derrick King does indeed look like a star on the rise. This was tremendous. ***

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The 100th edition of the Power Hour and Corey Maclin is on his own as Dave Brown hasn’t arrived at the studio yet. Brandon Baxter is out with his entourage and says how today is a day that everyone is celebrating. They’re not celebrating the 100th edition of the Power Hour though, they’re celebrating that ‘The Cartel’ is taking over Power Pro Wrestling! Wolfie D, Mo (from Men on a Mission) and Seven all cut promo’s (Wolfie’s is great, Mo’s decent and Seven’s bad) and Corey then says that they’ve managed to get Dave on the phone. He explains that he made the mistake of telling someone that his car would be going in for its annual MOT and he was going to have to travel to the studios in a pick up truck. He got out the shower this morning to see someone messing with his truck. It was a ‘Motor Oil’ guy, which tells him that Brandon Baxter is behind it and this person ended up getting in his truck and driving it away. He can’t prove it’s Baxter, but is going to have that man arrested and has already called the authorities, so if they show up in the studio today, that’s why.


Later in the show after White Lightning (not Tim Horner) defeats Havok, an officer is out and arrests Havok. We then get footage from last week of Wolfie D attacking Derrick King in the backstage area and tying him up.


Wolfie interview and Corey says that he’s known him for a long time but now has even less respect for him. Wolfie tells Corey to shut up and says that despite PG-13 selling out his building more than anyone, when the USWA closed down and Power Pro Wrestling opened up, he didn’t have a job because Randy Hales wanted to give the people new guys like Ali. He says that nobody cares about Ali and if he wants some of him, he can bring his butt out here and get some. He showed everyone who the man is last week, and he’s going to show everyone else every other week who’s still the man! It’s his house, not Ali’s! He turns his attention to Derrick King and then King comes rushing from the back and attacks him. They fight around ringside and eventually into the ring. A pair of dropkicks from King, he ducks a clothesline and a nice neckbreaker. Instead of going for the pin though, he gets on Wolfie and starts pounding him. King with a superkick at the second attempt and Baxter pulls the official from the ring at two to stop the count. King goes after Brandon and chases him around ringside. Into the ring he goes, but Wolfie cuts off King’s pursuit with a clothesline. Suplex, a big right hand off the middle and King start to fire back. He telegraphs the back drop and Wolfie turns it into a neckbreaker. Belly to back followed by a knee drop for two. Wolfie with a sleeper, King shoots him into the ropes and slaps on one of his own, but Wolfie counters with another belly to back suplex. Wolfie is too slow climbing the turnbuckles and King with a Frankensteiner off the top. DDT from King, he then climbs the turnbuckles, but Wolfie distracts the referee and Baxter pulls King’s leg’s out from under him. Spinning powerbomb and Wolfie gets the win.


I always think of Jamie Dundee being the one who can talk for PG-13, but Wolfie has proven that he’s a tremendous mouthpiece too. I was impressed by him in the WCW ‘C’ show matches and he’s every bit as impressive in Memphis. Good action between these two in a what was a strong studio match.

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Wolfie is at his best as a heel so he was on fire here. He finally gets to tell Corey to shut the hell up. Mo cuts a promo while holding a cigar and a bottle of milk it looks like. Seven freezes during his promo and I feel bad for him. As for the match, it was nice to see Derrick King be competitive against one of the top stars. He's bulked up compared to his young gun run in 1999. I liked how they teased the ref bump but didn't make it the finish. Power pro doing the "4 flat tires" gimmick with Dave Brown of all people was funny.

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The Memphis running theme of poor commentators getting interrupted by heels is something that will never not warm my heart. A selection of promos from the heel guys with Wolfie D giving an AWESOME heel promo. Once more, you're reminded of how, in an alternate universe, PG-13 have the same legendary status as The Hardys. Mo and Kevin Thorn are certainly a pair of guys to both be in a stable. God bless Memphis as we get Dave Brown on the phone who recounts a story of his truck getting tampered with and it becomes a super hot angle.


It all bleeds into the match which is a fantastic sprint. Cuts a great pace, Baxter's interference spots are really neatly incorporated and both guys look really crisp and look head and shoulders above most of the southern indie guys we've seen so far. Like said, it's really a shame that King didn't get a good babyface run anywhere as he had great charisma, could bump and sell well and when it came to offence here, everything he did looked really smooth. Chalk him up as another unlucky dude, I suppose.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-11-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D vs Derrick King

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