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Titans of Wrestling #77: Finale

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This episode is dedicated to Ivan Koloff, RIP


On the docket tonight:


1. Frank Williams vs Bulldog Brower 3/80 MSG

2. Dominic Denucci vs Baron Mikel Scicluna 8/80 Shea

3. Baron Mikel Scicluna vs SD Jones 4/81 MSG

4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito vs Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada 10/81 Philly

5. Battle Royal 6/79 MSG

6. Pat Patterson, Tony Garea, & Rick Martel vs The Moondogs & Lou Albano 2/81 MSG

7. Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis 3/82 Philly

8. Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter vs Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre 3/82 Philly

9. Bruno Sammartino vs Waldo Von Erich 6/75 MSG


Highlights include:


- Titans memories sprinkled throughout

- How Vince Jr thinks of his father's era

- Hall of Fame Classes of 94, 95 and 96

- Career matches for Dominic Denucci, Baron Scicluna and SD Jones

- Bios for Gypsy Rodriguez and Mr X

- Final thoughts on Backlund, best opponents and best feuds

- The Titans usher in the DIVAS REVOLUTION by reviewing as ladies match

- Revelations

- Fond farewell to Bruno


Thanks for listening!

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I shared this around privately, but it's warranted here as well:


I thought this was a perfect finale episode in that it called back to every big topic from the first 76 episodes and nicely put a bow on them as everyone reflected with their final thoughts after the journey. Credit to Kelly for the setlist, which allowed everything to flow organically.


And in the meantime, nothing said here closed the door on anything done on '83 + in the future. This wasn't a race to Bob dropping the belt where you blew through 20 episodes in 2 hours.


Well done.

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