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[2000-04-08-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Bull Pain & Todd Morton


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I wish this could have been longer because it's obvious these four have a great tag in them. I do think this is the best TV match Lawler has had so far, and there are moments where he shows that he is still very much the master of psychology, getting the "Jerry!" chant while selling and using a bag of tricks from the 1970s that still gets the job done. Pain and Morton are willing and capable heels. This was billed as the last Lawler-Dundee tag, so I think it should have had a clean finish and been given more time, but this is still a lot of fun.

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I found this interesting that they billed this as the last time Lawler and Dundee would team up. I was certain that would result in them feuding with each other at the end of this match but they stayed together surprisingly. The action overall was good here and Bull/Morton work well as a team here just like what I remember when they team up later in IWA-MS. MCW is continuing to have decent action each week centered around Lawler and the former KAW guys. **3/4

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We’re advised to set our video recorders as this is apparently the last time ‘The King’ and ‘The Superstar’ will team together. Lawler with a side headlock, Morton shoots him off and they do a criss cross spot. ‘The King’ ducks out the ring to deck Al K. while Morton continues running the ropes not realising he’s on his own in the ring. Bull grabs Lawler and as Morton goes to knee him, ‘The King’ moves and he nails his own partner. Dundee then snatches and holds Morton, Lawler goes to give him a knee and this time Morton moves. He points to his head thinking he’s outsmarted them and that ‘The King’ as hit ‘The Superstar’, however Lawler stopped himself just in time and when Morton turns around he drops him with a left to the jaw. One more right later and Morton’s a little punch drunk staggering all over the place. Morton is able to drive ‘The King’ back into their corner where Bull grabs him around the neck so Morton can start to unload on him. Double clothesline and Morton with a forearm. Snap legdrop from Bull, and after a headbutt floors Lawler he just kicks him out of the ring. Bull grabs the microphone and tells him that he stole his belt and is now going to beat him like the dog he is! Back in the ring and Lawler starts to fire back on Morton with Lance Russell cheering him on. All four men are in there and a right from ‘The King’ sends Bull tumbling through the ropes to the floor. Outside he spots the MCW title belt on the announcer’s desk, picks it up and does a runner to the back with it. Al K. is now in the ring and Lawler throws a fireball at him. Piledriver on Todd Morton and ‘The King’ and ‘The Superstar’ come out on top in their ‘last’ match together. Lawler then tells Pain that he can run but he can’t hide, and this isn’t over.


For the last time Lawler and Dundee would ever team together this all felt a bit subdued. They started off with some comedy spots before getting into the meat of the match and the heat section on Lawler. The faces fire back and then it’s more about Bull stealing ‘The King’s’ title. Surely if this would be the last time Lawler and Dundee would team together there would be a sense of closure to things? There wasn’t at all and this feud is far from over. To me, also, one of those nights where Lawler and Dundee seemed ‘old’.

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These MCW matches all feel and are the same imo -- 7-8 minute matches with run ins and interference.


Its good fun seeing Lawler and Dundee still going in 2000, but its underwhelming watching in these settings where they have a really limited amount of time to work and are just involved in endless matches that feel the same.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-08-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs Bull Pain & Todd Morton

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