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[1988-03-05-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara vs Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy


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This match wasn't much, mostly because Terry Gordy's performance was god awful, Memphis TV undercard matches had more intensity than he did in this match. The structure was quite dull too, the foreigners pretty much took the entire match, and it just doesn't make for an interesting experience to see someone get cut off over and over and over again, especially knowing more shitty worked punches await. There were some nice moments of violence when Hansen would get it on, and Hara's comeback punches looked great (unlike his headbutts, which looked terrible, backyard level headbutting your own hand), Tenryu's role was kept to a minimum, he had a couple off stare offs with Hansen's and managed to Lariat him in a throat near the end, but he wasn't the focus off the match. Hansen going on one of his signature rampages at the end and destroying everything in sight is enough for me to call this above average but if you're itching for some 80s All Japan tag action there are better choices out there. **3/4

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PWF World Tag Team Champions Genichiro Tenryu & Ashura Hara vs Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy - AJPW 3/5/88

Wow, it was crucial that Tenryu not only won the PWF Championship a couple nights after but stood up to Hansen a couple weeks later because and I dont say this lightly, Hansen made Tenryu his bitch in this match. There is one point Tenryu is trying to save Hara. Hansen just swarms Tenryu and totally overwhelms, punks his ass out. Tenryu has the wisdom to get back in the ring and stand with fists balled up. At least, he looked like a man because that was some shit. It is in the post-match that Hansen just owns Tenryu. He bulldozes Tenryu in the stand. You can see why this got nominated it was for the chaotic finish. Good Gog Almighty, it is amazing, no one was seriously hurt. With more mature eyes, Hansen's wild man performance takes calculated risks. He is dangerous without being too dangerous. This was legitimately scary. He was hurling chairs full force at fans, ringside photographers and attendants. He looked legitimately pissed off. He was tearing shit up. Then to add insult to injury along the ringside area, he just CRACKS Tenryu with a slap. Tenryu & Revolution run to the back like a pack of dogs with their tails tucked between their legs while Hansen is throwing TABLES over the ringpost and chairs at photographers. It was lunacy and mayhem. It was uncomfortable and intoxicating at the same time. He was a man possessed seeing red. Tenryu needed that singles win and to stand up to him. Hansen owned him here. 

As for the match it was a very alright, All Japan workrate tag team match. Hansen & Gordy gave their usual energetic performance. Given the finish, I was shocked the Champs were given so little. Hansen & Gordy gobbled them up. First it was Tenryu, Hansen bulldozed him and literally kicked him out of the ring. Gordy wrestled a terrible tag match from a kayfabe perspective constantly leaving the path of his opponent to his own corner unguarded. Put a body between your opponent and his partner, bro. It didnt matter because Tenryu or Hara would get these flurries but then Hansen & Gordy would immediately extinguish them. I pointed out that one save that Hansen owned Tenryu on. There were no real highspots. It was just great, physical, active full court press suffocation work from the American bully team. The finish was pretty good. Hansen missed some sort of charge, it looked like he was injured maybe his arm. Revolution starts to double team and they nail an Enziguiri sandwich. Hansen sells this as death. Hansen usually does wounded bear selling where he is actively fighting as he is selling. He sold he was KO'd very rare. It felt like a huge moment. Gordy wrestled king-sized. Throws both Hara and Tenryu out to ringside and fends both off. Hansen nearly kills himself on a Suicide Dive as his feet almost trip on middle rope. Then absolute insane brawl I described above happens. 

I have no idea why Hansen & Gordy were booked so strong in the body of the match and in the aftermath, but it was bizarre because Tenryu & Hara looked like chumps, which is very rare in Japan, usually both teams get over. Tenryu does win the Championship a couple nights later and then a couple weeks later stands up and punches the bully right in the mouth. Maybe the idea was to heap a truck load of heat onto Hansen to make Tenryu really look good. Body of the match is solid and the brawl after runs it a little extra love. ***1/2

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