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[2000-04-24-BJW] Ryuji Yamakawa vs Kintaro Kanemura


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Yamakawa went disco tonight with music and wardrobe which is funny but really lacking context. This match is really clipped up but something feels off about it all the way even though I like both of these guys including Yamakawa more than anyone else tracking 2000 so far. The crowd heat doesn’t seem to be there which is strange since both guys are over. Kanemaru does some pretty gnarly table spots including a front faced powerbomb set up in the corner and a big sit out powerbomb from the apron to the floor. Missing the selling and gravity of the way this is spliced together makes it feel more like a highlight package than a full match. Yamakawa does a swantom bomb onto Kanemaru and two tables on the outside and the next thing we see is Kintaro charging with a chair. Yamakawa is victorious in 22 minutes of which we got around 4. Again, this certainly is tough to gauge overall but the heat didn’t seem to be there so the clips looked brutal but not necessarily making me feel like I was cheated out of seeing a classic or anything. NR

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