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[2000-04-24-WWF-Raw] The Rock & Chris Jericho vs HHH & Chris Benoit


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Hunter and Shane make up to start things off. JR saying pass the barf bag is funny. I also appreciate Shane and HHH’s acting here tearing up. HHH goes through his interview and gets interrupted by Jericho. Jericho insults Steph and that sets up Shane/HHH vs Rock/Jericho tonight. Segment ends with Jericho stealing the title and whacking HHH with it. Rock then gives a promo in the back. It is a classic Rock promo with the crowd in the palm of his hand even though Rock’s style is never my absolute favorite. HHH is up against a handicapped match in a piece of context we miss out on. However, he has found a partner in Chris Benoit. In addition, shane is the guest referee now and Vince is in the corner of the champs. The action here is pretty electric with Benoit and Jericho starting out chopping the shit out of each other and the crowd popping huge with Rock motioning for HHH to come get some. The neat thing about this match is that every single pairing even between the tag team members seem fresh and exciting for the future. That is perfect thing to see in the current non Austin state even though his presence is looming over Backlash handily. Rock gets the hot tag and is a great hot tag just going off on Benoit and dragging HHH into the ring to another huge reaction. Jericho and Benoit are battling on the outside when Rock hits the Rock Bottom that Shane refuses to count. Rock decks Shane and sets his sights on Vince before Benoit breaks it up. Vince low blows Rock and HHH hits the pedigree to get the pin showing how stacked the deck is against Rock heading into Sunday. Great go home stuff. ***

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Great opening segment with Jericho clearly being positioned as a strong number two and being booked better than any babyface has been booked in modern WWE in ages. I got a kick out of HHH sneaking in the "hotheaded half-pint" line at Jericho. Rock's promo before the match is outstanding. The tag itself was excellent, with Benoit and Jericho both especially fired up to be working with the top guys, and HHH and Rock having to follow suit in keeping up with them, thus elevating everyone's game. Watching this, you see that HHH-Rock, HHH-Jericho, Benoit-Jericho and Benoit-Rock all have lots of gas in the tank. This was exactly the right finish to go into Backlash, since they needed to emphasize why it was important for Austin to be there. Tremendous booking and fired up wrestling make for a very good match. ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-24-WWF-Raw] The Rock & Chris Jericho vs HHH & Chris Benoit

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