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[2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Big Show & Rikishi


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E&C start the five second pose thing here. Rikishi comes out with Big Show dressed as Rikishi. Match is nothing as Show and Rikishi completely dominate until Edge comes in with the ring bell drawing the DQ. Riksihi and Showkishi attempt to do the bonsai drop in stereo but E&C are able to escape. Road Dogg and XPac attack E&C and throw them back in the ring. This allows a double stinkface to happen. Weird that Road Dogg and X-Pac are the faces here but the angle with Big Show continues to be funny. ¾*

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Another DQ finish, but it's clear to me in hindsight they were trying to get over the referee's authority to set up Shawn's return as guest referee. I'd MUCH rather have matches like this that are nothing special, but involve the crowd and are FUN than what we get most of the time after the decline.

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Edge and Christian make their entrance via the ramp way as opposed to coming through the crowd. Edge realises that everyone is disappointed that they didn’t do that “mysterious running through the crowd thing”, but ever since they won the WWF tag titles, it’s become a bit too much! He doesn’t want all their fans to think they’ve turned their back on them though, so for the next five seconds they will generously pose for those with the benefit of flash photography! Rikishi and Show answered their open challenge and Show is still doing the impersonation gimmick. ‘Showkishi’ calls on the champions and drops them both with a headbutt. He whips Edge into the turnbuckles, then Christian and squashes them both with a running splash. Rikishi continues where his partner left off, and Edge just about avoids being on the receiving end of a sit down splash when attempting a sunset flip. Double clothesline to the champs. Show presses Christian and throws him at Edge. Big boot and he signals for the chokeslam, however Edge clocks him with the ring bell for the DQ. Rikishi drops the two of them with thrust kicks and they position them for stereo Bonzai splashes, but Edge and Christian are able to roll out the ring in time. As they head to the dressing room they’re met by Road Dogg and X-Pac who drag them back to the ring. A pair of ass first splashes in the corner and stereo stinkfaces on the champions, before Rikishi and ‘Showkishi’ dance, with Show even busting out a Rick Rude hip gyration.


Not a lot to this before the DQ finish. Edge and Christian were in the ring for the duration of the match, always two against one, and I think they got one offensive move in (Christian’s dropkick to a seated Rikishi after he missed the sit down splash). Don’t really know what the purpose was, unless it was for Show to cosplay again, as the match didn’t benefit the champions at all.

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Yeah, this is mostly here for the Show cosplay, which is amusing enough (it's at least funny enough for the length of time this lasts, which isn't very long). It's also good for really firmly establishing E&C as heels. Amazing how cheating can do that.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-01-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Big Show & Rikishi

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