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NWA Lutte Internationale May 1985


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May 3rd, 1985

Tillsonburg, ON


-Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 7:54


-Armand Rougeau & "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal beat Bob Backlund & Luke Williams by DQ in 7:12 when Luke Williams got intentionally DQed by hitting referee Adrien Desbois. Backlund & Luke exchanged words afterwards....


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 9:20


-Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) beat Baron Von Raschke in 15:27


-Dory Funk Jr beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Rick Martel in 7:41


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk beat Spoiler Machine (w/Super Strong Machine) in 14:04 to retain


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Gino Brito beat Ron Garvin in 34:57 to retain


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat Sika in 67:16 to retain

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted May 4th, 1985




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth where awaits Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier to start the show.)


Guy Hauray: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of NWA Lutte Internationale TV. The 2nd annual Jacques Rougeau Memorial Cup is in the books and for the second year in a row, Rick Martel fell short of his goal to win the tournament as he lost in the finals to Continental Championship Wrestling’s Austin Idol.


Édouard Carpentier: I think that despite losing in the finals again this year, it was quite a tournament for Rick Martel and he can keep his head high. I’m sure that he’ll be motivated enough to fall back right on his feet.


Guy Hauray: In this week’s program, we were scheduled to see the Bolshevik Revolution take on the NWA World Tag Team Champions the Rougeau Brothers in our main event but Raymond is a little banged up from his match against the Road Warriors a couple of days ago and won’t be able to work this week’s main event. However, his brother Jacques has assured us that Raymond will be ready to go tonight at Maple Leaf Gardens against the Sheepherders for the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Also...


(That’s the moment where Guy Hauray is interrupted by none other than RON GARVIN!)


Guy Hauray: What the--- Ron Garvin? What are you doing here?


Ron Garvin: I’m here to call a spade a spade, Frenchie. I’m not buying this Ray Rougeau being banged up crap. For someone who claims to be as tough as they come, he should be as fresh as a daisy, coming off a match against the Road Warriors.


Guy Hauray: Come on, Ron, you watched the tournament like everyone else, you saw the gruelling matches the Rougeaus had during that span.


Ron Garvin: Like I said, I’m not buying that for a second. That’s the problem here; everyone glorifies the Rougeaus as winners when they’re WHINERS instead. I got no idea what’s really going on but I can assure you that this wouldn’t happen with me. I’m gonna expose the Rougeaus for what they are, buddy.


(At the same moment, here comes the Rougeaus – Jacques and his other brother Armand)


Guy Hauray: Now, hold on, Jacques...


Jacques Rougeau: You listen to me, Garvin, and you listen to me real good. No one is gonna question my brother Raymond’s toughness and will. NOBODY. Trust me, if Ray was 100%, he’d be here this week. However, tonight in Toronto is too important for him to risk to being injured further and that we lose the NWA World Tag Team Championships. So I’m gonna go in the back and find myself a tag team partner to face Smirnoff & Zhukov!


Ron Garvin: C’mon, Jimmy, you and I both know you ain’t gonna find anyone to face the Bolsheviks. Why don’t you step into the ring with me, so I can whoop your snot-nosed ass all around the studio.

(Armand Rougeau seems a bit jumpy and Jacques has to restrain him)


Ron Garvin: Or, better yet, why don’t I beat the tarp out of the spare tire you carry around in your family, Jimmy? Little Armand seems to be eager to fight, as opposed to you!


(Jacques is trying to reason with Armand, but Armand doesn’t want none of it)


Armand Rougeau: I don’t care who you are, I may not have the recognition my brothers have but I’m gonna stand up for myself if I have to. You wanna try to beat me up? Fine. I’ll play your game. Let’s do this Falls Count Anywhere!


Ron Garvin (turning to Guy Hauray): Well....I think I’m gonna like that territory, very much.


(Ron Garvin walks away as Jacques Rougeau tries to calm down his brother Armand as they return to the back as well)


Guy Hauray: Armand Rougeau decided to stand up for his family name and will take on Ron Garvin in Garvin’s first TV match in NWA Lutte Internationale!


Édouard Carpentier: This will be quite a test for Armand but regardless of the result, the Rougeaus will have to be proud of him. This is an opportunity that he has been waiting for a long time. Put up or shut up!


Guy Hauray: This will take place later on in the show but we’re ready to kick off this week’s action!


Match #1

Dory Funk Jr vs “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal


This is Steve Regal’s first TV appearance in the territory and he has drawn quite the task by taking on Dory Funk Jr in his first TV match. Regal doesn’t seem to be too much intimidated though as he dishes out everything he’s got on Dory. After a few minutes, the exchange gets more heated and referee Luigi Macera has to step in between both men to separate them. However, Macera gets shoved repeatedly by both Dory Funk and Mr. Electricity and he calls for the bell. Despite the match being thrown out, Funk & Regal continue beating each other senseless but then, Dirty Dutch Mantell runs in with a bullrope and attacks Regal! Dory Jr & Dutch Mantell are beating up on Regal and Mantell even uses the bullrope to bust Regal open! Finally, officials & referees step out of the backstage area to stop the carnage. As they get out of the ring, Dutch Mantell goes to the broadcast booth and mentions that the friend he was talking bout was Dory Funk Jr. He now refers to themselves as the Lone Star Outlaws before retreating backstage as Steve Regal is tended to.


Winner: Double DQ




Match #2

Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) vs Baron Von Raschke


Looks like the fans are definitely behind Richard Charland in this match, which is surprising, considering his past but against a Russian sympathizer, anyone would be cheered for! The Baron uses a rugged style to take the momentum in this match and it definitely works in his favour. As the match is drawing to a close, Frenchy Martin wants to change the momentum and steps on the ring apron. In the meantime, Alexis Smirnoff runs in with the Soviet flag trying to interfere in the ring but Mad Dog Lefebvre interjects himself and strikes Smirnoff! Lefebvre hands over the flag to Charland and he hits Von Raschke with it! Lefebvre gets rid of the flag as Charland covers Von Raschke and referee André Roy makes the 3 count as Frenchy steps down on the ring apron. Huge win for Richard Charland! And perhaps new enemies for the Bolshevik Revolution?


Winner: Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland




Match #3

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Ron Garvin vs Armand Rougeau


Before the match starts, highlights of the confrontation between Ron Garvin and the Rougeaus is shown and the broadcast team questions if Armand Rougeau didn’t bit off more than he could chew against the rugged veteran. And indeed, that’s what it looks like early as Garvin tortures Armand in the early goings. The action transports itself outside and Garvin continues to dish out the punishment on Armand. Armand fights off valiantly and he gets a few shots on Garvin but the rugged veteran regains momentum. Garvin chases the ring announcer from his seat and grabs the chair and smacks it on Armand’s back! Armand is struggling to get back up and Garvin is ready for the killshot as he swings the chair but Armand dodges and the chair hits the post. Garvin drops the chair, feeling the aftereffects in his hands and that allows Armand to grab Garvin in a small package and score the upset! Armand has no time to celebrate as Garvin grabs the chair and smacks it repeatedly on Armand’s back! Finally feeling avenged by his loss, Garvin drops the chair ebesides Armand’s body and leaves the ringside area.


Winner: Armand Rougeau


*****COMMERCIAL BREAK*********


Before the main event, the broadcast team receives a memo from Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman saying that he was able to secure an NWA Canadian International TV Championship match for Fatu on next week’s show and that we’ll see a “new and improved” Fatu. Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier wonder what could this all mean....


The Bolshevik Revolution makes their way to the ring, still a bit frustrated about what happened earlier tonight when Richard Charland defeated Baron Von Raschke. NWA World Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau makes his way to the ring and he looks like he’s alone without a partner and would be facing Alexis Smirnoff & Boris Zhukov in a handicap match. But....wait a minute....out comes Mad Dog Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin! Mad Dog Lefebvre stands side-by-side with Jacques Rougeau and it looks like Lefebvre will be Jacques’ tag team partner!



Match #4

The Bolshevik Revolution (w/Baron Von Raschke) vs Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) & NWA World Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau


Smirnoff & Zhukov seem a bit stunned by this turn of events but the broadcast team mentions that with the ending of the earlier match between Richard Charland & Baron Von Raschke, we shouldn’t be surprised about Mad Dog Lefebvre being Jacques’ tag team partner. Despite their tedious past, Lefebvre & Rougeau look to be working very well together in the early stages but a cheap shot outside from Baron Von Raschke turns the tide for the Bolshevik Revolution. Zhukov & Smirnoff double team Jacques and it looks like the Soviets are on their way to a victory but however, a badly timed forearm of Zhukov to Smirnoff changes Jacques’ fortunes and he’s able to make the tag to Mad Dog Lefebvre! Mad Dog cleans house and it totally breaks apart in the final moments of the match. Just like earlier, Frenchy Martin tries to interject himself but this time, Von Raschke gets involved and knocks Frenchy down the apron. Referee Adrien Desbois gets distracted by what happens outside and as Smirnoff knocks out Lefebvre with the Soviet Flag, Richard Charland sneaks in the ring with a Quebec flag and delivers the same medicine to Zhukov! Charland drapes Rougeau over Zhukov as he throws Smirnoff on the outside afterwards. Referee Desbois turns around and sees Jacques covering Zhukov and he makes the 3 count! The crowd goes nuts as Mad Dog Lefebvre, Jacques Rougeau & Richard Charland celebrates together. Could finally Mad Dog & Charland put their hatred for the Rougeaus aside to defend the honor of their home province? The show ends as everyone celebrates with Richard Charland waving the Quebec flag in the studio.


Winners: Mad Dog Lefebvre & Jacques Rougeau





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May 4th, 1985

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON




Under the new agreement between WWF & MLG management, this is Lutte's final event at the venue. Going forward, they'll use the CNE Coliseum instead.


20-Men Battle Royal, winner faces Gino Brito for the NWA Canadian International TV Championship later tonight: Don Kernodle wins the battle royal, with Gilles "The Fish" Poisson being the runner-up


-Dory Funk Jr beat Rod Price in 8:37


-"The Ace" Bob Orton beat Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 10:32


-Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Sika in 5:32


Smokey Mountain Heavyweight Championship: The Great Gama Singh (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Ron Garvin in 11:07 to retain


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Gino Brito beat Don Kernodle in 7:17 to retain


NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Rougeau Brothers beat The Sheepherders in 10:37 to retain


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Rick Martel in 15:40 to retain after using his feet in the ropes for leverage in the corner.

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May 5th, 1985

North Bay, ON


-Super Strong Machine beat Terry Taylor (w/Sherri Martel) in 12:21


-Alexis Smirnoff beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Rick Martel in 14:21 after using a chain on Martel


-Spoiler Machine beat Dory Funk Jr in 9:19


-Larry Zbyszko & Rocky Johnson beat The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) in 14:22


-The Strong Machines (#2 & #3) beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson & Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 12:35


-The Bolshevik Revolution beat The Zambuie Express (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 5:29


-The Sheepherders beat 24 Karat (Bob Orton & Ray Stevens) in 20:20


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk beat Nord the Barbarian (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 24:28 to retain

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Sorry, haven't commented in a few shows. The interview with Ron Garvin was great and hypes up a nice new angle in just a few minutes time. Good work!


Like the idea of the province war starting!


Enjoy seeing the Sheepherders starting to rise and maybe hold the belts as the Rougues focus on other things like defending Quebec.


One small thing.... If Sika can go 67 minutes against the Nature Boy, I think Martel, who is one of the faces for Lutte could get more then 15.

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Oh, of course, he could. I just try now to be more careful with match times in the main event of my house shows and I'm trying my best to not book marathon matches two nights in a row.


And besides, you and I both know that down the line, there'll be other confrontations between Flair & Martel. Don't wanna give everything away at first! ;)

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted May 11th, 1985




(After the usual show intro, we join Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier at the broadcast booth to kick us off.)


Guy Hauray: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to this week’s edition of NWA Lutte Internationale TV. If you joined us last week, you saw something quite incredible as we saw Mad Dog Lefebvre & Richard Charland stand side-by-side with Jacques Rougeau at the end of this week’s episode against The Bolshevik Revolution. No one saw this coming, Eddie.


Édouard Carpentier: Given the history between the Rougeaus and Frenchy’s Legion, given that Richard Charland almost broke Jacques Rougeau’s neck a few months ago, it was absolutely unthinkable to see the both of them standing together. However, that was the case and the Bolshevik Revolution will no longer be able to disrespect our province and the territory.


Guy Hauray: Nonetheless, we’ll see what the future will be with this situation as we’ll see & hear from Mad Dog Lefebvre a little bit later on. In this week’s main event, the NWA Canadian International TV Championship will be defended by Gino Brito against the returning Fatu. Or , “the new and improved” Fatu, as Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman so eloquently put it recently. And speaking of which, here comes the Brain!


(Eddy Creatchman walks onto the set, with his trademark cane & cigar. Creatchman just throws down the cigar as he arrives at the broadcast booth.


Guy : Eddy –


Eddy Creatchman: Vos yeules, mes deux crottés! Quand j’ai amené Fatu dans ma famille Creatchman, j’lui avais promis que je ferais de lui un lutteur respecté pis craint dans toute Lutte Internationale. Les choses se sont pas vraiment passées comme prévu pis Fatu est parti. Sauf qu’en y repensant, c’est la meilleure chose qui aurait pas pu arriver. Parce qu’en partant, Fatu s’est rendu compte de ce qui lui manquait. Fatu s’était oublié lui-même pis ç’a joué contre lui. Pis moé, Eddy Creatchman, en bon père de famille que chuis, j’l’ai juste laissé faire une erreur pis donné la chance de se rattraper. Pis c’est en plein ce qu’on a fait lui pis moi. Fatu est allé puiser dans le fin fond des îles Samoa d’où y vient pis c’est là qu’y a trouvé ce qui lui manquait. Au cas où vous le sauriez pas, Fatu est de la royauté dans les îles Samoa. Pis la royauté, tu craches pas là-dessus, tu y dois respect et obéissance. Pis c’est drette ça que toute la maudite racaille réunie dans le studio va faire parce que là, c’est le temps de vous présenter, le seul, l’unique, mon prince à moé…Prince Alofa Fatu!


Translation : Shut up, idiots! When I brought Fatu in my Creatchman Family, I promised him I’d make him a respected and feared wrestler in all of Lutte Internationale. Things didn’t go exactly as planned and Fatu left. But when I thought about it, that’s the best thing that could’ve happened. Because in leaving, Fatu realized what was missing. Fatu had forgotten himself and it went against him. And I, Eddy Creatchman, the good family man that I am, I let him made that mistake and gave him a chance to make up for it. And that’s exactly what he and I did. Fatu went deep into Samoa where he comes from and that’s where he found what was missing. In case you didn’t know, Fatu is royalty in Samoa. And you don’t spit on royalty; you owe royalty respect and obedience. And that’s exactly what all of you mecreants inside this studio will go because now is the time to introduce to you, the one, the only, my prince....Prince Alofa Fatu!


(Out comes Prince Alofa Fatu, wearing a Hawaiian flower crown , a lei and a hula skirt and being accompanied by two young ladies at his arms. Fatu pays respect to his manager and stands behind him. We can also notice that Samu is right behind him as well.


Guy Hauray: What is Samu ---


Eddy Creatchman: Pour toé, mon homme, c’est The Great Samu. Astheure, on va mettre les choses au clair. Tantôt, Prince Alofa Fatu va affronter le p’tit maudit Brito pour la ceinture internationale de la TV. Un autre p’tit crotté qui a toute eu à cause du nom de son père. Yé pas mieux que les Rougeaus! Pas mieux que Martel! Sont toutes pareil! Y a personne qui veut donner une chance à ma famille Creatchman. Y en a qui ont vite oublié que Samu a sorti Ricky Martel sur une civière à Québec pis y ont tellement eu peur que ç’arrive encore que Frank Valois est jamais retourné à Québec depuis! C’est le même sort qui t’attend, mon p’tit Brito. Pis non seulement ça va t’arriver, non seulement Prince Alofa Fatu va prendre ta ceinture TV mais ça va aussi vouloir dire que toé pis Martel, vous allez être obligés d’abandonner vos ceintures. Pis là, Frank Valois pis peu importe qui la NWA va nous envoyer comme commissaire icitte, vous aurez pas le choix nous donner – OUI, DONNER – les ceintures internationales par équipe. The Great Samu, Prince Alofa Fatu, Sheik Ali, Nord the Barbarian ou mes Zambuie Express. Peu importe, vous aurez pas le choix. Tantôt, c’est juste le début de la renaissance de ma famille Creatchman. Vous allez toute comprendre pourquoi on m’appelle The Brain pis vous allez en baver!


(Translation : Buddy, it’s The Great Samu to you. Now, let’s make a few things perfectly clear. Later, Prince Alofa Fatu will take on that snot-nosed punk Brito for the NWA Canadian International TV title. Another punk who got everything because of his family name. He’s no better than the Rougeaus! No better than Martel! They’re all the same! Nobody’s giving a chance to the Creatchman Family. Many quickly forgot that Ricky Martel left Quebec City on a stretcher the last time they were there and Frank Valois was so scared he never booked the arena since! The same awaits you, lil’ Brito! Not only this will happen to you, not only will Prince Alofa Fatu take your TV title but that’ll also mean that you and Martel, you’ll be forced to forfeit your tag team titles. And then, Frank Valois and whoever the NWA will send here as commissioner, you’ll have no choice but to hand us – YEAH, HAND US – the NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship. The Great Samu, Prince Alofa Fatu, Sheik Ali, Nord the Barbarian or my Zambuie Express. Whatever, you’ll have no choice. Later, it’s just the genesis of the Creatchman Family’s renaissance. You’ll all understand why they call me The Brain and you’ll rue the day!


(The Creatchman Family retreats to the back as Guy Hauray returns to the broadcast booth)


Guy Hauray: There you have it, the new and improved Fatu. Or should we say Prince Alofa Fatu


Édouard Carpentier: We’ll see if that change of identity will pay off for Fatu and Eddy Creatchman but you can rest assured that Gino Brito won’t be taking this title match likely. Like any title defences he does. It should be a great main event.


Guy Hauray: In any event, we’ll also show you highlights of the NWA World Tag Team Championship match between The Rougeau Brothers and The Road Warriors on Night 3 of the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup! But first, Mad Dog Lefebvre is in action so let’s get to it!


Match #1

Bob Dellaserra vs Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin & Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland)


Just like last week, we see that Richard Charland brought the Quebec flag with him and the crowd seems to solidly be behind Mad Dog Lefebvre again this week. Mad Dog does quick work out of Bob Dellaserra and he finishes him off with a backbreaker in around 4 minutes.


Winner: Mad Dog Lefebvre


(After the match, Mad Dog Lefebvre, Frenchy Martin & Richard Charland go to the broadcast booth to join Édouard Carpentier for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: First of all, Frenchy, I think that I speak for everyone here as we were quite surprised by your actions last week and pleasantly so. How do you explain this change of heart?


Frenchy Martin: C’est très simple, M. Carpentier. On a jamais dit que nous autres, on était des modèles à suivre. Des coups de cochon, on en a fait rien qu’en masse. Sauf que de voir un traître comme Alexis Smirnoff – ou je devrais plutôt t’appeler Justice Dubois! – prendre le drapeau de l’Union soviétique pis manquer de respect à sa province natale, ça, je peux pas laisser passer ça. J’ai pas toujours été un bon gars mais je peux dire avec fierté que j’ai toujours représenté le Québec pis j’en ai toujours été fier. On a juste voulu passer le message à Alexis Smirnoff pis sa gang de communistes qu’on se laissera pas manger la laine sur le dos pis on va défendre les couleurs de notre territoire!


(Translation : It’s really simple, Mr. Carpentier. We’ve never claimed to be role models. We’ve done plenty of cheapshots. But to see a traitor like Alexis Smirnoff – or should I call you Justice Dubois! – take the Soviet Flag and disrespect our native province, I can’t let that happen. I haven’t always been a nice guy but I can say with pride that I’ve always represented Quebec and I’ve always been proud of it. We just wanted to send the message to Alexis Smirnoff and his band of communists that we won’t lay down for anybody and we’ll defend our colours!)


Mad Dog Lefebvre: Smirnoff, la semaine passée, t’as voulu faire ton smatte quand Richard Charland a affronté Baron Von Raschke ben j’ai juste fait le retour de l’ascenseur. Tu vas vite te rendre compte que t’as fait la pire gaffe que tu pouvais faire en voulant te mettre une province au complet sur le dos. Tu t’en prends à un de nous autres, tu t’en prends à toute nous autres!


(Translation : Smirnoff, last week, you wanted to be a smartass when Richard Charland faced Baron Von Raschke so I just returned the favor. You’ll quickly find out that you did the worst mistake ever by incurring the wrath of an entire province. You mess with one of us, you’re messing with all of us!)


Richard Charland: Le sang dans mes veines, yé bleu. Peu importe si chuis un bon gars ou un mauvais gars, c’est la chose qui changera jamais. Ce sera sûrement pas les maudits communistes qui vont réussir à faire ça. Smirnoff, Zhukov pis von Raschke, si vous voulez la guerre, vous allez l’avoir!


(Translation : The blood running in my veins is blue. Whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy won’t ever change that. It surely won’t be those damn commies who’ll be able to do that. Smirnoff, Zhukov & Von Raschke, if you want a war, you’re gonna get one!)


(Frenchy’s Legion retreat to the back with Charland waving the Quebec flag high in the air)


Édouard Carpentier: I tell you what, Guy, I think it’s refreshing to see Mad Dog Lefebvre & Richard Charland banding with the Rougeaus, and hopefully more, to fight the Bolshevik Revolution. However, I think we should keep in mind that the Bolsheviks also have friends in the territory. Namely Paul Jones’ Army and more specifically, the current NWA US Tag Team Champions The Foreign Legion of Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff.


Guy Hauray: It’ll be assuredly be a war of attrition throughout 1985 and the NWA, that’s for sure. When we come back, we’ll show you some highlights of the Rougeaus vs the Road Warriors from the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup final day!




Guy Hauray: Welcome back to the show. As promised, we’ll now show you what many would consider to be a dream match in the world of professional wrestling and it took place on Night 3 of the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup tournament a couple of days ago as the Rougeau Brothers defended the NWA World Tag Team Championship against the Road Warriors. It certainly promised to be a classic and it’s definitely what it was. For now, here are the highlights of this one.




The Rougeau Brothers © (Lutte Internationale) vs The Road Warriors (UWF)


Most definitely, the hardest task the Rougeaus has ever had to face as NWA World Tag Team Champions. The broadcast team that they have never faced a more rugged tag team than the Road Warriors ever. And as anticipated, the Road Warriors are dominant through the early moments of the match, although the Rougeaus quickness helps them a lot in the process. However, it’s a too eager Jacques Rougeau, as the Rougeaus are getting ready for La Bombe Rougeau on Animal that causes the tide to turn as Hawk trips Jacques on the top rope, followed by a superplex. Afterwards, it’s all Road Warriors as they completely wear down Jacques. Time might be of the essence but that doesn’t seem to faze the Road Warriors a bit, as they’re fully in control. What changes the fortunes of the Rougeaus is when Hawk miss a diving clothesline, allowing Jacques to tag in Raymond. The Rougeaus are back in charge but we’re in the final minutes before the time limit expires! The Rougeaus are finally able to neutralize Animal and they hit La Bombe Rougeau on Animal! However, Hawk breaks the count just in time as we’re in the final moments of the match. A missed dropkick by Jacques and it looks like doomsday for the Rougeaus! Animal sets up Jacques....DOOMSDAY DEVICE. COVER...1....2.....DING, DING DING! The time limit has expired! The Road Warriors were ONE SECOND AWAY from becoming the new NWA World Tag Team Champions. Of course, the Road Warriors are dejected as they see the Rougeaus being handed the NWA World Tag Team titles. Hawk asks for the mic and tell the Rougeaus that tonight, they were saved by the bell. Next time they meet, they’re gonna make sure that it won’t happen again. Nonetheless, they tentatively shake hands before retreating to the back


Winner: Time Limit Draw (the Rougeaus retain)





Match #2

NWA Canadian International TV Championship

Gino Brito © vs Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman)


Interestingly enough, the challenger Prince Alofa Fatu makes another grand entrance with the same ladies who accompanied him earlier in the show for Eddy Creatchman’s interview and Creatchman himself. No sign of The Great Samu although the broadcast team mention that Gino Brito should keep an eye anyway just in case. Things don’t start too well for Fatu as the veteran Brito is able to use his speed & experience to counter Fatu’s eagerness and aggressiveness. But having someone like The Brain in your corner can prove to be quite the asset as the patriarch of the Creatchman Family held Gino Brito’s leg in the corner, allowing Fatu to bulldoze through the champion in the corner. Fatu then spends several minutes working on the upper body area of Brito, most notably his neck with a nerve hold. Brito attempts to work on a comeback but the Samoan’s unconventional style prevents him from doing so. Prince Alofa Fatu’s body of work has really taken his toll on the champion and it looks like Fatu is well on his way to cause a serious upset and he climbs on the top rope. Fatu dives for a Samoan Splash but Gino Brito dodges and Fatu finds nothing but mat! Brito struggles to make it back on his feet as Fatu is even back up first. Fatu sets up Brito for a Samoan Drop but Brito sneaks behind Fatu and he uses the O’Connor Roll to secure the win! Creatchman is besides himself but no time is wasted as both The Great Samu & Sheik Ali rush the ring to attack Gino Brito! The broadcast team mentions that since Sheik Ali is getting a title shot tomorrow night in Burlington against Brito, he sure wants to soften him up to improve his chances of winning the title! It’s a 3-on-1 assault on the champion and given that Rick Martel isn’t here this week, his tag team partner is in deep trouble! But wait....out from the back comes Armand Rougeau, Steve Strong & The Spoiler for the save. The Creatchman Family quickly retreats as the babyfaces check on Brito while the referee hands over the TV title to the champion. The show ends as the Creatchman Family seems to be satisfied with what they did while Brito is helped up back to his feet by Rougeau, Strong & The Spoiler.


Winner: Gino Brito (retains the championship)



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May 11th, 1985

Val-des-Bois, QC


-The Bolshevik Revolution beat Frenchy's Legion (w/Frenchy Martin) in 15:46


-NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Rick Martel beat Armand Rougeau in 7:49


-The Zambuie Express (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat The Lone Star Outlaws in 10:37


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk beat Randy Rose in 14:38 to retain

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I love the angle of the local heels teaming up with the local faces to go against an outside invader. You get a nice patriotism angle... but also the ever-present possibility that the local heels will turn around and pull a sneak attack on the faces, as well. Either way, you can draw a lot of heat with this.

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May 12th, 1985

Burlington, ON


-Sika beat Super Strong Machine in 11:01


-Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Steve Strong & The Spoiler in 8:57


-Larry Zbyszko beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 16:30


-Frenchy's Legion (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Funks (w/Dutch Mantell) in 13:31 when Mad Dog Lefebvre pinned Dory Funk Jr


-Alexis Smirnoff beat Butch Miller in 11:47


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Gino Brito beat Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 12:35 to retain


NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Rougeau Brothers beat NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA & Barry Windham in 20:23 to retain


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat Ron Garvin in 25:57 to retain

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Enjoyed the interviews here a lot. From Price Alofa Fatu to Frenchy and Mad Dog. They did a great job hyping up your angles. The angle of Quebec vs the Communists is great for 1985.


I also loved the card in Burlington. Flair-Garvin would be great one to see.

I agree, Flair-Garvin is one of my favourite match ups, I'll have to slip off and find my comp Tabe made about this feud, think he missed this match...
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NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Rougeau Brothers NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA & Barry Windham in 20:23 to retain

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair beat Ron Garvin in 25:57 to retain

Sign me up for these two matches... sell outs anywhere in North America... except New York... har har har.

For real, spectacular use of the joint program and fun cards to see.

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Look at all these really good championship matches. I want to book the Rougeau's vs Magnum/Windham all around the loop. Those could easily be match of the night everywhere. But then you go and bring out a Flair vs Garvin main event. Love these shows, and the match ups all across the board.

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May 17th, 1985

Centre Paul-Sauvé, Montréal


-Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) beat Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 15:27


-Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Strong Machine 3 (w/Super Strong Machine) in 14:16


-Luke Williams beat Alexis Smirnoff in 13:45


-Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Gilles "The Fish" Poisson in 18:10


-Boris Zhukov beat Strong Machine 2 (w/Super Strong Machine) in 13:38


-Dutch Mantell beat Terry Taylor (w/Sherri Martel) in 13:06


-Ron Garvin beat Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon in 11:29


-Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) beat NWA World Tag Team Champion Raymond Rougeau in 28:22 with a roll-up with the feet in the ropes

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted May 18th, 1985




Once again, due to time constraints, this will be written in form of a recap. Should be able to return to the full detailed show next week.


-This week's show kicks off with Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) defeating Armand Rougeau in around 5 minutes. After the match, The Brain & Sheik Ali go to the broadcast booth. While The Brain is happy with the Sheik winning this week, he says he's running out of patience with his Family as he's longing to see them with some gold around his waist. Creatchman says that he's been keeping in touch with the NWA's new representative and he's been assured that his protégés will be granted title shots until the end of the month. Creatchman says that if they don't pull through for him, he won't hesitate to fire any of them failing as he's already planning on revamping his Family and bringing some monsters who will get the job done. When Édouard Carpentier asks The Brain if this also applies to The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu, The Brain answers that those are his crown jewels and he's got complete faith in them. Whatever happens, Samu & Fatu have proven their worth to the Creatchman Family and they're not going anywhere. Sheik Ali doesn't seem too happy about it!


-Then, clips of the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup Tournament finals between Rick Martel and the eventual winner, the new Continental Heavyweight Champion Austin Idol is shown. After the match, the broadcast team announces that Rick Martel will make his first TV appearance on next week's show as he'll be in action. Martel is also scheduled to address what awaits him in the future in NWA Lutte Internationale. We're also told that per the NWA Board of Directors, the Alexis Smirnoff vs Raymond Rougeau main event for this week will be contested....inside a STEEL CAGE! The NWA special enforcer wants to make sure that no one from the Bolshevik Revolution or from L'Alliance Québécoise shows up to interrupt the match!


-Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) defeated Luke Williams (w/Butch Miller) in around 10 minutes. All hell broke loose at ringside towards the end as The Brain was struck by Butch Miller after he tried to interfere but The Great Samu also got involved and attacked Miller. That allowed Fatu to use Creatchman's cane on Williams before hitting his Samoan Splash for the upset victory.


-In the main event, the Steel Cage Match between Alexis Smirnoff and NWA World Tag Team Champion Raymond Rougeau ended up being a no-contest as despite the presence of the cage, Boris Zhukov & Baron Von Raschke got involved anyway by knocking out senior referee Adrien Desbois and stealing the key. The Bolsheviks pummeled Raymond in the cage and little brother Armand tried getting involved, being the only Quebecer on hand to help Raymond. Finally, the crowd explodes as BRUNO SAMMARTINO makes a bee hive for the cage to stop the Bolshevik Revolution! As officials & crew check on Raymond and dismantle the cage, Bruno goes to the broadcast booth and tells Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier that he is the special enforcer appointed by the NWA! Sammartino's first act as NWA enforcer in Montreal will be to book a rematch between Alexis Smirnoff and Raymond Rougeau at CNE Coliseum in Toronto on June 14th...and everyone will be banned from ringside!





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May 18th, 1985

Halifax, Nova Scotia


-Boris Zhukov beat Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) in 62 seconds


-"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 11:24


-The Great Samu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Dory Funk Jr in 10:26


-Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland & Gilles "The Fish" Poisson (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Sensationals (w/Sherri Martel) in 8:41


-Dutch Mantell beat NWA World Tag Team Champion Raymond Rougeau in 10:35


2-on-3 Handicap Match: The debuting Pistol Pez Whatley & Armand Rougeau beat The Zambuie Express & Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman in 17:15


-Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon beat Super Strong Machine in 32:17


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Gino Brito beat Randy Rose in 73:21 to retain

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