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[2000-05-20-TWA-Total Impact TV] American Dragon vs Lance Cade


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I was looking forward to the follow up match here and it didn’t disappoint. Eight minutes of really strong action. Danielson has went from looking like the most shaky individual out of the gate between him, Styles, Low Ki to perhaps the best with this series. He bumps like crazy for Cade, has some heel shtick that works and in general looks like he has a ton of more poise. He is also going by Bryan The Dragon Danielson now. Asai moonsault in the late stages wipes out Cade. HBK is fun on commentary here and puts both guys over even though we get a few whoasss. Cade hits a pump handle powerslam onto the floor. Dragon escapes the chokeslam and hits the flying elbow for a two count. He goes for something else but runs right into a huge chokeslam and Cade is the new TV champ. ***

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Great TV match up, got more than I expected going in. Really faced paced match, with Danielson bumping around for Cade's Clotheslines. Michaels and whomever he was calling the match were both awful, including Micheals calling an Asai Moonsault an Enzuigiri Moonsault, but I can forgive him because he's Shawn Micheals. Cade laid in some stiff chops during the match, which I enjoyed. Finish was a HUGE Chokeslam with Cade winning the TV Title. ***1/4

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Danielson has vastly improved from the beginning of this year . Danielson seems much more confident working as a heel without the mask.


This is a nicely worked tv match with Dragon bumping well for Cade and doing a good job of targeting the legs to chop the big man down. I thought the finish seemed a little out of nowhere, but it was a very impressive chokeslam with Dragon getting a lot of height. So far, Dragon's best matches have been against Cade this year.



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No more American Dragon, meet Bryan ‘the Dragon’ Danielson. Huge shoulder charge by Cade and a clothesline folds Dragon up like an accordion. He ducks under a big boot, crossbody, but Cade catches and launches him overhead with a fallaway slam. Twisting suplex for a two. Dropkick to the leg by Dragon as he looks to ground his much taller opponent. Indian deathlock, with a hip swivel for the audience before arching back to grab the chinlock, however Cade is able to inch his way over to the ropes for the break. Danielson traps Cade’s leg in the ropes and gives it another dropkick. A couple of cool submission attempts; firstly Dragon counters an attempted backdrop with a sunset flip before transitioning to a kneebar, and then an ankle lock off a Russian legsweep, but on both instances Lance was too close to the ropes. Cade blocks the Dragon suplex, switches position and a huge release German that Danielson lands on his head from. Legdrop for two. Dragon catches his opponent’s leg and a dragon screw leg whip, or a ‘leg arm drag’ as Shawn Michaels calls it! Cade takes to the floor only to get nailed by a baseball slide dropkick. Asai moonsault, or as HBK calls this, an ‘enziguiri moonsault’! The two of them go at it on the outside and Cade reverses the whip into the guardrail with Danielson being the one who crashes into it. Running pumphandle slam on the arena floor. They return to the ring and Cade sits Dragon on the top turnbuckle. He’s looking for a chokeslam, but Danielson tees off with a series of elbows to the head and then hits a somersault reverse DDT. Flying elbow off the top for two. Irish whip, but Cade keeps hold of the arm, snatches Dragon around the neck and a super high chokeslam for the win.


What impressed me most about this was how completely different Danielson wrestled this to that Fancam from just over a week ago. There he targeted and focused all his attention on Cade’s arm, here it was all about the leg. In this project I’ve watched quite a few matches between wrestlers where they would do a match on a house show and then repeat it on TV, or go from town to town doing the same match in each town. Here you’ve got an 18 year old kid mixing it up and working a totally different match to the one he had on a house show with the same opponent. He bumped huge for Cade including on the finish and I also thought Cade showed more and looked more a prospect here than on that house show. Not as good as last week, but still a very good match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-20-TWA-Total Impact TV] American Dragon vs Lance Cade

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