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[2000-05-21-Monterrey] Blue Panther & Zumbido & Bestia Salvaje & Scorpio Jr vs El Hijo del Santo & Antifaz del Norte & Mr Niebla & Super Porky


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Really good lucha to start out with Zumbido and Antifaz and then Panther and Niebla going long. Things get chippy and Santo and Panther are circling on the outside and they are having a damn good rivalry. Inside, Porky is able to do some comedy doing a big fat splash into the corner on the entire opposing team. Porky also does a big dive off the top rope to win the first fall. Santo kicks the shit out of Panther in between falls. Zumbido flies into the sky off of the legs of Antifaz and down into the floor. A great bump. The match breaks down again and we get a huge brawl between everyone but the focal point is Pnather and Santo. Panther takes him down into the seats and really goes to down on him. We come back from break and he is working on the mask. Santo makes his comeback and after watching The Rock do his in the previous iron man match, you see why Santo and Rock are iconic draws as Santo does a great fired up job of doing one. It culminates in a tope taking out Panther. Big time dive train is next that peaks with Porky performing a dive. This leaves Panther and Santo as the sole people left in the ring. We get some back and forth and Santo clinches in the clutch for the victory. Great match and redemption story within the match for Santo. ****


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This was classic Monterrey wrestling. A mix of comedy w/ porky, great wrestling with Santo and Panther and rudo refs. Loved how Panther and Santo didn't touch until the second fall. Some real good lucha in the first fall between Zumbido and Antifaz. This was Antifaz's home so you know he's motivated. Finally when Panther and Santo get together, the match kicks up a not. Santo unmasks Panther where prety much his whole face is shown. The dive section in the third fall is nuts. Santo does his beautiful rolling dive and even Porky does a tope. Great match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-21-Monterrey] Blue Panther & Zumbido & Bestia Salvaje & Scorpio Jr vs El Hijo del Santo & Antifaz del Norte & Mr Niebla & Super Porky

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