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RIP Doug Somers


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Doug was a very under-rated bump taker and to my eye was very smooth on offense as well. Nobody took a Rocker-plex better than him, and he was the perfect compliment to Buddy Rose as a tag team partner...Buddy could do all the talking, all Doug had to do was hang with him in the ring, and he was quite successful in that regard.
I don't think just anyone could have hung with Buddy and the Rockers as well as he did.





I made Doug a comp of his matches through someone that knew him years ago. Sent me a nice thank-you and an autographed picture, and seemed genuinely happy to have some video record of his career. Times like that I remember that for most of these guys it's a job and looking back comes later for them.

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Primarily familiar with this AWA run but I seriously loved that. I remember reading a review of the "blood on the camera lens" match with the Rockers where it was mentioned that Somers didn't do anything of note in that match. I later found that comment ironic in retrospect when I realized that my two absolute favorite moments from that match were courtesy of Somers : A) Michaels making the desperation lunge punch out of the corner and Somers just nonchalantly walking out of the way; and B) a bloodied Michaels desperately struggling to make the hot tag out, and Somers holding him back by his hair and laughing his ass off while he did so.Classic stuff.

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