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Wrestlers With Sumo Offence


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No point in discussing who the best one is since it's obviously Tenryu :) But I thought I'd make for a fun topic. There's also Taue obviously, as well as Rikioh and Wajima, Akebono (duh) and a few others I'm probably forgetting.

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Love sumo guys, for obvious reasons (no spoil on current basho, thank you fellow sumo fans). Taue doing the tsuppari attack always gets a pop from me.


Meng did some sumo shit when he worked there (SWS I remember).


Kitao was plain offensive.

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Several of the IWE guys in the 1960s and 70s had sumo backgrounds: Toyonobori, Rusher Kimura, Takashi “Onomi” Ishikawa, Umanosuke Ueda... and maybe a couple more. I'm not too sure if they used a lot of sumo moves, though.


Rikidozan's chop is based on an open-handed sumo strike.

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