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[2017-05-21-WWE-Backlash] Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal


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Holy shit! Randy Orton & Jinder Mahal having a WWE Championship PPV main event match in 2017 is already crazy to think about - and then you combine that w/ the match actually being AWESOME, and the whole thing gets even crazier. Loved the beginning w/ Orton showing great fire when brawling w/ Jinder all over the place. Great house of fire from him, most motivated he has looked in the ring in ages. Jinder's control segment came about very organically, with him eventually getting the advantage as they were brawling outside the ring. Him working the heat on Orton was goddamn great. He targeted Orton's shoulder every chance he got & it ruled. Orton sold it very well too & his big comebacks were tremendous. Just when it looked like Orton was going to put Jinder away, the Singh Brothers get involved. That was done real well. All in all, a terrific match. Really shocked by how good it was - Orton gave his best performance since, off the top of my head, 2014 & Jinder was awesome in his first real big time PPV match. Holy shit I sure was not expecting this. ****

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Gotta disagree on this one. Thought Orton looked great for VERY brief moments but once he went back into Methodical Randy, things slowed to a crawl. Jinder has some great facials but most of his offense here as a wristlock. Wish they'd kept up the pace with Orton being fired up but instead they chose to slow it down which really dulled my enthusiasm for the match.



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I thought it over-delivered given that Jinder is at best an ok worker and Randy is in boring mode. Jinder was somewhat exposed in terms of execution here, but everything was laid out pretty well. The shock finish actually bumps it for me, though I know a lot of people hate this. ***1/4 - I liked it, but hen again I was expecting something quite different.

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