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[1986-06-27-Houston Wrestling] The Sheepherders vs The Fantastics (Boot Camp)


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Sheepherders attack before the bell. It's a brawl from Jump Street and it's a New Zealand Boot Camp Match. This is chaotic, full of danger and wildness.Loved when the Sheepherders went for a chair in the crowd and they wouldn't give it to them. Both Fantastics are bloody as hell. It seems to be Texas Tornado rules, no DQ. Fulton is bleeding . One Sheepherder is using a rope, while the other is using a wooden fork. It's been all Sheepherders. This is a total , A USA chant breaks, but the beatdown shuts the chant down. Fantastics starts a comeback with a policeman's night stick , but they're cut off. Fulton is a bloody mess. This is a Fulton showcase. He's the glue, to these brawls. He has that Memphis pedigree. Boy though the Fantastics gave a great comeback. Tons of revenge spots. They're showing tons of fire after having their asses handed to them. Super stiff brawl, and a great blow off to the feud. 4*

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Pete, I totally echo your comments about Bobby Fulton, he is criminally underrated, this is a great showcase for him. 

Mid-South Tag Team Champion The Fantastics vs The Sheepherders -  Houston 6/27/86 New Zealand Bootcamp Match

One of my favorite genres of pro wrestling, pretty boy babyface tag team proving their mettle in a bloody brawl against the bloodthirsty lunatic heels. Bobby Fulton was on fire in this match. Rogers is an offensive dynamo and a great traditional seller, but when you need character call on Bobby Fulton. He was the perfect character to get over his brawl. Whether, it was his right hands to counter the Herders or his great selling (I loved when he slumped himself over the apron upside down while his foot was hooked on the bottom rope). The Herders jumped  Fantastics while they were getting smooches from all the girls in the front row. The blood was flowing within a minute when Fulton bit Butch's head right open. The Herders used everything to their advantage: chairs, screwdriver (it looked like some sharp metal object), the flag pole and ropes to kick the Fantastics ass. They hung Fulton over the ropes and he was just drenched in blood. The camera was mostly on Bobby Fulton as this is a Texas Tornado street fight. Rogers was good, but this was Bobby Fulton at his best. When it came time to make that comeback, boy did he comeback. He threw a wicked chairshot especially for 1986. Fulton got control of the metal stake (it kinda looked like a flat head screwdriver to me) and just dug it into Luke's head ala Magnum/Tully. It was brutal. There was one spot near the aprob where you could actually see it cause the blood to pour from Luke's head even more. Rogers atomic drops Butch on the top rope. It is a Fargo Strut! Johnny Ace ends up nailing one of the Herders with the pole. I disliked the finish the Fantastics were just pouring it on when the ref called the match. No white towel from Johnny Ace...no screaming of surrender...just an anti-climatic...welp it is over now. Too bad. I liked Fulton do a blood mist spit at the end of the match as if he was The Great Muta but it was his own blood as the mist. Bobby Fulton rules! I would have loved to see Fulton force a submission with the screwdriver to the head of Luke. Great blood brawl that showed the range of the Fantastics that they can do workrate classics with Midnights or brawl with the Sheepherders. I have always been a big fan of booty-shaking Bobby Fulton but here he is fists-fury, bloodlusting Bobby Fulton and that is just as badass, tons of charisma. ***3/4


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