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NWA Lutte Internationale July 1985


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July 5th, 1985

Richmond, BC


1 PM start


-Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Dino Bravo in 14:05


-The Strong Machines beat The Spoiler & Quebec Heavyweight Champion Armand Rougeau in 14:04


-Gilles Poisson beat Dory Funk Jr in 4:40


-Steve Strong beat Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) in 15:26


-Bob Backlund (subbing for Shawn Michaels) & NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Marty Jannetty beat NWA Canadian International TV Champion Gino Brito & Larry Zbyszko in 36:45 after a miscue between Brito & Larry Z. Backlund was subbing for Shawn Michaels who had travel issues and couldn't make it in time to Richmond. He however made it in time for the Duncan show later in the night.


July 5th, 1985

Duncan, BC


8 PM start


-Baron Von Raschke beat Larry Zbyszko in 8:14


-Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) in 19:54


-Steve Strong beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels in 13:11


3-Way Dance: Bob Backlund & NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Andre the Giant beat The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu) & The Sensationals (Rip Oliver & Crusher Blackwell, w/Sherri Martel) in 50:04. Postmatch, The Bolshevik Revolution attacked Andre the Giant but Andre was able to fend them off with the help of Backlund!

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Just to help you out, Kev:


The usual bump you see on TV is a "flat bump"....basically, falling flat on your back with your arms spreaded to absorb as much the impact as possible. You can pretty much guess now what is a "side bump". And when you see a bump on a botch for instance, it's called a "phantom bump".


gordi, I can't even imagine them taking a phantom side bump at the Richmond show this afternoon! :lol:

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted July 6th, 1985




(After the usual opening, Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are awaiting the start of this week’s show)


Guy Hauray: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. We’re still feeling the aftermath of a shocking night in Charlotte, North Carolina last week where every title defended changed hands. Nothing shocked the world more than Andre the Giant capturing the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship from Terry Funk. And it also didn’t take long for some challengers to ask a title shot. We already know that in 2 weeks, Super Strong Machine has challenged Andre the Giant to a championship match right here on this broadcast. We should hear from Andre a little bit later on this week because Andre will make his first appearance on this program in almost a year!


Édouard Carpentier: And it’s gonna be a busy day for Andre because he’s also defending the title tonight in Red Deer, Alberta against Rip Oliver!


Guy Hauray: And we can’t also forget that he’s also the JWA Tag Team Champion with Giant Baba and they have yet to lose those titles so Andre doesn’t seem to be willing to stop. Nevertheless, Andre promised to be a fighting champion and that’s exactly what he is. But in the meantime, that’s later and we’re ready for action, so let’s get going!


Match #1

Dory Funk Jr vs Boris Zhukov


Dory Funk seems to be following up on his interview last week in which he promised to continue what he was doing in Lutte Internationale. Conspicuous by their absence are the two other members of the Bolshevik Revolution, Alexis Smirnoff and Baron Von Raschke but the broadcast team suggests that they’re probably not too far away and are ready to interfere at any moment. An evenly matched contest to start with Zhukov using some questionable tactics to get the upper hand in the middle of the match. However, Funk regains momentum and imposes his will on Zhukov, which of course, prompts Smirnoff & Von Raschke to get involved. But Funk is able to dispose of them and re-focus on the match. Zhukov falls prey to Funk’s infamous Spinning Toe Hold and he has no choice but to submit.


Winner: Dory Funk Jr


(After the match, just like last week, Dory Funk Jr goes to the broadcast booth for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: Congratulations, Dory, on another victory and you kept your promise from last week with another solid performance.


Dory Funk Jr: Well, I said it last week, despite losing my tag team partner, I’m gonna continue doing what I do best and that’s carrying the Funk family name to new heights and whether it’s by myself or with my brother Terry, it’s gonna happen, no matter what. So...


(Dory Funk Jr is quickly interrupted by Dino Bravo who makes his way to the set, to much applause. Bravo is now facing Funk)


Dino Bravo: I’m sorry to interrupt, Mr. Carpentier, but I couldn’t help to hear about what Dory said and I thought this would be as good as a time to come here. You know Dory, how much I respect your entire family. Regardless of my personal feelings towards your brother Terry, he was a great NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion, despite how he won it. It takes a great wrestler to beat someone like Rick Martel and he did it. While that happened, I was away elsewhere, thinking that I could make a name for myself over there and be a world champion in my own rights but that didn’t exactly pan out that way. So I’m back here and I want to work my way back to the top of the heap and earn my opportunity against the cream of the crop. You saw what I did in Charlotte, North Carolina last week and despite coming up short against Stan Hansen, I proved that I could hang with him and deliver a beating like he could himself. And since I can’t currently face off with your brother Terry because of his feud with Magnum TA, I thought I would do the next best thing. Dory Funk Jr, you’re a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and this is something I aspire to be myself. In order to reach that step, I need to face the toughest guys around. Dory, it’d be an honor for me to wrestle you right here on this show, next week.


(The crowd definitely seems to be in agreement with Dino Bravo’s challenge and is expressing it)


Édouard Carpentier: So, Dory, what do you say?


Dory Funk Jr: You know, Dino, I did see your match against Stan Hansen last week in Charlotte and it was one helluva Street Fight so I commend you on your performance because you did hang with Hansen in this one. So, if you want a match with me to see where you stand in the pecking order around here, that’s fine by me. I know that you feel like you have something to prove around here with your return and that’s admirable. But I’m warning you that I don’t have any intentions on letting you use me as a stepping stone in your quest for redemption. I’m gonna bring everything that I got and you better do the same with me, kid.


Dino Bravo: That’s all I’m asking for. I’m looking forward to it.


(Dory Funk & Dino Bravo shake hands and leave on opposite ends of the studio)


Édouard Carpentier: There you have it, folks: Dory Funk vs Dino Bravo right here on this program next week!


Guy Hauray: This should be an exciting match indeed. When we come back, we will hear from Raymond Rougeau!


******COMMERCIAL BREAK********


Guy Hauray: Welcome back to the show. And now, please welcome to the set former NWA World Tag Team Champion, Raymond Rougeau.


(Big crowd reaction as Raymond Rougeau makes his way to the set)


Guy Hauray: First of all, Raymond, before we talk about what happened last week & everything, we didn’t have the chance to hear your thoughts about you & your brother Jacques losing the NWA World Tag Team Championship to The Creatchman Family in Charlotte...


Raymond Rougeau: Vous savez, M’sieur Hauray, ce serait de mentir de dire que Jacques pis moi, on est pas déçus de les avoir perdu, encore plus contre Eddy Creatchman pis sa gang de sauvages. Mais si y a une chose que Jacques pis moi on a appris de notre père pis de mononc’ Johnny, c’est que quand tu tombes, tant que tu te relèves, ç’a pas d’importance si t’es tombé. Pis c’est ça que Jacques pis moi on veut faire. On va se relever pis on va regagner ces ceintures-là. Ça prendra le temps qu’y faut pour que ça se produise mais je peux vous garantir qu’on va être encore champions de la NWA!


(Translation : You know, Mr. Hauray, I’d be lying if I told you that Jacques and I are not disappointed that we lost them, even more against Eddy Creatchman and his savages. But if there’s one thing that Jacques and I have learned from our father and from Uncle Johnny, that’s that if you fall, it doesn’t matter if you did as long as you keep getting up. And that’s what Jacques and I want to do. We will get up and we will regain those titles. No matter how long this will take, I can guarantee you that we’ll once again be NWA World Tag Team Champions!)


Guy Hauray: I think that we need to also address the elephant in the room, Raymond; during that match, you got temporarily blinded by a substance thrown in your eyes by Eddy Creatchman; this also came into play 2 days later when you challenged Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Kansas. And again, last week, just like in Charlotte, Eddy Creatchman did it to you again, although you weren’t his primary target. We need to know, Raymond: how’s your sight right now?


Raymond Rougeau: C’est certain que ma vision est pas à 100% présentement à cause des “accidents” répétés mais elle va de mieux en mieux. J’aurai heureusement pas de séquelles, selon les médecins, mais je dois juste être prudent pour m’assurer que ça prenne pas plus de temps avant que ça revienne à la normale. Aussi…


(Translation : It’s obvious that my vision currently isn’t at 100% yet because of repeated “accidents” but it’s still improving. I’ll fortunately make a full recovery, according to doctors but I must just be careful to make sure that I don’t have other setbacks. Also...)


(Raymond doesn’t have time to finish his sentence that he’s ambushed by Baron Von Raschke! Raschke slams Raymond’s head on the broadcast table and pummels him down while Boris Zhukov and Alexis Smirnoff keep officials at bay! Von Raschke locks in the Claw on Raymond’s face and keeps it for a long moment until finally more officials can come in and separate Von Raschke from Raymond Rougeau. As they’re escorted from the studio, The Bolshevik Revolution are celebrating, visibly proud of what they just did to Raymond, who’s being checked out by officials and Bruno Sammartino, who just came out from the back...)





Match #2

NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Andre The Giant vs Hector Guerrero


Great ovation for Andre, as he’s making his first TV appearance in almost a year on Lutte TV. Before the match, Andre shook hands with Hector Guerrero but when the match went under way, Andre was all business. Hector tried to use his speed as much as he could to destabilize the champion but to no avail. Andre was dominant throughout the duration of the match until the Strong Machines made their way to the ring to circle it at the moment where Andre was about to hit his double underhook suplex on Hector. Andre immediately lets go of Hector and focuses his attention on the masked Asians at ringside. Each Machine carefully steps on the apron while Andre tries to keep an eye on everyone. And then, Strong Machine 2 is the first one to make a move on Andre and jumps on him, immediately followed by Strong Machine 3 & Super Strong Machine. It’s a 3-on-1 on Andre and Hector Guerrero tries to help out the champion but he’s greeted with a nasty Machine Lariat by Super Strong Machine! Super Strong Machine returns to the beatdown on Andre but Andre then mightily shrugs off ALL 3 of the Machines! Crowd goes crazy as the Strong Machines must retreat outside. Édouard Carpentier tentatively steps into the ring to speak to Andre.


Édouard Carpentier: Andre, it looks like the Machines aren’t through with you. What do you plan to do, do you accept their challenge?


Andre The Giant: Je voudrais d’abord m’excuser à mon ami Hector Guerrero pour la façon dont ce match s’est terminé. Ce n’était pas de cette façon que je voulais que ça se termine. Mais dans 2 semaines, ici dans ce studio, ça se terminera de la manière dont je voudrai. J’accepte le défi des Machines. Peu importe lequel, je l’affronterai et je l’écraserai. Sauf que nous allons faire ça partout dans le studio : Falls Count Anywhere!


(Translation : I first want to apologize to my friend Hector Guerrero for how this match ended. It wasn’t how I wanted it to end. But in 2 weeks, in this studio, it will end like I want to. I accept the Machines’ challenge. No matter which, I will wrestle him and I will crush him. Except we will do this Falls Count Anywhere in this studio!)


(The crowd goes nuts at the announcement and while we can’t see the expression under the Machines’ mask, their body language tells the viewers that they didn’t expect Andre to throw the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation in there! The show ends with a staredown between Andre, with his title in his hands and Super Strong Machine!)


Winner: No-Contest





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June 6th, 1985

Red Deer, AB


-Alexis Smirnoff beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Marty Jannetty in 11:03


-Strong Machine 3 beat Jacques Rougeau in 11:04 after an illegal switch with Strong Machine 2


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Andre the Giant beat Rip Oliver (w/Sherri Martel) in 15:04 to retain, despite repeated interference from Creatchman Family members The Botswana Beast & The Great Samu. In fact, Sherri Martel was seen giving money to Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman while Botswana Beast & The Great Samu attacked Andre!

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Well, motives are different in both cases. The sneak attacks had malicious intent and Dino Bravo is on a path of redemption for his previous transgressions leading to his return. I thought this is important to point out in the way I'm booking Dino going forward for the next few months.

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Biggest victories of Steve Regal's career:


1) Teaming with Jimmy Garvin as the Freebirds, and beating the Road Warriors for the Tag Belts.

2) Winning a tournament to be crowned Pacific Northwest champion.

3) Beating Dory, Jr. on a house show in Saskatchewan.



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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted July 13th, 1985




(After the intro, we join Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier, as usual, at the broadcast booth for the beginning of this week’s show.)


Guy Hauray: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. After everything that transpired last week, it’s safe to say that tension is very high at the moment. We saw last week’s main event going absolutely haywire and this will lead to our main event next week as Andre the Giant will put the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship at stake against one of the Machines, and we won’t probably know until the match starts which one of them Andre will have to face.


Édouard Carpentier: And that could definitely play to the Machines’ advantage. Who knows what can happen if they win the titles. As far as we know, they could return to Japan and we might never see this title again. Luckily, none of the particulars are in studio this week so no chance of anything spinning out of control.


Guy Hauray: But that doesn’t mean we won’t have a great week of action. After what transpired last week during an interview, Raymond Rougeau requested this match against Baron Von Raschke, despite his eye not being 100%. We know that tonight in McGregor, Ontario, the Rougeaus will have their opportunity at tag team revenge against the Bolshevik Revolution but this one could be of a tremendous momentum shifter for the winner heading into tonight’s card.


Édouard Carpentier: And we can’t forget about the match between Dino Bravo and Dory Funk Jr as well. Dino is on a path to redemption and he feels like it goes through facing Dory Funk Jr this week. Dino’s resiliency has been tested since his return, that’s for sure, as he hasn’t tasted victory a lot recently. But we all know that Dino won’t give up no matter what. He will fight until he gets where he was before he left a few months ago.


Guy Hauray: Yes, indeed, let’s not waste any time as we’re ready for our first match this week!


Match #1

“Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal vs Serge Jodoin


Steve Regal seems to be in tremendous spirit after a hard-fought victory over Dory Funk Jr last night in Creelman, SK. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Regal is taking his opponent Serge Jodoin lightly and he gives everything that he’s got. Jodoin can try as hard as he can but he’s no match for Regal’s speed. Regal finishes off Jodoin with a flying elbow drop in about 2:30 to win the match.


Winner: “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal


(After the match, Steve Regal joins Édouard Carpentier at the broadcast booth for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: Steve Regal, congratulations for another victory, you’re starting to get some momentum recently, as proven by a big victory over Dory Funk Jr last night in Saskatechewan.


Steve Regal: Sir, you just are starting to see why they call me “Mr. Electricity”! You know, I’m really enjoying my time here, wrestling in front of these great fans and this journey is made of highs and lows but that’s why we’re doing this job. In any event, I won’t lie; I believe I’m ready for the next step. I want to face the top guys in this territory on a regular basis. I wanna prove that I belong.


(Right on cue, enter Frenchy’s Legion: Frenchy Martin and his protégés Richard Charland & Mad Dog Lefebvre. )


Frenchy Martin: Mr. Regal, pleasure to meet you, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Frenchy Martin and I manage Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland and Mad Dog Lefebvre. Also a proud member of L’Alliance Québécoise with all the top Quebec talents on the roster. We couldn’t help but hear that you’re looking for stiffer competition. Now, that’s all fine and good but we just wanna make sure that it’s exactly what you want.


Steve Regal: Look, Frenchy, I know exactly what I want. Like I said, I wanna prove to the world that I belong here and I know I won’t beat Andre the Giant anytime soon. But realistically, there’s that new Quebec Heavyweight title belt that I think would look good on me, so I wanna start with that. Step by step, I’m gonna prove to everyone that I can hang with anyone.


Frenchy Martin: I see....Well, here’s what I suggest. I think that all of us and these people in the audience can appreciate what you’re bringing to the table. No doubt about it. But we want to be fair with you and make sure you get the best chance at showcasing yourself. So, next week, how about this; you pick a partner. Anyone in the locker room, it’s up to you....and then, you & your partner wrestle Le Magnifique & Mad Dog right here. Let’s see if you can live up to your expectations...But also to OURS & everyone watching. What do you say?


Steve Regal: Well....that’s all I’m asking. You say I can pick anyone?


Frenchy Martin: Yeop, anyone.


Steve Regal: Then, we got a deal. I’ll see you guys next week.


(Regal leaves on his side of the studio while Frenchy’s Legion do the same.)


Édouard Carpentier: Well, it looks like Steve Regal will get his wish next week. I’m wondering who will he pick as his tag team partner.


Guy Hauray: That’s gonna be an interesting match, no matter who Regal picks. And a big test at that too. And I must say that it feels a bit weird to see Frenchy being so kind, especially knowing his history here.


Édouard Carpentier: However, I think we can both agree that Regal will have to choose wisely because this could be his one & only chance to shine.


Guy Hauray: We’ll see next week if Regal can convert on his opportunity. But when we come back, Dino Bravo takes on Dory Funk Jr!


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK***********


Match #2

Dino Bravo vs Dory Funk Jr


Another sign of respect between both veterans as Dino shakes hands with Dory Funk Jr. The broadcast team hypes that Funk gets a Canadian International TV Championship match vs Gino Brito tonight in McGregor, ON. Good start for Dino Bravo as his brute strength overpowers the savvy ring veteran in Dory Funk. But that same ring veteran regains control with a well-timed thumb in the eye of Dino Bravo. Funk displays all of his technical wizardry in this one, neutralizing Bravo. But a mistimed elbow drop from Dory allows Dino to get back in the match and he seems to be moments away from getting a victory. However, as Bravo sets up Dory for a bearhug, Dory delivers a headbutt on Dino and he takes him down with a piledriver to score the victory. Dory escapes with a sudden victory and the broadcast team wonders for how long Dino’s slump will continue before regaining some momentum.


Winner: Dory Funk Jr


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK*******



Match #3

Baron Von Raschke vs Raymond Rougeau


As the match starts, the broadcast team reminds us that Raymond is wrestling against doctors’ order this week, as well as for tonight’s match in McGregor where the Rougeaus will take on the Bolshevik Revolution. Obviously, Raymond is protective of his eye and makes sure that Von Raschke doesn’t get anywhere near it. So far so good as Raymond has control early over Von Raschke, working on his Claw hand to make sure he won’t be able to use it. But a boot in the corner by Von Raschke changes the tide as it looks like he connected right in Raymond’s injured eye. Going forward, Baron is trying to injure Raymond further and it looks like it’s going to work but then, Raymond connects with a solid Savate Kick but he only gets a 2-count. Raymond decides it’s gonna be an eye for an eye but in the meantime, Alexis Smirnoff runs in and unties the top turnbuckle! The referee (and Raymond) are distracted by Smirnoff’s presence and Smirnoff immediately steps off the ring apron. Von Raschke then ambushes Raymond, who’s head hits the exposed turnbuckle! Raymond goes down in a heap and Von Raschke immediately locks in the Claw! Looks like Raymond is busted open and the referee calls a preemptive end to the match! Jacques Rougeau rushes the ring immediately to check on his brother as the Baron celebrates his win with Smirnoff outside. The show ends with Raymond being escorted out of the ring with a towel over his face.


Winner: Baron Von Raschke





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July 13th, 1985

McGregor, ON


-Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 10:59


-Strong Machine 3 upsets Rick Martel in 16:15 after an illegal switch with Super Strong Machine


-The Rougeau Brothers beat The Bolshevik Revolution (Smirnoff & Von Raschke) with La Bombe Rougeau at 14:12


6-Men Tag: The Strong Machines (Super Strong & Strong Machine #2) & Steve Strong beat The Heartbreakers in 6:09


-Mando Guerrero beat Larry Zbyszko in 6:40


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Gino Brito beat Dory Funk Jr in 14:20 to retain

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