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  1. dexstar

    Midwest Territorial Wrestling Thread

    Hey! Nobody cares, I'm certain, but I am bringing this back as a stand-alone project. I'm running the company in TEW 2016 (had to make some database edits to make it work, will explain in a post before I start posting shows) and want to continue doing the backstory writing. Working through the first shows now and will do a summary of that soon. If anyone out there is reading this and has the ability, can this thread be moved into the general Fantasy Booking section instead of here?
  2. dexstar

    WCW Saturday Night on the Network

    Terry Taylor dressed as a total ripoff of the Million Dollar Man while cutting a promo with Valentine on the 4-11 episode is pretty hilarious
  3. dexstar

    WWE TV 03/05 - 03/11

    This post makes the most sense. I think ideally you want the streakbreaker to get a nice bump but Asuka isn't retiring after it ends (well, probably isn't) and so there's no need to make it seem like the end of the world. Different stakes than something like The Undertakers streak.
  4. dexstar

    WWE Fastlane 2018

    I hope Asuka gets the Mania Streak gimmick for the women's division
  5. dexstar

    WWE Fastlane 2018

    That had a lot of really cool stuff. I think the announcers really undersold that bump to the outside Charlotte took.
  6. dexstar

    All Star Wrestling on the Network

    The Ernie Ladd promo with Vince McMahon on the 1/10/76 episode is can't miss television
  7. dexstar

    1983 Project General Chatter Thread

    Just wanted to say I am alive and sorry about a bad showing in August, had some unexpected trip and delays. Hopefully catching up over the next week.
  8. dexstar

    1983 Project General Chatter Thread

    Hello hello I was on vacation all last week and had expected to get a chance to write the show and this weeks, but that was mistaken. I'm catching up at the office and such but hope to post both last week and this week in the next couple days.
  9. dexstar


    WWC releases Bulldog Bob Brown so he can voyage to more familiar territory in Central States
  10. dexstar

    To freelance or not to freelance

    I am in agreement with pretty much everyone else here, I think the R+R and Lawler should find a permanent home now that we've got more promotions up and running, but the other three are freelance through and through.
  11. dexstar

    NWA Great American Bash '85 Events

    No one can stop THE DUKE
  12. dexstar

    WWF on Tour July 1985

    Hercules is one of my odd-ball picks as a favorite wrestler, so looking forward to his run here.
  13. Look forward to the return! El Dandy in the Super Juniors would get a lot of love on the PWO of our universe
  14. dexstar

    Continental Championship Wrestling July 1985

    If Bruno doesn't turn heel, I'm rioting
  15. dexstar

    WWC - Puerto Rico - July

    Capitol Sports Promotions & the World Wrestling Council present SUPER ESTRELLAS DE LA LUCHA LIBRE July 24 - 1985 Rickin Sanchez introduces us to the show this week. We have one half of the Rough Riders - the vaunted amateur wrestler Brad Rheingans, taking on Hercules Ayala in a big main event. We’ve also got the debuts of the three Mexican men we saw last week, as well as a special Sport Shop, and so much more! Chicky’s Sport Shop w. Los Infernales Normally we have a match to kick-off the show, but the public is demanding an explanation - who are Los Infernales, and why are they here? Chicky Starr says that should be obvious. It was a glorious four week reign of Chicky in WWC - but there were certain people here who just couldn’t stand to see that happen. They put every obstacle they could think of in front of Chicky - and he conquered them all, by the way - until they shackled him into a no-rules cage against a mad man. No dignified champion in wrestling would subject themselves to that type of contest for a title, but Chicky agreed to it, because he wanted to prove he’s the greatest. And, with the deck stacked against him, he came up just short. Chicky knew he wasn’t going to get fair treatment here in Puerto Rico - so he decided to look elsewhere. El Satanico introduces himself, Pirata Morgan, and MS-1. They are Los Infernales. They’ve conquered Mexico, and they’ve set their sights on Puerto Rico. They’ve proven themselves as the dominant trio in lucha libre, and they pride themselves on their heritage - and it’s a heritage they’ve seen disrespected here on the island, with the way the people treat the Latin Lover Al Madril. Al Madril - proudly holding the Caribbean Championship - wonders aloud to himself - where is that Victor Jovica? Is it true that Al Madril has driven him completely out of professional wrestling, left him an invalid, a retired, unemployable loser? It could be true - it definitely could be true. Nobody knows where Victor is, nobody even cares enough to find out, it seems. Al Madril has erased him from history, and it’s just the beginning of his championship reign. Chicky concludes the show with some more thoughts of his own. His personal climb back to the Universal Title starts tonight, against Manny Fernandez. The Ragin’ Bull is going to be tamed by the great Chicky Starr! -- Pirata Morgan & MS-1 vs. Joe Lightfoot and Don Running Bear A very quick debut for Morgan & MS-1, who demolish Lightfoot and Running Bear with ease. The tag team champions - The Invaders - make their way to the announce desk during this match, offering some thoughts for Los Infernales - assuring the people of Puerto Rico that they will defend these Caribbean Tag Team Titles with the honor they deserve! After the match, Morgan & MS-1 shoot death glares at The Invaders, who stand up from the desk and look ready to fight, but Los Infernales make an exit before a brawl can begin. Morgan & MS-1 d. Lightfoot & Running Bear via pinfall -- El Satanico vs. Ron Ellis It’s the debut of the great El Satanico, who puts on a clinic against Ellis. This is simply a showcase for Satanico - who is cruising along, and scores a quick, easy pinfall for a simple night’s work - that is until, in street clothes, it’s Carlos Colon! He’s fired up after being attacked last week, and he’s throwing fists everywhere against Satanico, who fires some shots back of his own before bailing out of the ring! Pirata Morgan & MS-1 are out to flank Satanico, and here are The Invaders to stand tall alongside Colon! What an explosive situation developing here in WWC! Carlos Colon rushes to Rickin Sanchez at the announce desk and he grabs the microphone. Carlos wants Los Infernales, Chicky, and Madril to watch themselves - nobody comes here and bad-mouths the good people of Puerto Rico the way they have! Carlos isn’t going to stand for it, and other great men like Hercules Ayala, Victor Jovica, and Manny Fernandez aren’t going to stand for it either! El Satanico d. Ron Ellis via pinfall -- Tamba the Flying Elephant vs. Bulldog Bob Brown Tamba the Flying Elephant, lead to the ring by his unnamed handlers and Don Carson, makes quick work of the veteran Bulldog - squashing him in under a minute to continue his winning ways. Tamba the Flying Elephant d. Bulldog Bob Brown -- Manny Fernandez vs. Chicky Starr (w/ Al Madril) Manny continues to skyrocket up the standings here in Puerto Rico, taking the fight right to Chicky Starr. Chicky just can’t match the intensity of the Ragin’ Bull. Al Madril on the outside is a tougher challenge - his constant jaw-jacking at Fernandez and threats to interfere are the only way for Chicky to gain a momentary advantage. Finally, Manny gets the victory, and a tense stand-off with Al Madril immediately ensues. Manny Fernandez d. Chicky Starr via pinfall -- MAIN EVENT CONTEST Hercules Ayala vs. Brad Rheingans (w/ Don Carson & Joel Deaton) Rheingans provides Ayala with his toughest competition thus far, using his amateur background to counter the power of Hercules. This is a back and forth contest but eventually Ayala takes control - which brings Carson and Deaton into the affair. The attempted interference is the catalyst for The Super Medicos to rush from their locker room, grabbing Carson and Deaton to keep them away from the ring. This allows Ayala the opening he needs to score the victory. His celebration is shortlived - as the Medicos brawl with Carson, Deaton, and now Rheingans, Tamba The Flying Elephant has returned to join the fray - it’s a big stare-down between Hercules Ayala and Tamba The Flying Elephant! These two monstrous men refuse to back down! The ring fills with officials, who make sure this doesn’t come to blows .. yet. Hercules Ayala d. Brad Rheingans via pinfall -- We have time for some standby action this week! Omar Atlas & Salvatore Bellomo vs. Joe Savoldi & Steve Simpson Atlas & Bellomo, the grizzled veterans, take on two young studs. Salvoldi and Simpson are bigger, faster, and stronger, but they aren’t as wily as the veterans. Atlas and Bellomo whether the initial shine from S & S, but turn the tide with some well-executed (and questionably legal) double team tactics, eventually scoring the win. Atlas & Bellomo d. Savoldi & Simpson via pinfall -- Valente Fernandez vs. Mr. Hito With TV time running out, Fernandez works quick. He scores a victory over the veteran with a flash rollup just before the show goes off the air for the week! Valente Fernandez d. Mr Hito via pinfall --