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[2017-07-23-NJPW-G1 Climax] Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi


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This was the striking equivalent of Naito vs Ibushi. Just a hard hitting nutso match with multiple strikes that will make you cringe. Ibushi could have some credibility issues in that regard going up against a brick shithouse like Ishii but I do think his precision on his strikes help give gravity to his strikes and allow him to go toe to toe with the Stone Pitbull. Ibushi’s powerbomb is really becoming that knockout finisher as well that much like the One Winged Angel, it is doom if hit. The lack of overarching story kept this out of MOTYC range for me but it was a great slugfest and felt like a battle when it was over. ****

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Ioan at PTBN:



A hard-fought lock-up brought about a sequence of missed offence and reversals concluding with a stand-off, then it was time to throw elbow strikes – a battle that was surprisingly won by Ibushi. Ishii hit back with a series of chops, flooring Ibushi, then he used headbutts and stomps to keep him in the corner. Ibushi stopped the rot by scoring an impressive suplex and earned further respite with a dropkick, capitalising with a springboard dropkick and plancha. Back in, Ishii fought back with a corner clothesline and backdrop, but Ibushi kept things even with a standing moonsault. He followed with several swift kicks to the kneeling Ishii, but Stone Pitbull was resilient and nailed two big chops to Ibushi’s throat. Then it was Ibushi’s turn to tough it out, and he peppered Ishii with kicks before a spitwad set off an exchange of slaps.

German suplex from Ishii, overhead kick from Ibushi, lariat from Ishii, and both men collapsed to the mat. Once recovered, Ishii lifted Ibushi to the top-rope and hit the delayed superplex for a near-fall! Ibushi blocked the follow-up lariat with a kick, and a snap German got two. Enzuigiri from Ishii and the sliding lariat connected – two-count only. Powerbomb blocked, German flipped out of, and a high kick from Ibushi pasted Ishii. A kick flurry earned one, as did a lariat from Ishii, then Ibushi hit a Dragon suplex for a near-fall! A big standing lariat and Omega-like knee strike set up the sit-out Last Ride, planting Ishii to the mat for the three-count!
This one went back-and-forth throughout, with neither man maintaining an advantage for long, and it was the first man to put together a significant run of offence who was able to secure the victory. In his three matches so far, Ibushi has delivered three very different performances, this one being a strike-heavy battle of wills. Ishii brought it too, naturally. Great stuff. ****1/4
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