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[2017-07-27-NJPW-G1 Climax] Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin


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I guess I am officially out on the Omega big match formula right now. This had a lot of pomp and circumstance, explosive moves, and big bombs in the final stanza culminating in Big Mike getting the win off of the burning hammer. What it lacked was the heart of the previous match. I liken it to the Ishii vs Omega USA match which I also felt cold on. Eventually, I need a reason for why I should care all of this stuff is happening and Omega isn’t giving me one right now throughout these matches. It is just big move, big move, finisher, etc. Disappointing. ***

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Excess the match.

I have not watched much of the g1 this year, you guys who have watched all of it are mad. But I chose to watch this one out of morbid curiosity or something.

A twenty five minute long match with 5 mins of feeling out, then 20 mins of MOVEZ~ you had tons of knees, powerbombs, 'fighting spirit' for days with two guys a cannot buy it from, then we got a tiger driver 98 and a burning hammer. Utterly stupid and pretty much utterly without merit with the exception of I guess that the moves were executed well. The match did not even have a really hot crowd that could have gone a way to help matters, but no the crowd was there but not all that hot. It felt like those matches Elgin had with Davey Richards back in 2011/2012. *

On being cold on omega as Chad mentions, I have never liked omega he just has no connection to me. I don't know if it is stupid stuff he has done in the past and still does in undercards or it is the terrible steryotipical anime villan faces. Whatever it is I have never had any connection with him. On top of that his matches usually always suck and i find them a cure for insomnia.

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The selling was good and they didn't seem to rush through things as much as it may have seemed but this was just total excess. The match should have ended on Elgin's splash mountain, instead it went another 10. If these guys are going to do matches like this, they have to fill the time with less extravagant shit and make the kickouts more plausible and less killing the credibility of all of the moves.

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