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[2017-08-01-WWE-Smackdown] Shinsuke Nakamura vs John Cena

Ricky Jackson

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Great match. Nothing mind blowing, but this is presumably the first of multiple encounters in the next year or so between them, so things will only get more epic. That said, I really liked this match. I thought it had a good flow with nothing wasted. The closing stretch was well done and the crowd was fully invested. No tricks, just an old fashioned "scientific match" with a clean as a sheet finish. The bump at the end was nasty and could've been disastrous. Instead, it added a dose of "real" to the match, the unplanned kind, and fortunately for everyone involved served to make things feel more epic and not tragic. Excited to see what these guys will do against each other in the future.



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Really good TV main event. They left a lot on the table for future matches between the two which I expect to get more and more crazy as they go on.


This match as stated above was a simple match which went a long way to elevate nakamura as he got a clean win over the past/present top guy.


On the backdrop bump I am not sure what to say, whether naka was not strong enough, or cena went to do a backdrop bump and naka over rotated it or cena is just really awkward at bumping. Whatever it was I hope cena is ok as they have just got him back and he is their biggest star.


Fun simple back and forth match with a clean as a sheet ending. ***1/2

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Fair dinkum the early part where Cena does a thing and goes "U Can't See Me" and Shinsuke literally RUBS HIS EYES as if to say "Oh my God you're right, I can't see you! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EYES?!?!" and then gets the lead back in the corner and puts the goggles up to say "Ha! I CAN see you now John Cena!" was quite possibly the biggest highspot in the history of wrestling.

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Just got round to watching this yesterday and really enjoyed it. I thought it was kept relatively simple and didn't go overboard in terms of kickouts and 'movez' and benefited from that. As others have highlighted, I enjoyed Nakamura's reaction to the 'you can't see me stuff' and in turn I liked Cena not knowing how to take Nakamura. When Cena portrays being off guard, out of his comfort zone or vulnerability it makes him a far more compelling character to me.


I think this was definitely Nakamura's best match since being on the main roster - although I did enjoy the TV match he had with Ziggler - and his strikes and kicks all locked on point, and delivered with some fire and energy, which is something people have said that he has been lacking. The reverse exploder bump that Cena took was super scary and I guess it shows why wrestlers like to make sure they have those crazy neck muscles to be able to absorb things like that.


Not sure how the Nakamura/Jinder match is going to turn out, but hopefully being in such a high profile match at Summerslam will make sure we continue to see motivated Nakamura. It will also be interesting to see if this becomes an extended feud and how they play it, given it's harder to do the old 'evil foreigner' gimmick against a non American wrestler but intrigued for the match as something nice and different.

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