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[2017-08-26-Tokyo Joshi Pro] Miyu Yamashita vs Meiko Satomura


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Miyu Yamashita vs. Meiko Satomura


These two had a heated post-match when they met at DDT's big show in Saitama, so I liked how they skipped the 'feeling out process' and went right at it. Satomura was mowing down Miyu with kicks, but Miyu manages to cut Satomura off and rallies with head stomps. I really liked her aggression in that sequence, and when she locks in a cobra clutch. Satomura gave Miyu more than I expected, so kudos to that. ****

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I thought this was a good match with Meiko making Miyu look legitimate. I'm not the biggest watcher of DDT and TJP shows are not something I would watch but I went out of my way and saw this cause I thought Meiko can make a younger promising wrestler into a star like Yamashita better like she's done with multiple others before (Kairi Hojo and Chihiro Hashimoto being the most recent examples). And she did exactly that. I scanned through the rest of the show and this match clearly stood out to me with Miyu and Meiko just bringing the hate.


Meiko gave Miyu just enough offense for her to look like they were going blow for blow at certain points of the match but just put her away at the end with the DVD/sleeper combo to add more hate. It's close to 4 star range but it's not a blowaway great match. If they continue the feud (which I hope they will) I think that blowaway great match will come. This makes me want to see more of Yamashita and hope she gets outside bookings in Sendai Girls or Seadlinnng in the future.

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The different dynamic of this match really carried it. Yamashita came into the match with a chip on her shoulder and didn't give a shit whether she earned Satomura's respect or not, she just wanted to win. It didn't come off as she earned anything in this match but rather just took it with force. As a result the match was a nice, competitive, short one. ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-08-26-Tokyo Joshi Pro] Miyu Yamashita vs Meiko Satomura

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