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[2000-07-23-Toryumon] Judo Suwa vs Kennichiro Arai


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This show displays the depth of Toryumon. This was the type of junior wrestling I really dig with simple but meaningful mat work leading to an exciting climax that still never overstays its welcome and doesn’t involve too many kickouts. Arai sold the back damage well and reeled off some spots that did just enough damage to SUWA’s arm to keep him fighting throughout. SUWA was certainly brimming with confidence and didn’t expect the fight of Arai. This leads to the finish where Arai is able to gain a lot of momentum and win the title in what felt like a big moment for him. Great match. **** (7.8)

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SUWA certainly controls the match with lots of scummy working over and heel charisma. He has a great presence in this and this just has a nice comfortable build until Arai turns a missed charge in the corner to offense and mounts a comeback. We get a nicely paced back and forth with nothing too crazy to build to the finish with Arai taking the match in satisfying fashion.



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This was great. Arai is one of the most underrated Toryumon guys and SUWA has already found himself as a heel by this time. Arai was ranked much lower than SUWA, so he wasn't going to be given much of a chance against SUWA and that brings the drama in the finishing stretch. I dug how they ended at the right time and they didn't extend with meaningless false finishes.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-23-Toryumon] Judo Suwa vs Kennichiro Arai
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This was a nice match. For a guy who is supposed to be the enforcer for Crazy Max, I was impressed with how well SUWA called this. Arai seemed a bit weedy at first but he had incredibly plucky offense and I loved that unique diving headbutt of his. I also loved how it seemed SUWA would put Arai away to send a message to Dragon Kid until Arai upset the apple cart. I also think more Japanese wrestlers should celebrate with sake. They usually have a cup backstage but Arai spraying sake everywhere was awesome. This was a well-booked, well put together bout.

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