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[2000-09-10-Monterrey] La Parka & Antifaz del Norte & Negro Casas vs Silver King & El Dandy & Zumbido


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This match felt like a great Grateful Dead set that falters by seguing into Space and Drums just because they have to have those songs inserted into the second set of a show for an arbitrary reason. The brawling in the beginning of this was incredible and some of the better brawling we have seen in 2000 which is saying something given some of the lucha stuff we have seen. The rudos are brutal and with tecnicos like Parka and Casas, they are willing to bump along. Then the match stalls out in the third fall doing more traditional lucha spots and not seemingly having any direction. Really disappointing as I thought we were headed to a great match. ***1/2 (6.8)

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Antifaz and Dandy still hate each other. This was one of the better matches in their feud because of the effort the others made to intensify the action. Parka and Silver King ripping into each other threw another log on the fire and Casas and Zumbido beefing also kept things hot. The exchanges between Parka and Silver King hinted at how good a singles match might be. It's lucha so you won't get the match, but hey, dreams are free. Casas looked good as well -- another reminder of how gutting it is that we don't have the Wagner matches on tape ;( I liked the finish as well with Dandy showing his wrestling credentials just in case anyone had forgotten.

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Antifaz/Dandy continue to have a blood feud in Monterrey. They beat each other with tables and chairs and weapons. Antifaz gets his mask ripped and Dandy bleeds. I like the Casas/Zumbido sections the best. Both guys were fast as hell especially doing roll-ups. The match is a little long but still good.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-10-Monterrey] La Parka & Antifaz del Norte & Negro Casas vs Silver King & El Dandy & Zumbido

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