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NWA Lutte Internationale November 1985


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November 1st, 1985

Forum de Montréal


Holiday Wars Battlebowl Match Qualifier: Jos LeDuc beat Alexis Smirnoff in 15:19


-NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Raymond Rougeau in 9:32


-Roddy Piper beat Chris Benoit in 8:38


Mid-Atlantic Showcase: NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon beat Iron Mike Sharpe in 13:04


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat Armand Rougeau in 16:17


Guest Referee - Édouard Carpentier: Prince Alofa Fatu (w/"Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat Boris Zhukov in 6:11


-Gino Brito beat UFO (Frenchy Martin under a mask) in 8:07


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Super Strong Machine beat Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) in 46:06 to retain

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted November 2nd, 1985




(After the opening credits, we’re headed to the broadcast booth for this week’s introductions.)


Guy Hauray: Good morning, wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of NWA Lutte Internationale TV. Another eventful week in Lutte as the always intriguing saga behind Sherri Martel’s mystery admirer took center stage in our main event. With another gift being delivered to Sherri, this cost Billy Robinson his match against Super Strong Machine for the TV championship. And we’re now left to wonder who exactly is that “B.R.”, Eddie.


Édouard Carpentier: This is certainly a troubling yet intriguing time for the Sensationals because the display of attention towards Sherri Martel has become a distraction for the whole stable and this needs to be settled if the Sensationals want to focus on gold here. I’m sure that we will eventually get that conclusion but right now, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna go away anytime soon.


Guy Hauray: Also, lots of action this week but we will obviously come back on the incidents in World Class Championship Wrestling involving the Rougeaus and The Desperados as the Rougeaus fell prey to a vicious attack by Black Bart and his friends. It is clear that Black Bart was still seething about his loss to Jacques Rougeau for the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship and we will hear from the Rougeaus in an exclusive piece of footage shot in Amarillo, TX right after those incidents. But in our main event this week, the NWA World Tag Team Champions will be in action against Steve Strong & Chris Benoit in a non-title match.


Édouard Carpentier: Huge opportunity for the newcomers to make an impact on national television. A good showing for them will do wonders for their future!


Guy Hauray: And as you can see, we’ll kick things off with Ivan Putski’s request to being put inside a steel cage for this week’s TV opener. Here we go!


Match #1

Steel Cage Match

Ivan Putski vs Bryan Tasker


This isn’t the fun-loving happy-go-lucky Ivan Putski we’re seeing in the ring this week. It literally is an animal. The broadcast team wonders what must’ve gone through Ivan Putski’s mind lately to change demeanor like that and act like a literal savage. In any event, Putski tortures young Bryan Tasker in the ring and Putski puts the finishing touches on Tasker with the Polish Hammer to score the victory. As the match concludes, we see “Pretty Boy” Floyd Creatchman standing near the broadcast booth observing Ivan Putski. Could Floyd add another monster to the Creatchman Family?


Winner: Ivan Putski




Guy Hauray: Welcome back to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. As we mentioned at the top of the hour, the Rougeau Brothers were wrestling in Texas for World Class Championship Wrestling over the last weekend and they were victims of a vicious attack from the Desperados after they defeated Big John Studd & The Grappler from the Pringle Dynasty. Afterwards, Black Bart challenged Jacques Rougeau to a rematch for the title, this time in a Bullrope Match! Jacques didn’t waste any time to answer Black Bart as we received this week a videotape of Jacques’ comments minutes after the Rougeaus were attended to in Amarillo!




(Minutes after being bandaged up from their attack by the Desperados, Jacques & Raymond Rougeau are sitting in front of their locker. Raymond has a bag of ice on his shoulder and is silent.)


Jacques Rougeau: So, that’s the way it’s gonna be, Black Bart? You can’t take a loss like a man, Black Bart? You wanna make jokes about my French Canadian heritage? Or are you just mad that I beat you in your own backyard in Texas when you thought you could beat me again? As you’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, we Rougeaus – and Quebecers – are very proud people. You attack one of us, you attack all of us! But I’ll tell you what, big boy. If you want to have that rematch so bad, I’ll gladly accept your challenge. And if you want that to be a Bullrope Match as well, so be it. So you can go cry and whine to Fritz Von Erich and you tell him that I’m gonna be at Thanksgiving Star Wars. I’m gonna be man enough to show up and give you the beating of your life. Once I’m done with you, we’ll see which of us will be the sissy!


(Back to the broadcast booth)


Guy Hauray: It’s safe to say, Eddie, that Jacques Rougeau has had enough of Black Bart and he wants to finish this once and for all.


Édouard Carpentier: The fact that he’s accepted Black Bart’s challenge for a Bullrope Match in Texas speaks volumes on how Jacques is determined to be respected in Texas. I’m sure that Fritz Von Erich quickly heard Jacques’ response and he’ll make the rematch happen at Thanksgiving Star Wars.


Guy Hauray: We will indeed keep you posted on that situation as Jacques Rougeau’s next title defense is tonight in Burk’s Falls, ON against Sensational member “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers. Coming up next, the Midnight Rockers are in action!


*******COMMERCIAL BREAK********


Match #2

The Midnight Rockers vs Jules Jeffrey & Murphy Wray


The Midnight Rockers are definitely in fine form as they deliver tag team wrestling like only they can for their young age. Poor Jules Jeffrey & Murphy Wray are no match for the Rockers as Marty Jannetty scores the pinfall on Jeffrey after the Rockers Double Top Rope Fistdrop to close the match in around 4 minutes.


Winners: The Midnight Rockers


(After the match, the Midnight Rockers are headed to the broadcast booth for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, congratulations for this victory as you’re headed tonight for your rematch against the Vachons for the NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship in Burk’s Falls, ON. Many are speculating that this could be your last shot at the titles while the Vachons have them so my question is how are you prepared for this possible final opportunity at the titles?


Shawn Michaels: We would be lying if we told you that we aren’t aware that this is our possible last shot at those titles. After all, there are many other tag teams vying for this championship. But we are also aware that there are no other tag teams in the world who did what we did in such a short span of time. We proved everyone wrong when they thought that we couldn’t handle the pressure of this business; the pressure of being champions. People thought we would be out of here in no time and we were just flash in a pan. But I guess those people aren’t the ones standing right here with you sir, aren’t they? So, it goes like this; tonight, Maurice & Paul Vachon, 2 of the toughest men in the world, you have something that belongs to us. Something we should’ve never lost in the first place. But what is done is done and we will right this wrong tonight when we beat you for those titles and become 3-time champs.


Marty Jannetty: What Shawn is saying is that we know what’s at stakes for us tonight. We know that the Vachons have many other teams to face for the titles after us. But we plan on making sure that this isn’t something that they’ll have to worry about because after tonight, we’ll be the champions again and we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing all along: filling seats and giving the fans a show that they won’t forget.


Édouard Carpentier: Playing devil’s advocate but should you not be successful against the Vachons....what’s next for the Midnight Rockers?


Shawn Michaels: I know that this is strictly hypothetical and you already know the answer to this. If we don’t win those titles tonight...there is still a bigger fish in the pond for us and they better be ready.


Marty Jannetty: Oh yeah, baby; Creatchman Family, win or lose tonight, we’re coming after the World Tag Team Championship! Be ready to rock and roll and party all night long, people!


(The Midnight Rockers leave to thunderous applause by the feminine part of the studio audience.)


Édouard Carpentier: I’ll tell you what, Guy, there is no shortage of confidence in the Midnight Rockers. They are convinced they’ll regain the titles from the Vachons tonight and if not, they’ll be gunning for Botswana Beast and Lord Humongous!


Guy Hauray: This will be a must-see match tonight in Burk’s Falls but don’t forget that we have 2 big events at the Montreal Forum in November, including one tomorrow night. When we come back, the NWA World Tag Team Champions are in action in our main event!








The Rougeau Brothers vs The Masters of Torture & The Great Kokina (w/Gary Hart)



Midnight Rockers & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs The Sensationals (w/Sherri Martel)


Bob Backlund © vs Boris Zhukov

Chris Benoit vs Alexis Smirnoff

+ Frenchy’s Legion!




Bruiser Brody & Stan “The Lariat” Hansen vs UWF World Champion Jerry “The King” Lawler & NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair


The Creatchman Family © (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) vs Ivan Putski & a mystery partner


Super Strong Machine © vs Alexis Smirnoff


Armand Rougeau vs “Ace” Bob Orton (w/Sherri Martel)

Raymond Rougeau vs Matt Borne

Gino Brito vs Shawn Michaels

The Great Samu (w/ Floyd Creatchman) vs Marty Jannetty

“Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal vs Gilles “The Fish” Poisson





Steve Strong & Chris Benoit vs NWA World Tag Team Champions The Creatchman Family (Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous, w/ Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman)


The broadcast team hypes how much of an opportunity it is at this stage for Steve Strong & Chris Benoit, not only to be in the main event but also to face the current NWA World Tag Team Champions. They also hype how the contrast of styles could help them in the match against the pure viciousness of The Brain’s protégés. Steve Strong is able to match a bit of power with the champions and while Benoit is able to bring some speed into the match, he’s quickly overwhelmed by the champs’ power. Everything seems to be going the way of the champs when Alexis Smirnoff and Baron Von Raschke show up at ringside. They go at the broadcast booth where the NWA World Tag Team titles are laying in front of the booth and the Bolsheviks grab the titles. This doesn’t seem to please the champions and especially Eddy Creatchman and he lets Smirnoff & Von Raschke know about it. In act of arrogance, Smirnoff shoves Creatchman on the floor! This immediately enrages The Botswana Beast who steps outside of the ring and starts brawling with Smirnoff! Von Raschke jumps on the Beast and Lord Humongous goes defending his partner! We’ve now got a pier-six brawl on the outside and referee Luigi Macera has no choice but to throw out the match! Macera asks for help as a slew of referees and wrestlers from the back are trying to separate both teams! The show ends as Eddy Creatchman and his son Floyd are able to call back the troops and the World Tag Team Champions are retreating to the back while Smirnoff & Von Raschke keep yelling at them.







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November 2nd, 1985

Burk's Falls, ON


-NWA World Tag Team Champion Lord Humongous (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Jimmy Snuka in 19:24


-Stan "The Lariat" Hansen beat Hillbilly Jim in 7:41


-Master of Torture #1 beat Boris Zhukov in 17:19


-Armand Rougeau beat Gino Brito in 6:24


-Raymond Rougeau beat Mike Sharpe in 16:13


-Matt Borne beat Bruiser Brody by countout in 16:06 after a distraction by "Ace" Bob Orton!


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/Sherri Martel) in 12:03 to retain


NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship: The Vachons beat The Midnight Rockers in 12:14 to retain

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November 3rd, 1985

Forum de Montréal


Quebec Heavyweight Championship: Boris Zhukov beat Bob Backlund to win the title - TITLE CHANGE!!!


Holiday Wars Battlebowl Match Qualifier: Chris Benoit beat Alexis Smirnoff in 12:47. Smirnoff demanded this match to be a Holiday Wars Battlebowl Qualifier.


6-Men Tag: The Sensationals beat The Midnight Rockers & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen. Mad Dog Lefebvre & Richard Charland came out and attacked the Rockers, injuring Shawn Michaels in the process. Michaels refused to get medical attention and proceeded with the match anyway. Lefebvre & Charland came back later to finish the job but Hansen ran them off with his bullrope all the way to the locker room! Bob Orton got the pin on Michaels.


6-Men Tag: The Rougeau Brothers beat The Masters of Torture & The Great Kokina when Jacques got the pin on Master of Torture #1 after La Bombe Rougeau.

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This BR stuff is starting to get the Sensationals in a lot of trouble. Is Sherri really helping them at this point or are they better without her? I like how the Creatchman family is the target of so many people. Luckily the guy has a big brain on him! jacques and Black Bart is definitely heating up both promotions.

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November 8th, 1985

Dauphin, MB


-Leilani Kai & The Fabulous Moolah beat Madusa Miceli & Debbie Combs in 8:22


-Billy Robinson (w/Sherri Martel) beat The Great Gama Singh (WWC) in 5:22


-Shawn Michaels beat "Ace" Bob Orton (w/Sherri Martel) in 12:58


4 Corners Match: Richard Charland vs Rick Martel vs Marty Jannetty vs NWA World Tag Team Champion Lord Humongous ends in a double pinfall when Martel pinned Humongous and Jannetty pinned Charland!


#1 Contenders Match: Terry Funk beat Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) in 24:32 to earn a future NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship match

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted November 9th, 1985




-The broadcast team welcomes the audience to this week's episode in which the main event will feature "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal and Billy Robinson. Bob Backlund will also wrestle Hillbilly Jim this week and Super Strong Machine, current NWA Canadian International TV Champion is in action as well.


-In the opening match, NWA Canadian International TV Champion Super Strong Machine destroys Lucius Moors with the Machine Lariat. After the match, Super Strong Machine hands over a piece of paper to the broadcast team. He once again claims his superiority and the Japanese wrestlers superiority over the rest of North America. Machine mentions that Terry Funk won a #1 Contenders Match last night in Dauphin, MB against Mad Dog Lefebvre for the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship. However, SSM says that he wants the Funkster to prove himself to him first as he's the measuring stick in the world. Super Strong Machine says that he's gonna show up at Starrcade on Christmas Day and he hopes to see Terry Funk there. No matter whom Funk will wrestle at Starrcade, Super Strong Machine promises that he'll get his hands on Funk before Christmas Day is over.


-The broadcast team hypes that a new NWA World Women's Champion will be crowned tonight in next Lutte's event. The winner of the match between The Fabulous Moolah and Princess Victoria will take on Judy Martin in the main event of that card to become the next champion.


-Up next, Bob Backlund goes one-on-one in a somewhat gentlemanly match with Hillbilly Jim. The match goes pretty much smoothly until The Bolshevik Revolution shows up and start beating up on both Backlund & Jim. We notice that Boris Zhukov has put a Soviet Union flag sticker on the crest of the Quebec Heavyweight Championship. Zhukov steps out of the ring and wants to be known as the Soviet Heavyweight Champion from now on. Armand Rougeau runs in chair in hand, to make the save for Backlund & Jim. Armand Rougeau says that he can't stand any longer seeing the championship he was the inaugural champ of being disrespected that way. Armand says he wants to be a 2-time Quebec Heavyweight Champion and challenges Zhukov to a title match at Holiday Wars on November 30 at Centre Paul-Sauvé! Zhukov gladly accepts saying that he'll humiliate the runt of the Rougeau litter.


-Main event time as "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal battles Billy Robinson. The spectre of the mysterious B.R. seems to be looming again as even "Ace" Bob Orton is at ringside for this match. A pretty solid match between Regal and Robinson as both men trade momentum. As we near the end of the match, once again, a crew member comes to the ring and delivers a gown to Sherri Martel! Sherri seems to be delighted as she hears it's from B.R. again. Billy Robinson steps outside of the ring and confronts Sherri, who thanks him for the nice gesture again. Billy seems to be blowing a gasket and heads over to the broadcast booth with Sherri and Ace. Sherri says she doesn't understand what's going on as Billy is mad but Billy tells her AGAIN that this doesn't come from him and he has no clue who that B.R. guy is. Eventually, Bob Orton chimes in and says that it needs to stop. Orton says that Sherri is obsessed with that B.R. guy and she's forgetting about the rest of the Sensationals. Orton also wants some attention, not only from Sherri but from the rest of the wrestling world. Orton says he's making the boldest move ever made by someone in Lutte Internationale: Orton officially challenges Bruiser Brody to a match at Holiday Wars! The show ends with Orton walking off the set, as an incredulous Sherri and stunned Billy Robinson are watching him leave!





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November 9th, 1985

Tomahawk, AB


6-Men Tag: "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal & "B.R.'s Buddies" (Strong Machine 2 & 3 under different masks & gear) defeated The Sensationals (w/Sherri Martel). Looks to be some dissension between The Sensationals with the neverending B.R. mystery!


-Mad Dog Lefebvre beat Stan "The Lariat" Hansen by DQ at 5:37 after Hansen ignored referee Luigi Macera's 5-count. Macera received a Lariat from Hansen afterwards!!!


-Princess Victoria beat The Fabulous Moolah in 2:33 to advance to tonight's main event for the the NWA World Women's Championship. An enraged Moolah assaulted Victoria, completely destroying her ankle with a chair. Victoria was escorted to the back by officials.


-Prince Alofa Fatu (w/"Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat Gino Brito in 16:15


-Hillbilly Jim & Jimmy Superfly Snuka beat The Bolshevik Revolution (Smirnoff & Zhukov) in 18:11


-Before the main event, the ring announcer says that Princess Victoria is unable to wrestle Judy Martin in the main event, so The Fabulous Moolah will face Judy Martin for the NWA World Women's Championship.


NWA World Women's Championship: The Fabulous Moolah beat Judy Martin with a handful of tights to win the title!

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November 15th, 1985

CNE Coliseum, Toronto, ON


-Hillbilly Jim beat Jos LeDuc in 8:56


-Tamba the Flying Elephant (WWC) beat Mark Youngblood (Mid-Atlantic) in 4:44


-Gino Brito beat Steve Strong in 16:22


-Stan "the Lariat" Hansen beat Prince Alofa Fatu (w/ "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) by DQ in 16:53 after interference from NWA World Tag Team Champions Lord Humongous & Botswana Beast


-The Midnight Rockers beat The Sensationals (Robinson & Jaggers, w/Sherri Martel) in 17:58


Holiday Wars Battlebowl Qualifier: The Great Samu (w/"Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat Alexis Smirnoff in 15:13. Smirnoff once again demanded this match to be a Holiday Wars Qualifying match.


-Raymond Rougeau beat Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in 38:40

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted November 16th, 1985




-The broadcast team welcomes the viewers to this week's show as this week's main event will feature NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast against Gilles "The Fish" Poisson. Plus we should hear from Rick Martel about tomorrow night's show at the Forum headlined by Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen vs UWF World Champion Jerry Lawler & NWA World Champion Ric Flair


-In this week's opening bout, Shawn Michaels goes one-on-one with Moss Travers. Travers is no match for Michaels and the match ends in about 4 minutes with a diving fist drop from Michaels. Postmatch, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty are interviewed by Édouard Carpentier as they receive the news that at Starrcade, they will get their final shot at the Vachons for the NWA Canadian International Tag Team Championship in Quebec City. However, they won't be alone because just confirmed this week, AWA's Badd Company will also have their shot and this match becomes a Triangle Match. The rules of the match will be that in order to win the match, a team will have to score a pinfall or a submission over the other teams. This won't be an Elimination Match, which means that a team getting pinned doesn't end things for them. Marty Jannetty says that this match is innovative and this is what they're best known for. They want to be pioneers in tag team wrestling and this match will serve that purpose. They don't fear Badd Company and they'll make sure that this ends quickly. Shawn Michaels says that this is their last chance and they're gonna make the most of it. Michaels concludes by saying that if they don't win the titles at Starrcade, then they don't deserve to be in this territory, period!


-Up next, we see highlights of the recent altercations between Jacques Rougeau and Black Bart in World Class Championship Wrestling. We see once again the video package in which Jacques says that he'll show up at Thanksgiving Day Star Wars at the Dallas Sportatorium to defend the NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship against Black Bart. Back in studio, the Rougeau Brothers are at the interview desk with Édouard Carpentier. Jacques says that Black Bart has disrespected the Rougeau name for the very last time and if he had to resort to go to Dallas to shut him up, that's what he had to do. So he's heading into Thanksgiving Day Star Wars with the intent of ending this once and for all. Raymond adds that he knows that Black Bart's Desperados buddies won't be too far behind so he'll also make the trip in Dallas to watch Jacques' back. After Thanksgiving Day, the score will be settled once and for all and they'll be able to focus on Starrcade.


-Next, we see a video package about Heatwave when Ric Flair paid off Mad Dog Lefebvre & Richard Charland to attack Rick Martel, followed by Flair issuing a bounty on Martel's head in the following weeks. We also revisit the announcement that Ric Flair will be in town tomorrow night at the Montreal Forum as he'll be teaming up with Jerry Lawler to face Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen in the main event. Rick Martel is now the guest at the broadcast booth. Martel says that while he's usually cool, calm and collected, no one has gone under his skin more than Ric Flair in recent months. Martel says that he's sick and tired of looking over the shoulder about the bounty on his head and he's coming to the Forum tomorrow night to end this and to confront Ric Flair. We then see Bruno Sammartino show up at the desk and warn Rick Martel to be careful with what he's gonna be doing. Bruno tells Martel that tomorrow night's main event is big for Lutte Internationale with 4 of the biggest names in the world competing in the same match and the territory and they cannot afford for Martel to ruin this. Martel says that Bruno's got his word about that and he'll wait after the match to deal with Flair accordingly!


-Main event time as NWA World Tag Team Champion Botswana Beast (with Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) takes on Gilles "The Fish" Poisson. While The Fish can muster some offense against the Beast, there isn't much more that he can do as the Beast is overpowering him in every way. The match ends in around 9 minutes with a splash on Poisson. After the match, Eddy Creatchman goes to the broadcast booth and says that he doesn't sweat whoever Jim Crockett has aligned for him and his Creatchman Family at Starrcade because they're gonna steamroll through them just like they did with the Rougeau Brothers when they won the title. Guy Hauray mentions that tomorrow night though, they must go through Ivan Putski and his mystery partner first. Creatchman says that he doesn't care if Putski brought his mother, his father, his cousin or the homeless man on St. Catherine street near the Forum as his tag team partner because the Creatchman Family will destroy him. This leads to a confrontation between Putski and Creatchman and eventually, Putski grabs Creatchman by the collar and is about to smack him when Lord Humongous jumps Putski from behind, knocking Polish Power out! The show ends with Humongous standing over Putski as the broadcast team wonders who will Putski choose as his partner tomorrow night at the Forum!!






Dark Matches after the tapings:


Madusa Miceli beat Sherri Martel in 6:54


Chris Benoit & the Great Samu (w/"Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) beat Frenchy's Legion (w/Frenchy Martin) in 13:26. This was seen as a tune-up match for Holiday Wars as Benoit & Samu worked pretty good together.

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November 17th, 1985

Forum de Montréal


-Marty Jannetty beat The Great Samu (w/ "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman) in 13:45


NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Creatchman Family (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Ivan Putski & his mystery partner 'Playboy" Buddy Rose in 13:51 to retain


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Super Strong Machine beat Alexis Smirnoff in 15:17 to retain


Lumberjack Match: Armand Rougeau beat "Ace" Bob Orton (w/Sherri Martel) in 9:29. Sherri was at ringside cheering Bob Orton when Buddy Rose came to the ring, with a teddy bear and flowers to give to Sherri. After a few stunned moments, Sherri realizes that....B.R WAS BUDDY ROSE!!! An incensed Billy Robinson (who was one of the lumberjacks) immediately attacks Buddy Rose and the other lumberjacks must separate Billy Robinson and Buddy Rose. This allows Armand Rougeau to roll up Orton, who was distracted by everything happening outside the ring!


-"Maniac" Matt Borne beat Raymond Rougeau in 15:04


-Shawn Michaels beat Gino Brito in 13:02


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal in 6:28


Special Attraction Main Event: Bruiser Brody & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen beat UWF World Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler & NWA World Champion Ric Flair in 56:47 after a Lariat by Hansen on Lawler. Midway through the match, Rick Martel showed up but was intercepted by NWA Enforcer Bruno Sammartino, who had to convince him to stay away from ringside. Of course, Flair did all he could to antagonize Martel. But as soon as the final bell rang, Martel made a beehive for the ring and jumped on Ric Flair! All hell broke loose in the ring and the crowd loved it. Then, something unusual happens: out of nowhere, Lutte's resident clown D'Artagnan walked in the ring, with his usual somber mood - and with something in his hand. That's when at that very moment, D'Artagnan attempted to attack Martel! But Martel saw it coming and turned around to confront D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan tried to run away but Martel grabbed him by the hair....and the wig comes off? The man turns around and starts fighting with Martel until Ric Flair ambushes Martel again! Flair and Martel continue their fight and the man grabs what he had dropped: a taser gun! The man then proceeds to tase Martel as he was trying to apply the Boston Crab on Flair. Not once, but twice! With the smeared face paint, we start making out who is it.....IT'S "MANIAC" MATT BORNE! D'ARTAGNAN WAS MATT BORNE ALL ALONG! Flair locks in the Figure Four on an agonizing Rick Martel as Matt Borne continues to pummel Martel and yell insanities at him. After a few moments, Bruno Sammartino and officials are able to separate all three men. While they check on Martel, Flair and Borne head to the timekeeper's table and Flair retrieves a bag from under it. He hands it over to Matt Borne.....It's official: Matt Borne has cashed in on Ric Flair's bounty over Rick Martel!! What does this mean for Starrcade???

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