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[2000-10-27-CMLL] Torneo Cibernetico


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A big bag of fun. A lot of spotlight spots and unique pairings with the rudos going after each other more than they would normally. I thought Panther was the highlight first when he faced off with Satanico and then the ending stretch with Niebla. Panther is getting more and more of a face reaction and him winning gets a big reaction. Blue Demon comes out to present the purse to Panther. ***1/4 (6.6)

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This won't go down as one of the legendary ciberneticos thanks to the clipping but it was chockful of big names and talented workers and capped off a great month for CMLL. The match was pretty much designed to cement the newly turned Panther as a certified tecnico star by giving him a bit of a rub from one legendary "blue" to another. Panther was wonderful from the outset even during the Battle Royale phase. In fact, this is a match I would point to that shows the full range of his talent -- not just the mat stuff but his flying and excellent selling. There were also strong showings from Satanico and Shocker, and Niebla who had one of those "on nights" where he looks like one of the best and most unique workers in Mexico almost like a modern-day version of Dos Caras. But it was Panther who took the honours with a hard-fought victory over Niebla that had tremendous crowd heat. Great match to watch if you're a Panther fan and neat seeing the two legends in the ring together at the end. Blue Demon looked frail and would die a few weeks later so this was his last appearance in front of the fans. Great month for CMLL. The booking was firing on all cylinders and every match was entertaining.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-27-CMLL] Torneo Cibernetico

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