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[1985-07-15-International Wrestling] Jacques & Raymond Rougeau vs Ron & Jimmy Garvin


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This is my third contribution to the Secret Santo match trade and this one was given to me by SirEdger and is from the Quebec Territory of International Wrestling which I am glad to check out as after having read Pat Laprade's book "Mad Dogs, Midgets, and Screw Jobs" , It's one territory I've never seen a lot of.


I researched the backstory of this while trying to find the date and this match is a follow up to 24.06.1985 called The "St. John Baptiste Massacre" where in a match with The Garvins taking on The Rougeaus, The Garvins attacked all 3 of them and left them beaten and bloody and Jacques Sr. being carted off on a stretcher with the crowd livid.


So the video opens with The Garvins and Precious in the ring and Jimmy poses and Precious sprays some disinfectant Gorgeous Geroge style to the jeers of the French Canadian crowd. Here comes the Rougeaus to a great reception and they bring along Jacques Sr to be at ringside.


The Rougeau's try and enter the ring and get pearl harbored by The Garvins again! after another attempt they struggle in through the barrage of blows from The Garvins and they're up to their feet in the ring and returning fire and it's a 4 man brawl to start this match with Jimmy Garvin not even getting his sequined jacket off.


The Rougeaus gain the upper hand and take a Garvin to opposing corners and whip them off into each other casing them to collide and fall flat on their backs in the center of the ring. The Rougeaus follow up with a classic old school row boat spot on the Garvins and then after pummeling them with a few more punches, take turns with Jacques firing Jimmy Garvin off to deliver a back body drop and Raymond sending Ron Garvin off and catching him with a sleeper hold.


Finally Jimmy powders out and the two referees(I guess they used two referees for tag matches in Quebec, which judging by this match did a whole lot of good) and we have this match under order with Ron Garvin making the ropes to break the sleeper hold getting pounded around the ring by Raymond.


The Rougeaus keep control for a good while with the highlights being a really safe looking piledriver on Ron followed by a tag in to Jacques and a body slam by Raymond followed immediately by a flying fist drop by Jacques which is then immediately followed by a flying knee drop from Jacques that leaves the crowd roaring and Ron bleeding and staggering around the ring.


Jacques runs over to the corner and catches Jimmy Garvin on the ropes and beell tosses him off the top rope with a slam Flair style. Raymond comes back in to tee off on Jimmy while Jacques does the same on Ron and it's all 4 guys back in the ring.


The Rougeaus get Ron up for a really safe looking spike piledriver which Ron sells by balancing on his head for a few seconds, Jacques makes the cover and gets a near fall.


Ron starts trying to mount a comeback and Ron and Jacques trade wild punches, slaps, and open hand chops but Jacques maintains the upper hand. Only a wild jumping headbutt from Ron stuns Jacques long enough for him to finally tag in Jimmy who starts unloading on Jacques and choking him into the corner.


Jimmy gets over excited though and tries whipping Jacques to the opposite corner which is reversed and eats another back body drop and Jacques tags in Raymond. Jimmy begs off but Raymond with the crowd roaring their approval chases Jimmy into the corner and starts putting the boots to him, Ron comes in to help and gets decked for his troubles then they both suffer a meeting of the minds as Raymond has both Garvins knocked down crawling on the mat.


Ron Garvin yanks Raymond down by the tights and starts choking him, Jacques comes in and Ron lets go of his choke and exchanges blows with him all the while Jimmy picks up where Ron left off and starts choking Raymond who is still on the mat.


The two referees finally restore order and it's Jimmy with a shoddy looking sleeper/chin lock on Raymond in the ring and the camera pans over to Ron on the apron and a graphic with a string of X's like this,






poorly trying to censor his bloody face.


Raymond tries to mount a comeback, arm dragging out of the hold and running and hitting a shoulder tackle before catching a headbutt to the stomach from Jimmy that puts him back down on the mat where he's placed back in the hold.



The crowd cheers Raymond back to his feet and he fights into a top wristlock position, Jimmy reaches out and tags in Ron as they are close to the Garvin corner and Ron throws and lands a vicious body kick that crumples Raymond back to the corner and Ron pummels his with a few more kicks and punches before a snap-mare and a crucifix pin attempt on Raymond that he fights to resist being pinned by and Jacques comes in and fist drops him out of it.


Jimmy Garvin comes in as the referees try and usher Jacques out and starts chocking Raymond with a length of rope or tape which despite the crowd yelling the two referees cannot see it as Jimmy conceals it with a sleeper hold.


While this is going on Ron bumrushes Jacques on the apron and Jacques comes back in and they trades blows, finally after a few wild moments of the 4 going at it again the referees get Ron and Jacques back to their respective corners and Jimmy has Raymond in the chinlock/sleeper hold on the mat.


The crowd cheers Raymond back to his feet again and the fights out of the hold and he and Jimmy run the ropes in a back and forth tackle spots that ends with them colliding and both men are down and the referees institute the 10 count.


Raymond gets the tag first with Jimmy tagging Ron seconds later, the slight second advantage allows Jacques to meet Ron in the center with a kick loaded up and he starts exchanging blows with Ron before hitting him with a nice high dropkick.


Jimmy Garvin sneaks up behind Jacques and tries to gain the two on one advantage but as the Garvins get control and shoot Jacques off the ropes, Jacques ducks their double clothesline and nails them with a double dropkick with one foot hitting each Garvin with the crowd popping and cheering Jacques on.


Raymond joins Jacques and they back both Garvins into opposing corners and again try shooting them into one another but this time the Garvins reverse and send The Rougeaus into each other with the crowd audibly groaning at the reversal of fortune.


We see Jimmy follow up by putting the boots to Jacques who slinks out to the floor by the post and as Jimmy tries to continue kicking him, Jacques counters and sweeps Jimmy off his feet. Jacques then still holding Jimmy's feet looks to the crowd and yanks Jimmy's groin into the post and the crowd goes bananas.


It pans back to Raymond still in the ring peppering Ron with blows and the camera pans back to Jacques who posts Jimmy again to a another pop. The match has broken down at this point and Raymond knocks Ron out of the ring to the floor near Jacques Sr. where Ron takes a cheap shot at him before he and Jimmy flee as the referees both waive the match off.


This match ends in a DQ for The Rougeaus as Jacques Sr. joins The Rougeaus in the ring as they both parade around the ring arms raised in victory as Jacques Sr. shakes their hands in approval of their moral victory against The Garvins.


So overall this match was a very good fun brawl that once you understand the backstory fits perfectly and makes it that much better. The Garvins were getting their asses handed to them but yet were cunning enough to get The Rougeaus to get themselves DQ'd out of the rage over the previous attack from The Garvins.


The crowd was hot and loved The Rougeaus and it really made every little thing that much more captivating as the crowd wanted to see The Gavins pay and despite not getting the win, The Rougeaus got a moral victory and some revenge while leaving the door open for a return where they could finally get their win over The Garvins.


Fantastic watch, I'd give it ***3/4.

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