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[2006-01-16-WWE-Raw] Edge vs Ric Flair


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This is for the WWE Championship, which Edge won from John Cena the week before by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at New Years Revolution.


Brutal match. Both guys take some big bumps, which is crazy considering Ric Flair's 57 years old and in his first ever ladder match. Lots of drama too. Everyone knows full well going into this match that there's no way Flair is winning the title, but boy do they make you almost believe when he tips Edge's ladder over sending him flying through a table to the outside, and then Ric starts climbing it himself with crowd on their feet cheering him up it!



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This was a great way to cement Edge as a ruthless bastard who's more than happy with bloodying up a 57 year old Ric Flair in his hometown in front of his family to keep hold of his freshly won WWE title. The bumps Flair takes is insane and his bladejob makes me miss blood in wrestling. This is not a match that would of worked well on PPV, but it does it's job as making Edge look like a main eventer player after his shock championship win a few weeks prior. 


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Old Man Flair is a riot. He’s not peak Flair but he’s still a watchable, entertaining presence. Put that Flair in North Carolina and you get a quality main event. Edge knows how to work with Flair and monger heel heat with his mannerisms and sleazy nature. He’s in good form as Champion so this just works as a match. The result is obvious but there are some moments where you have hope. And that’s all you need. ***1/4

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