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[1983-07-09-Graz, AUT] Otto Wanz vs Sgt. Slaughter


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I love the Sheik and Patterson matches but I think this might be the best Slaughter singles match I've seen. Awesome bloody ass stomping brawl. This one has no rounds and no public warnings so I guess it's a lot easier to get into than other Euro matches. Wanz bleeds which is a rarity for Europe, and Slaugher is so great pummeling and stomping him, but Sarge's selling might be even better. We've seen the fatman rolling senton before but Slaughter makes it look awesome. There's also a damn great spot where Slaughter tackles Otto's legs through the ropes and beats the fuck out of him on the ground. Sarge's selling during the final minutes is so good. The folks at the Ice Skating Hall are freaking out of course. Really check this out


Good to know I can STILL thrust myself from 6 years ago. This was awesome, bloody and ass-stomping indeed. The cool thing about these 80s main events from germany/austria is that you get to see guys like Slaughter stretch out and do these ultra simplistic carnage ladden main events with no fluff whatsoever. So, after some warm up stalling and heat mongering, this is largely Slaughter wasting Wanz with punches and awesome knees on the ground. We also get Slaughter throwing chairs and bashing a bloody Wanz's head into the glass barrier. The announcer was telling the fans to stay in their seats for their own safety at that point. Wanz didn't get a lot of offense which is not a huge problem, and when he did something Slaughter would bump like a motherfucker. Another strong finish. This type of super minimalist wrestling is not anything that will blow people's minds but still extremely enjoyable.

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Sarge selling the rolling senton is one of my favourite things, so big and yet so realistic at the same time. Thought the last third or so of the match was maybe not as hot as the middle but still a lot to love. Agreed that the ring announcer added a lot to the proceedings. Slaughter's tackle from the floor in to the ring of Wanz's legs was great too, something you never see but something you'd absolutely do if you were in a scrap with a big fat guy. Great stuff.

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