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  1. Big Rob

    Four Years On: An Updated GWE Ballot

    Glad to see people still looking at this - its been an age since I thought about the list but thought I might use this time of not being able to go out to watch a ton of wrestling and put together something.
  2. Big Rob


    I dont see tons of his matches, but hes fantastic at facial selling after taking a big move or when in a submission hold - his face will always be up towards the crowd so everyone can see him.
  3. Big Rob

    James Mason

    If he'd been on WOS, I'm sure he would be a contender here. Not enough footage, and whilst can be great is often just ok and relies on clapping whilst in chinlocks and that sort of thing.
  4. Big Rob

    Who is more Uso Crazy?

    I've seen both of them perform FIP and the hot tag, it's not like one is Morton and one is Gibson in each match. I really couldn't split them apart in terms of talent, they're both really good.
  5. Big Rob


    Will be on my list, so far I've dug pretty much all the indy stuff of his that I've watched, and his standard of work in WWE is very high. Has given several people their best match, and the minor miracle of a match on Main Event with Khali will definitely earn him points. I'm yet to dip back in to his NOAH run with Hero but I remember enjoying much of it at the time.
  6. Big Rob

    Tommy Dreamer

    Big fan of his, but he's not for this list.
  7. Big Rob

    La Fiera

    I've just watched the hairs match with him and Dandy that's on Youtube, and he's great in it. Dandy's obviously a fantastic worker as well and brings it to the match, but I've not seen much of Fiera before and really dug what he did. The cut-offs and hope spots they worked in were great, and the finish was really clever. I'll definitely check out more of his work as he's instantly piqued my interest with that one match.
  8. Big Rob

    Steve Grey

    Steve Grey vs Johnny Kidd - October 2006 Certainly not a high-end Grey match, but definitely a good indicator of what he could in his later years. Still really athletic and showing good personality, and whilst there are some familiar spots and sequences it never seems like too much of an exhibition. This is actually quite short for the kind of match he would be having around this time, but still lots of fun and worth watching for Kidd as well, whose selling I always enjoy. I liked that it has Grey's frustrated elbow smash spot from the Cortez match from about 30 years previous. I'm sure Grey did it a ton in reality, but I'd literally just watched his bout with Cortez and the callback made me smile.
  9. Big Rob

    Zoltan Boscik

    Kidd suffers from coming in later than most of the top-end WOS guys, he's had a bunch of pretty great matches throughout the 00s, but most would have gone un-filmed.
  10. Big Rob

    Steve Grey

    If I remember correctly, the Quintain match is the one where Grey works heel. I've a couple of WAW DVDs and he makes an appearance on them first against Steve Quintain (who I've never seen)
  11. Big Rob

    Steve Grey

    Longevity gives Grey an edge over a lot of the WOS guys too, they guy was flat out awesome in to the 00's, having really good matches with a wide range of guys like Taiji Ishimori, Marty Scurll and his old rival Mal Sanders. I also saw him work heel once, it was spectacular.
  12. Big Rob

    Puroresu vs Lucha Libre vs American Wrestling?

    I came in here to say pretty much the same thing - WWE right now might be the best it's ever been for the sheer amount of very good to great matches put out on TV and PPV. Granted, the amount of TV they have these days makes that a somewhat unfair comparison to, say, 1980, but they've had multiple TV shows for years now but they've really hit another level since mid-late 2013.I still enjoy watching the bits of lucha and puro that gets recommended to me, and working in the British scene I see a lot of talent there, but for me WWE is the standard for wrestling in 2014.
  13. Big Rob

    Kane? Really?

    Kane's a pretty good pick for a first challenger to Bryan. They need a proper blow-off to the feud, they work well together and Kane's is perma-over. It'll likely just go for a month, and Bryan will come out with the win. I'd rather have seen a fresh(ish) match with Batista, but since he's programmed with the Shield, Kane is the next best fit. The problem is that WWE actually seem to be building a few guys up right now - great for long term but none of them should really be taking high-profile losses right away unless played out perfectly.
  14. I thought this was pretty great, better than the Raw match they had a month or so back. Ambrose put on a pretty epic babyface in peril performance, I seriously thought it was the best Ricky Morton act anyone's pulled off in years, whilst still retaining his character's edgyness. As mentioned, it followed a more traditional structure than the first two matches as well, which is probably why I preferred it over the second match. Promo afterwards was pretty great too, with Reigns looking like a megastar and Ambrose's continued sell.
  15. I was there live for this and got the feeling that it was one of Heyman's best promos ever. Still thinking that now after watching it back, utterly sublime stuff.