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[2015-05-31-WWE-Elimination Chamber] Sheamus vs Mark Henry vs Ryback vs R-Truth vs King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler (Elimination Chamber)

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Holy shit, what a debacle. No one of these guys are over one bit. The work mostly sucks, only Barrett works half-ass well with Ziggler. Nothing happens, ever, in term of using the gimmick.... We get R-Truth, again. We get Ryback in airbrush but sadly he doesn't do a RVD spot, he's all about being Kane and being one of the worst monster ever in the cage. Henry is there. For someone with so much hype around this place, I have never seen anything better than "decent", honestly.


The two "events" : at some point, Mark Henry's glass door breaks down so he gets out. No idea if that's a fuck up. Then, Sheamus can't get out of his because it can't open. Looks like a fuck up, but apparently not, as Sheamus either "blocked" or "unlocked" the pod on purpose with his necklace. Either way, awful try at "creative booking".


There's less heat than in the Dungeon of Doom. As Hogan would say "It's not hot !"


It's truly an awful match from start to finish. No MVP, no Arn, only Ryback in the Kane spot, in which he sucked so bad that even R-Truth looked better for the time he was in.


Worst Chamber match ever, following one of the worst Chamber match ever in the same PPV. No wonder they let the gimmick rest for two years after this...

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I saw this thread and I was like Holy Midcard, Batman! Then it dawned on me that I watched this match and was fucking atrocious. So many stilted spots and everything just seemed out of sorts. Totally forgot about this match and how terrible it was.


I popped for "It's not hot!" :)

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