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Southern States Wrestling

During his career, Gordon Solie worked for Championship Wrestling from Florida, Georgia Championship Wrestling and Continental Championship Wrestling and a few other companies.  The idea here is to run a 3 territory project focusing on Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  The project will start with a draft with wrestlers being given contracts of various lengths depending on the amount of time they spent in any of those three territories in 1982.  This will keep it somewhat historically correct and once you see the list of wrestlers, you will see that most are familiar to all 3 fan bases which makes the draft fun.

The reason for 1982 is not to interfere in the other project that is currently nearing 1987.  With the wrestlers being signed to contracts of various lenghts (1 year, 6 months, 3 months and one month), it will allow rosters to continuously change which is part of the fun of this hobby and is also somewhat realistic.

If you are interested in running one of the territories or just taking part in the draft, please  PM me and I can answer any questions you have.

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Southern States Wrestling:  1982

In an effort to make this project do-able for one person, the idea has been slightly changed.  Southern States Wrestling will combine Florida and Georgia Championship Wrestling with the roster consisting of 30 wrestlers and up to 4 managers.  The roster will change every month as wrestlers contracts expire.  The length of their contract is directly related to the amount of time they worked in Georgia or Florida in 1982.  I will not announce the lenght of contract for wrestlers as it would giv away too much.  The roster will not include jobbers.  I will use the actually jobbers from Georgia and Florida when needed.


Southern State Heavyweight Champion:  Mr. Wrestling II

Southern State Tag Team Champions:  Jack & Jerry Brisco

Gulf States Title:  Dory Funk Jr.

Appalachian Champian:  Masked Superstar 


Current Roster

1.  Angelo Mosca

2.  Barry Windham  

3.  Big John Studd 

4.  Brad Armstrong

5.  Brian Blair

6.  Butch Reed

7.  Buzz Sawyer

8.  Cyclone Negro

9.  Dory Funk Jr.

10.  Dusty Rhodes

11.  Ed Wiskowski

12.  Gran Apollo

13.  Iron Sheik

14.  Jack Brisco

15.  Jerry Brisco

16.  Jimmy Garvin  

17.  Kendo Nagasaki

18.  Kevin Sullivan

19.  Magnum TA

20.  Masked Superstar

21.  Matt Borne

22.  Mike Graham

23.  Mr. Wrestling II

24.  Paul Orndorff

25.   Ric Flair

26.  Ron Bass

27.  Super Destroyer

28.  Sweet Brown Sugar

29. Tom Prichard

30.  Tommy Rich



1.  Gary Hart

2.  JJ Dillion               

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From the beautiful Sportatorium just outside of downtown Tampa, welcome to Southern States Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie and what a show we have for you tonight.  Before we get to the ring for our first match of the new year, I want to show you a video tape that was sent to us from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling up in the Carolinas.                                                                                                                     

As we go to the video tape, we see James J. Dillion with Ric Flair, Don Muraco and Big John Studd


J.J. Dillion:  All we hear about up here in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling is that Southern States is where its at.  We hear that the Briscos are the best tag team in wrestling today.  We hear that the Southern States Champion, Mr. Wrestling II can’t be stopped.  We hear about Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Dusty Rhodes.  Well we are getting sick of hearing about you.  Look at these three men standing next to me right now.  We are the Triad and we are unstoppable.  We are coming to the Southern States to prove to you once and for all that we are the best in the industry. 


Don Muraco:  Southern States Wrestling… Who do you think you are?  This tiny wrestling promotion claiming to be the best?  Well have you ever seen a little boy cry.  I mean just sit down and cry.  That is what the SSW will be doing when the triad gets there.


John Studd:  Let me tell you something, When John Studd gets to town, I will have the Studd list with me and if you are on that list, it will be the end of you.  I will give you a hint, there are two names at the top of that list and they are related.  That’s right… Jack and Jerry Brisco… myself and the Magnificent One are coming for you and those SSW Tag belts you have.


Ric Flair:  Doesn’t matter where I go, everybody calls the Nature Boy, Champ.  I walk down the street and I hear, “ hey there goes the champ.”  I come to the arena and all the girls oh and ahh as they say, “Champ… what are you doing later?  I hit the ring and when my match is over, my opponent says “so that’s why they call you the champ.  When I get to SSW, everybody will be calling me champ.  Right now, I have a message for Mr. Wrestling II… Shine up that SSW title cause it needs to match my gold rolex.


As the video ends, we hear from Gordon Solie. 

Gordon Solie:  Katie Bar the Door!  It appears that J.J. Dillion is bringing the Triad right here to Southern States Wrestling.  One thing I know for sure, is the are all double tough and the Briscos and Orndorff better have eyes in the back of their heads.  Let’s get to ring. 


Barry Windham defeats Cyclone Negro with the Running Bulldog 

At the interview desk, Gordon congratulates Barry on a tough win and Barry is as humble and charismatic as could be. 


Gordon Solie:  Well Barry, just like yourself, there have been a bunch of young guns really making a name for themselves here in Southern States.


Barry Windham:  That’s right Gordon.  Guys like Magnum T.A., Buzz Sawyer, Brad Armstrong, and Tom Prichard are just having a blast.  We give it 110% each and every time out and hopefully some day we can be looked on with the same admiration as Tommy Rich, Dusty Rhodes and Mr. Wrestling II.


Gordon Solie:  Lets not leave out Matt Borne, Tommy Wright, Gran Apoll[o and Brian Blair.   You guys have made a great impression of the Southern States board of directors and next week, right here on TV, we are going to start a Tournament to crown the first ever Southern States Young Guns Champion.  This belt will be open to any wrestler in SSW 25 years of age and younger and the finals of that tournament will be on January 31 in the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. 



Butch Reed & Sweet Brown defeat Ricky Harris & Ed Wiskowski as Butch Reed followed up SBS’s Missile Dropkick on Harris with a Gorialla Press Slam


Gordon Solie does a nice job here hyping up the recent success of Reed and SBS as he points out their great combination of power and speed.  He seems to be talking to himself as he points out that the tag team division in SSW is getting pretty crowded. Before our next match, Paul Orndorff, the SSW Heavyweight Champ and the Briscos, the SSW Tag Champs come out and respond to the video we saw earlier from JJ Dillion and the Triad.  All three admit that the Triad is one tough group but that they are fighting champs and that they will not back down from any challenges.


The Iron Sheik with Gary Hart defeats Tommy Wright with the Camel Clutch


This segment had the fans riled up from the get go as the Sheik comes out waving his Iranian Flag and chanting Tehran, Iran at all of the fans. This heat continued to grow at the interview desk where both Hart and the Iron Sheik claimed that the only reason they were not getting an SSW title shot with Orndorff was that the biased American bureaucracy could not handle an Iranian champ.  This is whenMr. Wrestling II came out to stand up to the Sheik but as he looked for support from the crowd, he was attacked by the Sheik who beat Orndorff with the flag pole.  Dusty Rhodes came to his aid as Gordon Solie expressed disgust at this attack.  As soon as the Sheik and Gary Hart heard the crowd cheer for the American Dream, they ran for the hills.


Dusty Rhodes:  ordon Solie… I am getting real tired baaaaby.  Real Tired of people coming to America and taking our dooolllllar bills and then putting down this greeeat country.  Iroooon Sheik… If you want summmm come get summmm baaaaby!





Kevin Sullivan defeats Mike Jackson with a Powerslam 

This babyface vs babyface match is very technical as both men showoff their wrestling skills but in the end Sullivan proved to be a bit too powerful for Jackson.  At the interview desk, Gordon Solie welcomes Sullivan back to Southern States Wrestling and Sullivan seems very happy to be back.  Gordon Solie informs Sullivan that he is about to show a video tape that might upset him. 


The video shows Steve Keirn with Bill Watts from Mid-South Wrestling. 


Steve Keirn:  I would just like to send a little warning down to my friends in Southern States Wrestling, especially Mike Graham.  I have been informed that Kevin Sullivan is about to return to Southern States Wrestling and I just wanted to let you all know that this is not the same Kevin Sullivan who was in Southern States a short time ago and he is not to be trusted.  Please heed my warning and I hope to see you all real soon.


As the video ends, Solie asks Sullivan if he would like to respond to Keirn’s claim.


Kevin Sullivan:  Gaaawdon, I must say that I have no idea what Steve Keirn is taaalking about.  As far as I know, Steve is my friend as is Mike Graham.  Hopefully, Kerin and I will get a chance to sit down and hash all this out. 


As Sullivan is talking, Mike Graham comes out to a thunderous ovation and he says that while he as Steve Keirn are buddies, he is also friends with Kevin Sullivan and that won’t change as Kevin has never done anything to him.  The two embrace and walk off stage like long lost brothers. 


Ron Bass & Brian Blair wrestle to a 10 minute draw in a match where the two shake hands when the bell sounded! 



As we come out of break we see a fired up Tommy Rich at the interview desk where he is wearing a cast on his right hand.  Gordon Solie lets us know we will understand where that cast came from after we watch a video tape from last week’s Applachain Title Match between Wildfire and the Masked Superstar from the Omni 

In the video tape we see that the Masked Superstar has joined at ringside by the Super Destroyer.  Wildfire is all over Superstar and it looks like we are about to have a new champ.  Superstar rolls out of the ring and the ref prevents Rich from going out after him.  This is when the questionable tactics of the two masked men begins as the video appears to catch the Destroyer placing some kind on metal object inside of the mask of the Superstar.  As the Superstar returns to the ring, Rich clobbers him with a huge right hand but due to that metal object, it is Wildfire who is jumping around it agony.  Superstar proceeds to hit headbutt after headbutt on Rich who is now busted open.  In the end, Superstar is able to get the victory.


Tommy Rich:  Masked Superstar!  Super Destroyer!  It don’t make no difference to me.  One on one, two on one… I am comin for you!  You think one little injured hand is going to stop me… ya’ll didn’t finish the job and that was a big mistake.  It don’t matter if its Miami, Atlanta, Columbus, Jacksonville… I will get me hands on you two.


WHAM… From behind we see the Super Destroyer and the Masked Superstar all over Wildfire.  They drag him over to the ring and start to rip the cast off where they repeatedly banging the injured hand against the metal part of the turnbuckles.  Eventually we see Dusty, Ron Bass, and Barry Windham come out for the save.


Gordon Solie:  Sorry folks, we are out of time.  See you next week here at Southern States Wrestling


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Before the show starts, we see a replay of the video tape last week from Mid-Atlantic Wrestling where we see JJ Dillion promising to bring his Triad (Flair, Muraco & Studd) to Southern States Wrestling.


From the beautiful Sportatorium just outside of downtown Tampa, welcome to Southern States Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie and it seems like JJ Dillion and Triad are set to cause havoc in Southern States wrestling sometime soon but we have other things to settle tonight here on SSW as we get set for our huge show tonight in the Bayfront Center in St, Petersburg. Let’s get right to the ring. 



Magnum TA vs Matt Borne


We get a nice 7 minute match here with a few momentum turns but in the end, TA is too much and he catches Matt Borne with the Belly to Belly Suplayyyy as Gordon Solie called it.  At the interview desk, TA is congratulated but he knows there a lot of talented young guns here in Southern States Wrestling and he is just honored to be invited to participate.  Solie lets us know that at tonight’s event in the Bayfront Center, there will be two more first round matches in the Young Guns Tournament.  One between Brad Armstrong and Brian Blair and the other between Barry Windham and Tom Prichard. 



Masked Superstar & The Super Destroyer defeat Billy Spears & Randy Barber with a nasty tag team combo as Barber as Super D hit a Superplex and Masked Superstar followed it up with a top rope elbow drop. 

At the interview desk, an obviously disgusted Gordon shows us a video from last week’s show as the two masked men attacked the injured hand of Tommy “Wildfire” Rich.


Masked Superstar:  Hahaha.  This is getting fun   Week after week I get to beat up on everybody’s favorite.  First of all, remember how he hurt his hand.  He hit me with an illegal punch.  That’s right the pretty boy was breaking the rules again!


Gordon Solie:  Well, I think you are leaving some of the facts out.


Super Destroyer:  Facts… the facts are simply.  The Masked Superstar here to my right is the Appalachian Champion and Tommy Rich is not.  Another fact, Tommy Rich will be lucky enough to survive the Bayfront Arena tonight without another injured body part!


Gordon Solie:  Well, we will see.  Tonight, it will be the Destroyer and the Superstar against Tommy Rich and Mike Graham and if I know one thing, it is that no matter how hurt Wildfire seems to be, you should never count him out.


All of a sudden the crowd explodes as Mike Graham and Wildfire hit the ring and challenge the masked men.  Superstar and Destroyer head over to the ring but never seem too eager to get in.  That is fine with Wildfire and Graham who come out of the ring after them and we get a nice two or three minute brawl that has the locker room empty to restore order.  Wildfire seems to show no ill effects of having to fight with that cast on his right hand.


Gordon Solie:  Wow… that was some Pier 6 Brawl.  As I said, never count Tommy Rich out and I must say, he has found the perfect partner for tonight. 


Jimmy Garvin with Gary Hart defeats Gran Apollo with the Brainbuster after Hart tripped up Apollo


Gordon Solie:  Well Mr. Garvin.  This is a huge day for you as you have a Southern States Heavyweight Title Match tonight against Mr. Wrestling II in the Bayfront Center.


Gary Hart:  Let me tell you what Gordon.  Southern States Wrestling has finally gotten something right.  My family of wrestlers is the best and we deserve respect.  This is a step in the right direction.  The only problem is that there is no turning back. Once we get our hands on that title, we will never let go.


Jimmy Garvin:  Oh Gordon... what a day this is going to be.  Me and Mr. Wrestling II for the title.  Gordon, do you know the difference in me and Wrestling II?


Gordon Solie:  Uh, indeed I do.  He is the champ and you are not.


Jimmy Garvin:  Oh Gordon, you are so funny.  The real difference is I am so pretty and he is so ugly that he has to wear a mask and after tonight he will be even uglier as I drop him on that big head of his and I will be even prettier with some gold around my waist.


Gordon Solie:  Ok, that will be enough of that.  We will be right back. 



Bob Armstrong defeats Ed Wiskowski with the Georgia Jawbreaker


Gordon Solie:  Well Bullet, tonight it will be you and Dory Funk Jr. for the Gulf States Title.  I have a short video tape interview from Mr. Funk who couldn’t be here today.


Dory Funk:  Well Bob Armstrong… tonight it is two of the biggest names in the business.  Funk vs Armstrong.  I will keep it simple here.  The Funk name is number one in all of wrestling and nothing that happens tonight will change that.  As I said, I will keep it simple.  I am a wrestling machine and I will effortlessly switch from one hold to the next as you cry out in agony.  Eventually, I will put you out of your misery and I will leave with the title!


Gordon Solie:  Well a very confident Dory Funk Jr.  


Bob Armstrong:  Gordon, he has reason to be confident.  He is the champ and I am the underdog.  The funny thing is …  I like being the underdog.   He can do all the moves he wants but remember one thing Funk, all it takes is a second for me to turn one of your moves into the Georgia Jawbreaker and then I am the champ and you are in a neck brace.  Thanks Gordon.


Gordon Solie:  Well Indeed.  We have a very focused Bob Armstrong.  Lets get back to the ring.



Butch Reed & Sweet Brown Sugar defeat Dale Veasey & Bob Garret as Butch Reed followed up SBS’s Missile Dropkick on Veasey with a Gorialla Press Slam


At the interview desk, we find out that Reed and Sugar have been granted a Tag Title shot tonight against the Brisco brothers for tonight in St. Petersburg.  In a rare show of respect, the champs come out and congratulate Reed and Sugar on their recent success.  Both teams seem to be excited for the match and claim that the match will be one of skill with no dirty tactics. 



The American Dream Dusty Rhodes defeats Cyclone Negro with the Bionic Elbow


During the match, Solie hypes up the fact that it will be Rhodes vs the Iron Sheik at the Bayfront Center in a Florida Street Fight where anything goes. 


Gordon Solie:  Watch out… It’s Gary Hart leading the Iron Sheik and Jimmy Garvin to the ring.  It’s a 2-1 attack on the Dream.


This beating only goes on for a few seconds when Paul Orndorff hits the ring to even this brawl out.  As the 4 men are going toe to toe we hear Gordon tell us we are just about out of time.  If you are anywhere near the Bayfront Center, tonight will be some night of wrestling.  So long from the Sunshine State.

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JANUARY 9, 1982


Ron Bass defeats Cyclone Negro by Submission with the Sleeper


Southern States Young Guns Championship Tournament Match:  Brad Armstrong defeats Brian Blair with the Russian Legsweep just prior to the 10 minute time limit. 


Southern States Young Guns Championship Tournament Match:  Magnum T.A. beats Matt Borne with the Belly to Belly Suplex


Southern States Gulf States Title Match:  Dory Funk Jr. beats Bob Armstrong when he followed up a European Uppercut with the Cloverleaf for the win.  It looked like we were going to have a new champ as Armstrong had Funk set up for the Georgia Jawbreaker but Funk connected with a back kick for a lowblow that dropped Armstrong to his knees.  The fans wanted to the DQ but the ref never saw this dirty tactic.


Tommy Rich & Mike Graham defeat the Masked Superstar & the Super Destroyer as Rich pinned the Appalachian Champion, the Masked Superstar.  Rich got some revenge here for his loss two weeks ago in the Omni.  The Super Destroyer had again helped the Masked Superstar to load his mask but this time Wildfire and Graham outsmarted them as they both connected with knees to the midsection.  Wildfire then grabbed the two opponents and slammed their heads together.  Since his mask was loaded, this completely knocked out the Superstar.


Florida Street Fight:  Dusty Rhodes pinned beat the Iron Sheik after he beat him  with his cowboy boot and then followed it up with a few Bionic Elbows.  Dusty had to work for this one as Gary Hart was able to interfere enough here that the Sheik was able to catch the Dream in the Camel Clutch.  When it looked like Dusty was going to have to submit, we saw him start to show signs of life and he dragged the Sheik to the ropes for the break.  Dusty now seemed to become impervious to pain as the adrenaline took over.  Dusty began to get the energy from the crowd and he was juking and jiving all over the place.  After the match, Dusty grabbed an American flag from a fan and waved it all over the building as the crowd chanted “USA…USA…. USA.”


SOUTHERN STATES TAG TEAM MATCH:  Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Butch Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar ended in a No Contest.  This rare babyface vs babyface match ended in total chaos as the Triad (Ric Flair, Don Muraco and Big John Studd) with JJ Dillion hit the ring each with a pair of Brass Knucks.  This was the Triads first appearance in Southern States Wrestling and did they ever leave an impression as both teams in the ring were left a bloody mess.  After the beating, each member of the Triad took a turn on the house mic letting everyone know that things around here were about to change as the Triad was not in control.


Southern States Championship:  Mr. Wrestling II  defeated Jimmy Garvin with Gary Hart with the Million Dollar Knee lift.  In a wild, crazy bout that saw Hart and Garvin try every questionable tactic, the crowd left happy as Wrestling II not only hit the knee lift on Garvin but he also hit one on Gary Hart.  The problem for II came as he was heading to the locker room, the Triad appeared.  As it looker like he was about to end badly for the champ, the American Dream and Tommy Rich appeared to even the numbers.  Instead of a wild brawl, we get a stare down of between 6 of the biggest names in all of wrestling in 1982.

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17 hours ago, SirEdger said:

Hadn't had the chance to comment yet but I'll say that so far, I'm already learning a lot about Southern wrestling. There are several titles I didn't know even existed in a regional fashion. Looking forward to see the evolution of that project of yours.

Some of these titles don't exist, Edger. Kevin created them for his promotion. 

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From the beautiful Sportatorium just outside of downtown Tampa, welcome to Southern States Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie and what a show we have for you tonight.  Before we get to the ring for our first match, we need to see what happened last Saturday night at the Bayfront Center. 


We see a video of the Triad (Flair, Studd & Muracco) making their first appearance in Southern States Wrestling as the interfered in the Southern States Tag Match and the Southern States Heavyweight Title Match.  First the trio attacked the Briscos and then they went after Mr. Wrestling II!


When the video is over we hear a lot of boos as the Triad makes their way to the interview desk.


Gordon Solie:  Well I am not sure how you people did it in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling but your tactics are not welcomed here.


JJ Dillion:  Hahaha, maybe that is the problem with Southern States Wrestling.


John Studd:  I told you I was coming here with a list of people I was going to get rid of and the Briscos were at the top of that list.  Know everyone around here knows that when the triad says something, we mean it.   

Don Muraco:  Like my brother Big John Studd said, we are hear for one reason and one reason only …  to shut the people of Southern States Wrestling up for good.  Before we got here all we heard was bragging coming from Southern States.  Now that we are here, all we hear is crying about how the Triad did this or that.  Soon, we will hear silence as everybody will be to afraid to talk!


Ric Flair:  Wooohoooo … Mr Wrestling II…. Listen up.  You are not even close to being in my class.  ….  You can either hand that Southern States title to me or I can take.  It doesn’t matter!


The crowd exploded as the Briscos and Wrestling II come out to the interview desk where it is obvious that are not intimidated and that they are still fuming about the Pear Harbor attacks by the Triad at the Bayfront Center.  They want a piece of the “northern” invaders and they want it tonight.  The Traid explains that they do not wrestle without the opportunity to gain something and beating the champs does nothing for them. 


After a back and forth, we get one dandy of a tv main event as it will be the Triad vs the Briscos & Wrestling II.  If the Triad wins, they will get title matches on January 30th at the Omni 



Mike Graham vs The Iron Sheik and Gary Hart 

This match truly brings the ire of the fans.  As if Hart is not enough to riley them up, the Sheik with the flag and the Tehran, Iran chant has them foaming at the mouth.  As for the match, Graham starts quick but the Sheik gets some help from Hart and the momentum changes.  The Sheik seems to be have softened up Graham enough for the Camel Clutch but as he goes for his finisher, Graham reaches through and grabs his ankles and rolls him up for the 1…2…3.


The Sheik and Hart are fuming and double team Graham.  Jimmy Garvin, Harts other member of his stable rushes to the ring and the 3-1 attack is on.  The crowd erupts as Kevin Sullivan hits the ring like a house afire and single handily disposes of Hart and his men.  Graham gets up and embraces Sullivan.  Together they had to the interview desk.


Gordon Solie:  Well Mike, great win but it seemed you needed a bit of help to get out of there.


Mike Graham:  Last week we heard some words from my good friend, Steve Keirn waring me of Kevin Sullivan and I said that Kevin has always been there for me and he will continue to be my friend.  Tonight, he proved it.


Kevin Sullivan:  Gaaawdon, not sure what Keirn was taaawkin about but I said I have returned to Southern States Wrestling to help out around here.  It seems the evil has been riding high and it is time for the good guys to take back control.  Trust me, Mike Graham is one of the good guys.


Gordon Solie:  Fair enough.

Match:Paul Orndorff defeats Ed Wiskowski with the Piledriver


At the interview desk Gordon Solie is hyping up Orndorff’s recent success when all of a sudden King Kong Mosca comes out.


Gordon Solie:  Well Mr. Mosca, I don’t seem to see your name on the schedule tonight.


KK Mosca:  Gordon Solie, you don’t need to see my name on the schedule.  You need to understand that in this industry I come and go as I please.  Right now, I have decided to come to Southern States Wrestling because I see a lot of talent around here.  I am the best and want to teach all these Southern States hillbillies that I can’t be stopped.  I was in the back just now and was getting sick to my stomach as I hear you praising this loser next to us.


Paul Orndorff:  Watch your mouth Mosca!


KK Mosca:  Or what… I will take you in the ring and throw you around like a rag doll.


Paul Orndorff:  Anytime Mosca, Anytime!


Somehow peace prevails and we head to commercial break! 



Barry Windham beats Tommy Wright with the Running Bulldog!


At the interview desk, Windham and Solie hype up the tournament and we find out that next week on TV we will see the Semi-finals with Barry Windham facing off against his good friend Magnum T.A. and Buzz Sawyer will face Brad Armstrong.



Tommy Rich defeats Matt Borne with the Lou Thesz Press


Tommy Rich still had his hand in a cast but he was all smiles at the interview desk where Gordon shows the tape from the Bayfront Center of him pinning the Appalachian Champion, the Masked Superstar in a tag match.


Tommy Rich:  I told you last week Gordon that it didn’t matter if it was the Masked Superstar by himself or with that other idiot playing Halloween, the Super Destroyer.  Wildfire can’t be beat.  I heard the doctor’s say that I shouldn’t be in the ring until my hand was healed.  Heck Gordon, I was raised on the farm in Tennessee.  This injury aint nothin that would stop all the hard-working people I knew as a kid and it aint gonna stop me.  Now, Superstar… how about you put that title on the line so it can come back to where it belongs. 



Gulf States Champion Dory Funk Jr. vs Ron Bass 

The crowd almost got what they wanted here as Bass locked in the Brain Claw on a few occasions but he could never get Funk to submit.  It the end, Funk caught Bass with the uppercut and followed it up with the Double Underhook Suplex.


At the interview desk, Dory Funk actually calls out the #1 contender to his Gulf States title, Dusty Rhodes.  The two put on a show with their words as the both claim that the other can’t beat them.


In the end, it was Solie holding the teaser as he informed us that in just two weeks, we will find out as it will be the American Dream vs Dory Funk Jr. for the Gulf States Title in the spectacular on January 30th from the Omni.

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Some really great stuff going on in the South. Rich gets some payback but he should still be careful. I like the Young Guns tournament. It's cool seeing these future stars battling it out to get that title. Hard to choose a winner but I'll go with Windham. Is Sullivan to be trusted??? Dory Funk is rolling as Gulf States Champ but man does he have a challenge on his hands with Rhodes. I'm all for a Orndorff/Mosca feud. Wow, the Triad is causing some serious havoc! Taking out all the top names. This is going to set up a lot of fun matches. 

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From the beautiful Sportatorium just outside of downtown Tampa, welcome to Southern States Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie and what a show we have for you tonight.  In just one week’s time, Southern States will be in the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia where we will see an amazing night of wrestling including 5 title matches!  All eyes will be on the Triad and JJ Dillion.  It was just three weeks ago when we saw a video tape of his men, Ric Flair, Big John Studd and Don Muraco, claim dominance in this sport.  They have shown nothing less since arriving here and now have a chance to turn SSW upside down and take its two major titles.  I would like to call in Mr. Wrestling II who is going to put his SSW Heavyweight Title on the line


Mr. Wrestling II:  Thank you Gordon.  I agree with you in the fact that the Triad has caused some chaos around here in the last couple of weeks but let me make one thing clear to JJ Dillion and Ric Flair.  I am not intimidated by you in the least.  I have seen the Triad put a beating on some people around here but it is always when they have a numbers advantage.  They have done nothing 1 on 1.   Flair…. Dillion… I am ready for you.  Pull any shenanigans and I will be ready for it.  WE will be ready for it.


Gordon Solie:  What do you mean by WE?


Mr. Wrestling II simply walks away.  Solie just says “And there you have it” and takes us to the ring for our first match. 


Kevin Sullivan & Mike Graham defeat Chick Donovan & Ricky Harris as Sullivan hits a powerslam on Donovan


A quick interview here as we are told again that Sullivan and Graham are on the same page and that they are ready for the Omni and Gary Hart’s team of the Iron Sheik and Jimmy Garvin.




Buzz Sawyer vs Brad Armstrong

 A great 8 minute match that saw it all.  Speed, power and great wrestling skills.  In the end, Sawyer was able to avoid the Russian Legsweep and stunned Armstrong with a cross body block.  This allowed Sawyer to climb to the top rope and hit the Frog Splash for the win. 



Magnum T.A. vs Barry Windham 

It is easy to see that both of these two wrestlers are going to be huge stars in the years to come.  Tonight, Windham gets the win with the Bulldog but it was obvious as Gordon Solie said that if these two wrestled 100 times, they would each win 50.  Windham and T.A. both show great sportsmanship as this one ended with a handshake.  Solie really hypes up the finals of this tournament which we now know will pit Windham against Sawyer at the Omni next Saturday. 



Big John Studd & Don Muraco with JJ Dillion destroy Billy Spears & Mike Jackson 

Ric Flair joins the rest of the Triad at the interview desk where they are really confident in one week that they will hold both the SSW Heavyweight Title and the SSW Tag Title.  When Flair was asked about the earlier comment by Mr. Wrestling II that they were all ready to fight the Triad, Flair simply said that even if the entire Southern States roster tried to stop the Triad, the would come up short.  WHOOOOOOO! 


Tommy Rich & Paul Orndorff vs The Masked Superstar & King Kong Mosca


A match with a lot of energy and used to hype up next week’s event at the Omni where Tommy Rich will face the Masked Superstar for the Appalachian Title and Orndorff will meet Mosca.  In order not to give to much away, this was a pure brawl that ended in a DDQ as the ref completely lost control.  After the commercial break, Wildfire and Orndorff were at the interview desk where Wildfire gives us one of his Fired Up speeches and Orndorff shows a combination of seriousness and anger as he explains what he is going to do to King Kong Mosca. 



Dusty Rhodes vs The Super Destroyer 

This main event match goes about 6 minutes and Dusty seems like he is on the verge of wining when all of a sudden Dory Funk hits the ring with a bull rope!




Funk hits Dusty over and over again with that Bull Rope.  Solie makes it clear that Funk is trying to make sure that the American Dream never makes it to the Omni for their Gulf States title match.  Dusty is in a bad way when all of a sudden the crowd explodes as Ron Bass rushes the ring with his own Bull Rope and goes after Dory Funk.  Funk hightails it back to the locker room as Bass goes to attend to Dusty.  It takes a minute buy Dusty is up and grabs the house mic where in perfect Dusty Rhodes, he let’s everyone know what he is going to do to Dory Funk Jr. next week in the Omni!  As Gordon Solie signs off from the Sunshine State, we get a promo of the great card in Atlanta. 



Brad Armstrong vs Gran Apollo

Hacksaw Butch Reed & Sweet Brown Sugar vs Ed Wiskoski & Cyclone Negro

Bullet Bob Armstrong vs the Super Destroyer

Paul Orndorff vs King Kong Mosca

Kevin Sullivan & Mike Graham vs Jimmy Garvin & The Iron Sheik with Gary Hart


Buzz Sawyer vs Barry Windham


Masked Superstar vs Tommy “Wildfire” Rich


Dory Funk Jr. vs Dusty Rhodes


Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Big John Studd & Don Muraco with JJ Dillion:


Mr. Wrestling II vs Ric Flair

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JANUARY 30, 1982


Brad Armstrong defeats Gran Apollo with the Russian Legsweep


Hacksaw Butch Reed & Sweet Brown Sugar defeats Ed Wiskoski & Cyclone Negro as they got Negro with High Flyin Power (SBW with a top rope missile dropkick followed by a Gorilla Press Slam by Reed)


Bullet Bob Armstrong defeated the Super Destroyer as he blocked a Superplex and followed it up with the Georgia Jawbreaker


Paul Orndorff and King Kong Mosca wrestled to a Double Count Out as these two basically brawled all over the arena. 


Kevin Sullivan & Mike Graham vs Jimmy Garvin & The Iron Sheik with Gary Hart:  Even though there is a lot of technical talent in the ring, this was anything but.  With Hart’s men being the best at bringing down the heat, the fans were on the edge of the seats cheering for Sullivan and Graham.  With so many momentum changes, most of which were caused by Hart’s shenanigans, anything looked possible.  After Hart hit the Sheik by mistake, Graham took control.  After a few minutes, Mike was able to lock in the Figure 4 and the Sheik was in a world of trouble.   Wham!  The crowd is shocked as Kevin Sullivan has come in with the elbow drop to the head of Graham.  Sullivan simple goes nuts and beats Mike Graham all over the ring.  Hart’s men are shocked as they just stand by and watch.  After a few minutes, Sullivan simply walks away.  Not sure what to do, Hart tells the Sheik to lock in the Camel Clutch which he does.  Graham is basically out on his feet and the ref calls for the bell as Hart’s men gain the victory.


SOUTHERN STATES YOUNG GUNS CHAMPIONSHIP:  Buzz Sawyer vs Barry Windham: The match begins with a handshake and ends in a war.  These two youngsters are very even and we see many momentum changes.  For their age, both seem like naturals as they are bumping and selling everything.  All of a sudden, the boos reign down on the Omni as Kevin Sullivan comes to ringside.  The crowd is still fuming over the last match but Sullivan could care less and he starts to coach Buzz Sawyer.  Sawyer immediately turns nastier and more aggressive.  Even these tactics can’t hold Windham down.  Sullivan seemed to slip something to Sawyer at one point in the match but the ref didn’t notice it.  As Windham pushes Sawyer to the corner to set him up for the Bulldog, Sullivan jumps up on the apron to distract the ref.  Wham!  Sawyer has clocked Windham with what appears to be a metal object.  Windham goes down as Sullivan jumps down to the floor.  Sawyer goes for the cover and gets the three count to become the first ever Southern States Wrestling Young Guns Champion.  Mike Graham rushes the ring and the crowd goes nuts as he is all over Sullivan.  Too bad for Mike, this only leads to a 2-1 attack and twice in 20 minutes he is beaten pretty badly.


SOUTHERN STATES APPLACHIAN CHAMPIONSHIP:  Masked Superstar vs Tommy “Wildfire” Rich:  It only takes the crowd a few minutes to get over the last match as their pride and joy, Wildfire Rich, comes to the ring.  Rich still has that right hand in a cast from the same match up two weeks at the Bayfront Center when the Super Destroyer helped the Masked Superstar load up that mask.  This match follows much the same format.  A few momentum changes allow us to see each wrestler’s talents.  Wildfire once again takes over and again it seems like the Destroyer has helped the Superstar with that object in the match.  Bullet Bob Armstrong comes down and is all over the Destroyer.  As Superstar re-enters the ring, Wildfire out smarts him.  Instead of throwing that right hand, Rich kicks Superstar in the gut and then rams Superstar and his loaded mask into the turnbuckle.  Superstar is basically knocked out by this and stumbles backward.  Rich goes for the cover and gets the win.  The crowd goes wild as we get a new champion.


SOUTHERN STATES GULF STATES CHAMPIONSHIP:  Dory Funk Jr. vs Dusty Rhodes:  A true matchup of two legends here and it is kind of odd.  The fan favorite, Dusty Rhodes has little wrestling skill but can really duke it out while the heel is a tremendous technical wrestler.  We get a bit of all of that in this match.  Funk is in charge after about 25 minutes but Dusty starts to juke and jive and it is like he feels nothing Dory is doing to him.  Wham!  Dusty takes control.  He is throwing big elbow after big elbow until Dory goes down.  The crowd and Dusty think he has Dory down for the count but Dory kicks out at 2.  Dusty stays on the attack but can’t gain the pinfall.  Dusty hits a piledriver….2 count.  Dory is in a bad way and Dusty hits another piledriver…. Somehow Dory gets his foot on the rope.  Dusty and the crowd can’t believe it.  A third piledriver by Dusty…. 1….2…. Ding Ding Ding.  The bell rings as we get a 30 minute time limit draw.  Dusty can’t believe it!   Dory has retained the belt but needs some medical attention to get back to the locker room as he is carried out on a stretcher.


SOUTHERN STATES TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH:  Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Big John Studd & Don Muraco with JJ Dillion:  The crowd is a bit nervous as Studd and Muraco might be the toughest team the Briscos have faced in a long time.  The Briscos do everything they can here but it just seems that either the size of Studd or the power of Muraco or the questionable tactics of Dillion prevents them from gaining the victory.  In the end, we see the match go a little bonzo gonzo as all four are in the ring.  The ref ends up getting knocked down.  Jack makes the mistake of looking at the fallen ref and this is all Studd needs as he scoops him up and tosses Brisco over the top rope and all the way to the metal railing separating the fans from the wrestlers.  Jack seems down and out and Jerry takes a pretty good 2-1 beating.  Muracco hits the Hawaiian Hammer and that is all she wrote.  For the third time tonight, we have new champions.


SOUTHERN STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Mr. Wrestling II vs Ric Flair:  Mr. Wrestling II is anything but intimidated by Ric Flair and he really takes it to the Nature Boy here for a while.  Flair, with an eye gouge, reminds us all of just how dirty he can be.  From here on out, it is one dirty move after another.  As Dillion distracts the ref, Flair actually gets a chair and cracks it over the back of Mr. Wrestling II.  Wrestling II rolls out of the ring and it is here that we get a bit of confusion.  It seemed like Wrestling II rolled under the ring for a few moments.  As he came back to the apron, he caught Flair with a shoulder block to the gut and then hit a sunset flip and got the three count.  Dillion and Flair where in shock but all of the Southern States fan favorites rushed the ring to congratulate II.  Dusty, Wildfire, Orndorff, Windham.  They were all there and they carried Wrestling II out to a thunderous ovation.

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Epic main event between Mr. Wrestling II and Ric Flair. No doubt that the crowd in the Omni went nuts. I thought it's an interesting to put the Young Guns title on Buzz Sawyer rather than Barry Windham. Great heel turn by Kevin Sullivan in the tag match, although if I were to be nitpicky, I would've placed that match sooner on the card if you had Mike Graham try to come in to aid Windham, knowing that Graham practically passed out to Iron Sheik's Camel Clutch in that match. Other than that, solid effort at the Omni.

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JANUARY 1982: 


Ted Turner is ecstatic with his recent acquisition of Championship Wrestling from Florida and its subsequent merger with Georgia Championship Wrestling.  As cable tv begins its boom, Turner hopes that Southern States Wrestling will attract viewers throughout the South and in turn keep viewers tuned in for Atlanta Brave games.  If this works out well, Turner may check to see the cost of adding Continental Championship Wrestling into the fold.  Gordon Solie has already said that he would be willing to expand his craft into Alabama!

The first two major shows of Southern States Wrestling were big hits!  The Bayfront Center in St. Pete drew a great crowd but it was nothing like the Omni!  Turner decided to have all 5 titles on the line that night to really WOW the crowd.  Those matches plus the TV shows on WTBS have SSW off to a great start. 


The NWA has yet to officially recognize SSW as an official promotion but that seems like a for gone conclusion.  Eddie Graham and Jim Barnett love the merger and have been said to working great together.  Graham has been placed in control of the Gulf States Title while Barnett controls the Appalachian Title.  Turner has entrusted another group of people who will control the angles around the SSW Heavyweight Title and the SSW Tag Title.  Turner says he will not name these people at this time but the reason to do this was to limit the conflicts that could arise between Graham and Barnett.



Matt Borne:  The Southern States Board of Directors brought in Matt Borne for a 30 day contract and have decided not to renew it at this time.  There is no denying that Borne is very talented and it shows as both the Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest have already given him title runs but Southern States really brought in Borne to add some depth to their Young Guns tournament and now want to push their other youngsters including Barry Windham, Magnum T.A., Brad Armstrong and the current Young Guns Champion, Buzz Sawyer.



Dory Funk may have been really injured in the Omni and the SSW Board is unsure what to do with the Gulf States title.  This also has SSW scrambling as to how to fill that roster spot.  It is rumored that another promotion in the NWA is looking for some seasoning of one of its stars and might be willing to loan a budding superstar to SSW to help out in Dory’s absence.




Has some sort of talent exchange agreement been made between Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and SSW or is there just a battle for top talent.  In recent weeks SSW has seen an influx of Mid-Atlantic talent like Ric Flair, Don Muraco, Big John Stud and Angelo Mosca while it is rumored that the Briscos will be spending some serious time in the Carolinas in the near future.  Maybe MACW is trying to wedge its way into the SSW as it knowes Ted Turner’s WTBS television station could raise any promotion to the national level.  What this means for the future of the NWA is anyone’s guess. 

The other possibility is that Eddie Graham and Jim Barnett realize that the other promotions do not have this mega tv advantage as their shows are only on locally.  This would allow the SSW to use them as “cooling stations” where their stars can disappear to and then bring them back hotter then ever!  Only time will tell but Fritz VonErich, Cowboy Bill Watts and Jerry Jarrett better pay close attention or they could all be left out in the dark as cable TV seems to be the straw that stirs the drink as far as the future of wrestling goes.

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That was one stacked Omni card! Good seeing Reed and SBS doing well. The inevitable Sullivan turn! Poor Mike Graham, he took a couple of bad beatings tonight. Maybe it's time to make that call to Steve Keirn. Sawyer takes the Young Guns title with help from Sullivan. That's one dangerous duo. I'm sure Windham will be back with a vengeance. I know that Omni crowd went nuts when Rich won the title. Rhodes and Dory have an epic match that goes the distance. Dory was literally saved by the bell. New tag champs as Studd and Muraco dethrone the Briscos. I thought for sure Flair was going to walk out with the belt but NO, Wrestling 2 pulls the pin out of nowhere. Whatever Wrestling 2 was doing under the ring, it worked LOL. 

By the looks of things, Southern States Wrestling is gaining a lot of positive attention and I'm sure will be officially part of the NWA real soon. Airing on WTBS is a powerful thing. 

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From the beautiful Sportatorium just outside of downtown Tampa, welcome to Southern States Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie and what a show we have for you tonight but first we have to talk about what happened last week at the Omni.  It was an amazing night of wrestling as we get three new champions.  First, we saw the Buzz Sawyer become the SSW first ever Young Guns Champion. Much more on that later.  We also Tommy “Wildfire” Rich defeat the Masked Superstar for the Appalachian Champion and finally, Big John Studd and Don Muraco did win the SSW Tag Titles from the Brisco brothers. 


As Gordon is talking, JJ Dillion leads Ric Flair and the new tag champs to the interview area,


Gordon Solie:  Well Mr. Dillion.  You must be proud of your team for defeating the legendary Jack & Jerry Brisco.


JJ Dillion:  Proud is not the word I was thinking of.  The Triad is the best in the world and they did exactly what I expected of them.


Gordon Solie:  Well fair enough but along those lines, then you must be disappointed that Ric Flair did not defeat Mr. Wrestling II for the SSW title!


JJ Dillion:  I am furious. I am sick to my stomach.  I mean I thought this was a reputable company but after three weeks here, it is obvious I was mistaken.  I mean Mr. Wrestling II just out and out cheated and nothing was done about it.  Everyone knows that Ric Flair is 10 times better then Mr. Wrestling II.


Gordon Solie:  I beg to differ sir.  I was at the Omni and saw Mr. Wrestling II pin Ric Flair in the center of the ring.


A fuming Ric Flair demands that they play the video tape.


Flair, with an eye gouge, reminds us all of just how dirty he can be.  From here on out, it is one dirty move after another.  As Dillion distracts the ref, Flair actually gets a chair and cracks it over the back of Mr. Wrestling II.  Wrestling II rolls out of the ring and it is here that we get a bit of confusion.  It seemed like Wrestling II rolled under the ring for a few moments.  As he came back to the apron, he caught Flair with a shoulder block to the gut and then hit a sunset flip and got the three count.  Dillion and Flair where in shock but all of the Southern States fan favorites rushed the ring to congratulate II.  Dusty, Wildfire, Orndorff, Windham.  They were all there and they carried Wrestling II out to a thunderous ovation.


When the video is over Solie seems satisfied that the victory for Wrestling II was legit but JJ Dillion points out that when Mr. Wrestling II’s friends rushed out to the ring Magnum T.A. was not there but when they walked back to the locker room, T.A. was in the center of the celebration.


Gordon Solie:  I am sorry sir, I don’t get your point.


JJ Dillion:  My point is that Magnum T.A. was under the ring and when Mr. Wrestling II rolled out and under the ring for a few seconds, it was Magnum T.A. who came back out as a second masked wrestler!


Gordon Solie with a questioning look on his face doesn’t want to admit it but he knows the Triad might have something.  Solie just pushed them off and moves on to our first match of the day.

 MATCH:  Brad & Bob Armstrong defeat Ricky Harris & Jesse James 



Buzz Sawyer vs Tom Prichard


The first thing we notice is that Kevin Sullivan accompanies Buzz Sawyer to the ring.  As for the match, Buzz Sawyer was as aggressive as we have ever seen him.  Every time Prichard got something going, Sullivan berated Sawyer to the point that he was like a caged animal that had just been let loose.  The match game to an end when Sawyer hit the powerslam on Prichard. 


The post-match interview starts with Solie showing us the video how Sullivan turned on Mike Graham in the Omni and then later, how he helped Buzz Sawyer defeat Barry Windham to become the SSW Young Guns Champion.


Gordon Solie:  I must say Mr. Sullivan that your tactics last week in the Omni not only shocked me but confused me.  You swore week after week how you were to help aid Mike Graham and now this?


Kevin Sullivan:  Ahhhh Gawdon.  I just love it when a plan comes togethah.  Both Graham and Windham did not know what hit them.


Gordon Solie:  If your plan was to attack two men who have shown nothing but class throughout the careers …


Kevin Sullivan:  I will leave you with this… the sins of the fathah are now the sins of the sins.


Gordon Solie:  I think we are going to need more then that.  I mean you two beat Mike Graham and Barry Windham so badly that they couldn’t be her.


Kevin Sullivan:  The sins of the fathah are now the sins of the son.


Sullivan and Sawyer walk off as Gordon let’s us know he is really not satisfied with that answer.   


Kendo Nagasaki vs Raul Mata

This Asian man with a painted face and wild haircut comes to the ring swinging a kendo stick.  The fans were actually nervous here as he was so different from what they are used to.  Once the match started, Nagasaki used a punch of nerve holds and different types of kicks to keep his opponent down.  When Mata was worn ou, Nagasaki spins aroud and shoots a mythical green mist into the air.  The fans actually were heard with their ohhs as they jumped back in their seats.  Mata staggered to his feet…




A perfectly placed Superkick and Mata is out!


Gordon Solie:  Now that was very, very eerie and impressives.  This Nagasaki fellow looks to be double tough. 



King Kong Mosca defeats Tommy Wright by submission with the Full Nelson


At the interview desk, King Kong Mosca’s focus is still fully on Paul Orndorff.  We find out that their match ended in a DCO as the two men brawled all over the arena floor.


Angelo Mosca:  I have been in this business a long time and won a lot of matches.  I have won so many matches that they don’t even matter to me anymore.  What does matter is not letting punks like Orndorff think they are in the same league as me.  Next time Orndorff, I am going to put you in the Full Nelson and bend you like a pretzel until you break!


Gordon Solie:  Well okay then.

Match:  Sweet Brown Sugar defeats Cyclone Negro with the Missile Dropkick


Gordon Solie can’t stop talking about how much the crowd loves SBS and how athletic he is.  After the match, Sugar does a nice job of interacting with the fans and does a quick interview.   


Before our next match, Gary Hart and Jimmy Garvin come out to the interview desk where we find out that the Iron Sheik has been called back to Tehran, Iran for a while but will soon return as dangerous as ever.  The crowd cheered to no end when they heard he was gone and even Gordon Solie seemed pleased.  Gary Hart explains that the Iron Sheik comes from royalty and needed to tend to some very important business but that he gave Gary Hart a large gift of money to go out and build his stable.  Hart says that he will be gone for a while as he is going to travel the world to find the best wrestlers money can buy. Solie wants to know what that means for Jimmy Garvin.


Gary Hart:  Don’t worry Mr. Solie.  Jimmy and I have discussed this and we have put a plan in place to help guide him right to the top.  In fact, I believe that he is next in line for a shot at the Appalachian title held by that Mama’s Boy Tommy Rich.  I fully expected when I return that Jimmy Garvin will be the champ.  In fact, I am so sure of it, I have gotten Jimmy a present in advanced for winning the title.


Jimmy Garvin:  A present for me!  Oh I can’t wait.


Gary Hart:  Yes indeed Jimmy.  I very Precious present!


Jimmy Hart:  Really what is it?


Gary Hart:  well it is in this box to our left.  Please be careful as you open it as I did say it is Precious.


As Jimmy Hart opens the box we find a beautiful blonde women.


Gary Hart:  Now isn’t she Precious.  She is my gift to you to help you as I am away.


Gordon Solie:  Ohh brother.  Now I have seen everything.


The segment begins with an interview with the new Appalachian Champion Tommy Rich where he responds to Jimmy Garvin’s challenge by letting him know that he is ready and time and any place.


Brian Blair defeats Dale Veasey with the Top Rope Elbow Drop 

When the match was over, Dory Funk Jr. comes to the interview desk with his Gulf States title around his waist but his neck in a brace.  We find out it was from the 3 piledrivers he received from Dusty Rhodes last week in the Omni.


Dory Funk Jr.:  I told you Dusty Rhodes!  I told you there was no way you could beat me.  You picked me and dropped me on my head 3 times but you never got the three count.


Gordon Solie:  Well I will give you that Mr. Funk.  You are one double tough wrestler but I did her that you are out of action for a while.


Dory Funk Jr.:  I will tell you that doctors said I should not wrestle again but I will be back real soon.  I also wanted to know that there are many Texans who are sick to their stomachs at what Dusty did to me.  In fact, if Dusty Rhodes has the guts he should come out here and see for himself. 

The crowd explodes as Rhodes comes out.

Dusty Rhodes:  Let me tell you sumthin Dory Funk.  I got to give it to you baaaby.  I thought I had the title but you held on just long enough.  The problem for you is that every time you look in the mirroe and see that brace it will remind you you can’t beat me.  Now you say there are people in Texas who are mad at the American Dream.  Come on baaaby.  I am from West Texas and their aint no one who would mind seeing you out of the industry! 

Wham!  From out of nowhere Dusty Rhodes is attacked by a 6’6 cowboy who is like a house afire.


Gordon Solie:  Oh my…. That’s is David VonErich and he is really taking it the American Dream.


The attack goes on for quite sometime and the crowd is in shock as nobody has handled Dusty like this.  Eventually the calvary comes out and Dory and David head for the locker room.

Match:  Magnum T.A. defeats Iron Mike Sharpe with the Belly to Belly Suplaaaay


A nice win here for the youngster but as soon as he gets the pin, JJ Dillion leads the Triad out and they start to go to town on T.A.  Big John Studd, Don Muraco and the Nature Boy each get a few shots in but Mr. Wrestling II and Hacksaw Butch Reed are not far behing.  Wrestling II squares off with Flair while T.A. and Reed are battling it out with the SSW Tag champs.  In the end, the fan favorites are in control of the ring and the heels are frustrated on the floor!


Gordon Solie:  What a night of wrestling this was.  So many questions left unanswered but we are out of time.  So long from the Sunshine State!


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