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AWA results for October 1986


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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for October 3rd


The Love Connection vs. Andrew Torrens & Craig L'Anson


After losing Badd Company when they left the AWA following a brutal loss to the Sheepherders, Sunshine has put together a new team named the Love Connection, consisting of Al Perez and young newcomer Chris Candido. The brand new pairing impressed the fans with some fast paced and exciting offense, with Candido finishing off Torrens with a top rope flying legdrop. A commendable start, but time will tell how well they do against the brutal New Zealanders.


Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman vs. Black Irish


Superstar Unit have recently lost one of their members when Mark Starr went out at the hands of Super Vader, but the remaining members have closed ranks, with Billl Dundee joining his young charges at ringside to watch their backs. Douglas and Pillman put in a strong showing against the always tough former Southern Tag Team champs, and kept bouncing back no matter what Finlay and Cameron threw at them. But the match took a turn for the strange when, seemingly out of nowhere, four blonde men appeared at ringside and attacked Bill Dundee, driving him head first into the ringside steps. Douglas and Pillman dove out of the ring to defend their mentor, leading to them being counted out of the ring. From the expressions on their faces, Finlay and Cameron  were none too pleased with someone interfering with their match but still left Pillman and Douglas to their fate, clearly seeing it as none of their business. Facing a four to two numbers disadvantage, Pillman and Douglas took quite a beating until AWA security intervened. The four interlopers seemed well pleased with themselves, puffing out their chests and smirking arrogantly as they were led away from ringside.


Interview : Ken Resnick stands in the ring


Resnick : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest have been at the center of a lot of big changes here in the AWA … Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie and the Sinister Syndicate!


The crowd explodes in boos as the Sheikh comes out leading his men : Ken Patera, the British Bullies, and the latest member of the Syndicate, Dynamite Kid.


Resnick : Dynamite Kid, I am shocked, shocked I say, to see you in such company! You haven't been seen in the AWA for almost a year, and when you return, you are joining the Sinister Syndicate! What is the deal?


Dynamite :  The two best motivators in the world, Resnick : money and revenge! The Sheikh's money got me back into the AWA , and he promised me revenge against Chris Adams. It was Adams who sent me out of the AWA in the first place, and now I have returned the favor. Now that Adams is gone, my loyalty is with the Syndicate.


Resnick : Ken Patera, you might have sent Chris Adams out of the AWA, but it wasn't until after he took out Jerry Blackwell.


Patera : Blackwell's time was done. The Syndicate is better off without him. We've got the toughest tag team in the AWA. In Dynamite, we have the most dangerous man in wrestling. And most of all, there is me, the world's strongest man, former and future AWA World Champion. Together, there is nothing …


Patera is cut off by someone sneaking into the ring behind him and hitting him in the back with a steel chair … Dan Spivey! Spivey, who hasn't been seen in the past couple of months, scattered the Syndicate from the ring by wildly swinging the chair. He then grabbed the abandoned microphone and challenged the Syndicate to face him and three partners in and 8 man tag match in Bloomington, a challenge that the Syndicate angrily accepted.


The Marauders vs. Connor Bethune & Adam Parkin


The tag team ranks of the AWA are at their most competitive in a long time right now, and a dangerous new element was added to the mix in the form of Dick Slater and Matt Borne. Taking the collective name of the Marauders, Slater and Borne battered their young opponents around the ring, showing a callous disregard for the safety of Bethune and Parkin as they attacked them before Borne finished them off with the Cannonball (sitting splash from the top rope). It looks like the intensity of the tag team competition in the AWA is about to get white hot.


Sabu vs. The Great Kabuki


Speaking of reckless opponents, for all that Sabu is affiliated with the dastardly Piper's Pit, he has been developing something of a cult following for his out-of-control, go-to-hell style and daredevil offense. He let it all loose against the veteran Kabuki with flying fists and top rope moves that had Kabuki working hard to gain control of the match. In the end, it was this very recklessness that cost Sabu the match, as he ended up running straight into a Thrust Kick from Kabuki that led to the one two three. Nevertheless, Sabu  still got a round of applause from the group of fans who have taken a shine to him, and Kabuki bowed to him in respect after the match.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. Death Sentence


British Steel have proven to be fighting champions since winning the Southern Tag Team Titles, but they certainly had their work cut out for them when they face Kevin Sullivan's huge enforcers.  Regal and Smiley dug into their bag of technical know how to keep shutting down the brawling and power attack of Payne and Gaylord, but Death Sentence kept coming after them. Smiley was able to sink in the Norman Conquest on Payne, but then Gaylord clobbered him in the back of the head with the Golden Spike. Death Sentence lost the match by DQ, but did serious damage to the champs, and look like they are determined to get that gold around their own waists.


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AWA show from the Met Center, Bloomington, October 3rd (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


The Youngbloods vs. The Marauders


After the Can-Am Express snuck in the ring and nailed Wellington with a double clothesline to the back of the head, Slater pinner Wellington with a piledriver


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Buddy Rose


Hall won with a running bulldog headlock


The Can-Am Express vs. The Love Connection


When the Youngbloods came down to ringside and distracted Phil Lafon, Perez pinned him with a German Suplex


Black Irish vs. Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman


Pillman went for a top rope clothesline on Finlay, Finlay ducked it but Pillman adjusted in mid air and caught him in a flying sunset flip to get the one two three. After the match, the four blonde men came out and again attacked Pillman and Douglas until security forced them to leave.


Hector & Mando Guerrero vs. Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian


Nord pinned Mando after a Bombs Away running kneedrop


AWA Southern Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Steven Regal


Zenk blocked a Regal-Plex and grabbed the trunks to get a school boy roll up and defend his title


The Sinister Syndicate vs. Dan Spivey & ?? ?? & ?? ?? & ?? ??


Sheikh Kaissie and his men came out en masse, looking confident that they were ready for whatever Spivey had in store with them.  Spivey came out on his own and grabbed the ringside mic.


"Well, y'know, brothers and sisters, when I went out to find people who wanted to help me get revenge on the Slippery Simpletons,  I had no shortage of volunteers. It seems like everyone want to get a shot at the Sheikh and his merry band of idiots. But I managed to find just the three guys to back me up. The first guy is someone who is no stranger to Ken Patera , and no stranger to beating him. He's a proud son of Minnesota , and a former WWF World Champion  … Bob Backlund!"


The crowd cheers wildly as Bob Backlund power walked to the ring, smiling broadly and shaking hands with the fans on his way.


"My next partner is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, and has made his mark in the AWA time and again. He's held the AWA Canadian Title on multiple occasions and is a former NWA World Champion.  He is Canada's greatest wrestler … Rick Martel!"


The crowd cheers more and women squeal as the handsome Martel runs to  the ring, slapping palms with as many fans as he can.


"And my final partner is a guy I got to know pretty well when we were stuck in the Varsity Club, and he impressed me as someone who knew how to take care of business. He had the sense to shake off the chains of Kevin Sullivan, and I followed his example. He is a former All American, and the toughest son of a gun I have ever met … Ron Simmons!"


The crowd explodes as Ron Simmons comes out , raises his fists above his head and stand, soaking in the cheers. The last time the AWA fans saw Simmons, he had left Kevin Sullivan lying in the middle of the ring , and they were overjoyed to see him back and aligned with Spiveymania.  The match was a knock down drag out fight that included : Bob Backlund shutting down an attempted Full Nelson by Patera and then deadlifting him into a German Suplex that got a 2.5 count ; an exciting matwork and counter wrestling showdown between Martel and Jones ; Dynamite Kid hitting a top rope missile dropkick that knocked Martel out of the ring ; and Spivey and Simmons putting Taylor away with a massive double flying shoulder block to finish the match. Spivey and his partners stood triumphantly in the ring after their victory, but Patera and Kaissie seemed to be intense conversation as they headed to the back, scheming a new plan to get back at Spivey.


AWA World Title Match : Rick Steamboat © vs. Harley Race


An epic match that went to a 30 minute time limit draw.

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AWA show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, October 4th


Tonga Kid vs. Marty Jones


Tonga Kid won with a flying splash


Sabu vs. Chavo Guerrero


Chavo hit a flying top rope somersault senton for the victory


Fit Finlay vs. King Tonga


Both men went to a double countout while brawling inside the ring


Super Vader vs. Mando Guerrero


Vader blocked a German Suplex attempt with several hard elbows to the face, then followed up with a chokeslam to get the pinfall. After the match, Super Vader looked to do more damage, but Chavo and Hector Guerrero ran in to pull their brother out of the ring


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Dave Taylor


Taylor kept Hall on the defensive for much of the match with his expert counter-wrestling and submission holds, but ultimately got caught in the Corporal Punishment to give the match to Hall


Larry Cameron vs. Shane Douglas


Cameron was able to nail Douglas with a running power slam for the one two three


Buddy Rose vs. Rick Martel


Martel beat Rose with a slingshot cross body press


AWA American Title Match : Bob Orton © vs. Bill Dundee


Orton caught Dundee's attempt at a running cross body and reversed  it into a backbreaker, then followed up with a lariat to defend his title.


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Whoa! The AWA has gone way up to another level. There is some amazing stuff going on here. First I get excited about the Love Connection team of Perez and Candido. Then I totally mark out for the combination of Slater and Borne! That is one awesome team! Next, we get a rejuvenated Syndicate and they're attacked by a returning Spivey! On top of this there's a great feud going on between British Steel and Death Sentence. And who are these Blonde guys???

Good grief! Look at that team Spivey put together! Backlund, Martel and Simmons all in the AWA! Awesome main event as Race takes Steamboat to the limit, proving he still has fuel in the tank. Zenk continues to roll as TV champ. 

Jake and Nord continue to be a pretty dominant pair. Tonga Kid is racking up some nice wins in openers. No doubt that Finley/King Tonga match was a hard hitting affair. Vader is steamrolling over the competition. Scott Hall is improving more and more. I agree with Edger, Orton is quietly one of the AWA's top guys as he continues to be a solid Champ. Once again all this great stuff going on and Roddy Piper is around! That proves how stacked this AWA is. Hats off to you Rain. 



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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for October 10th


The Hollywood Stud Squad vs. Mark Herlaar & Adam Parkin


Last week, a group of blonde haired men attacked the various members of Superstar Unit, costing the young rookies some matches. This week, they show themselves to be "Hollywood" John Tatum and the returning Jack Victory (joined at ringside by Johnny Ace and Wayne Bloom), taking the collective name the Hollywood Stud Squad. While Bloom and Ace struck beefcake poses and flexed their muscles from outside the ring, Tatum and Victory easily destroyed Herlaar and Parkin before Victory hit the Victory-Plex on Parkin, followed by a running elbow drop by Tatum to end the match. After the pinfall, Tatum was met outside the ring by Ken Resnick, who questioned him while the rest of Tatum's crew continued flexing behind him.


Resnick : John Tatum, you and your men came out of nowhere and perpetrated a dastardly attack on Superstar Unit! What is the deal?


Tatum : The deal is this, Resnick! Pillman and Douglas think they are the big thing here in the AWA, just because they have bunch of teeny boppers squealing over them! Well that's just because they haven't seen what real men look like here in Minnesota! I have come all the way from Hollywood with my Stud Squad , and everybody is going to forget about those young punks.  Now is the time for …


Tatum gets cut off by Bill Dundee, Shane Douglas and Brian Pillman charging out for revenge. They get some good shots in, but are still outnumbered four to three and the Stud Squad looked like they might do some real damage before security came out and forced them to leave.


Rick Martel vs. Sabu


A long time favorite of the AWA fans, Rick Martel has just recently announced that he has signed a long term contract with the AWA, with no other commitments to other promotions or organizations.  Since his big entrance at the Met Center Show, his first opponent is the always unconventional Sabu.  Sabu brought his high risk style full bore against the former Canadian champ, and this made for an exciting and fast paced match that ended when Sabu went for a flying splash on Martel, only for Martel to get his knees up in time and then follow up with his own slingshot splash for the one two three. Martel helped Sabu up after the match, and Sabu got a fair amount of cheers from his own little cult subsection of the AWA fans.


Steven Regal vs. Maxx Payne


Death Sentence have been gunning hard for the Southern Tag Team Titles held by British Steel for a while now, and this time out one member of each team would face off in singles action.  Regal was certainly no small fry, but even he had trouble budging the huge Maxx Payne.  In spite of crazy appearance and allegiance to the Neighborhood Of Evil, Payne has serious collegiate wrestling credentials as well as experience in Japan, and young Regal seemed to get the worst of several suplex exchanges.  Regal was clearly jarred by some heavy slams but fought back with a series of blistering lefts and rights, and seemed to get set up for the Regal-Plex, but just could not get the big man up and over. Payne ultimately countered with a single arm takedown and locked in the Payne Killer armbar until Regal had to give up the match. Not a good omen for British Steels hopes to keep their titles from Death Sentence.


Jake Roberts vs. Hector Guerrero


Jake The Snake has been a bit of a lower profile of late, but anyone who overlooks him does so at their peril. Similarly, the Guerrero Brothers have come back into prominence since regaining the Six Man Tag Titles, and Hector is certainly not someone to take lightly. This led to a vicious and intense match between the two. Jake pulled out every dirty tactic he could work into the match, but Hector was no stranger himself to underhanded methods, and the momentum of the match careened back and forth. Hector tried to get the double underhook suplex to put Jake away, but Jake cut it short with a nasty low blow knee shot and then took advantage with the DDT. Jake got the victory, but it is unlikely that Hector will forgive any time soon.


Ken Patera vs. Ron Simmons


Patera remains a force to be reckoned with in the AWA, but in his newly declared war with Dan Spivey, he has drawn the attention of the dynamic All American Ron Simmons, newly returned to the AWA. These two powerhouses shook the ring as the blasted each other with clothelines, tackles and slams, with the fans clearly taking the side of the Florida State Seminole. Patera eventually threw fair play out the window when he summoned Dynamite Kid to the ring, and both men attacked Simmons as the ref called for the DQ.  Dan Spivey quickly rushed out to the ring and he and Simmons cleared the Syndicate men from the ring. Patera and Dynamite got on the ringside mic and challenged Spivey and Simmons to a tag match at the San Francisco show, a challenge the two men swiftly accepted.


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AWA show from the Cow Palace, San Francisco, October 10th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Super Vader vs. Steve Blackman


Vader won with the choke slam. He was looking to do more damage after the match ended, but Biff Wellington rushed out and pulled his partner out of the ring.


Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas vs. John Tatum & Jack Victory


Pillman was going for the Air Pillman springboard clothesline, but Johnny Ace tripped him off the ropes, and Tatum nailed Pillman with a running elbow smash to the back of the head to get the victory.


Bob Backlund vs. Larry Zbyszko


Backlund rolled up Larry out of the corner with the Natural Bridge to score the pinfall


The Sheepherders vs. The Love Connection


The Love Connection went all out against the Herders, and Butch and Luke were caught off guard by their onslaught, ultimately resorting to slugging the ref to lead to a DQ. Both teams continued to brawl long after the bell.


Bill Dundee vs. Wayne Bloom


Dundee caught Bloom off guard right off the bat with a running cross body press and got the flash one-two-three. After the match, the rest of the Hollywood Stud Squad attacked Dundee, which resulted in Pillman and Douglas running out and a big melee breaking out.


Dan Spivey & Ron Simmons vs. Ken Patera & Dynamite Kid


A predictably hard hitting match that took an unpredictable turn when Spivey and Simmons had gained the advantage, and someone charged into the ring and attacked Spivey. It was Bam Bam Bigelow! Word has it that Bigelow had just signed a full time contract with the AWA, and it looks like he has thrown his lot in with the Sinister Syndicate. While Patera and Dynamite dogpiled on Simmons to prevent him coming to the rescue, Bigelow laid into Spivey with a brutal series of headbutts and slams. Bob Backlund and Rick Martel rushed out to the ring, but were intercepted by the British Bullies. They were ultimately able to break through, but the damage had been done.


AWA American Title Match : Bob Orton © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw.


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Harley Race


A classic and epic battle that ended when Race was trying to set Steamboat up for an Indian Deathlock and Steamboat pulled him into a small package to successfully defend his title.


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AWA show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland, October 11th


Sabu vs. King Tonga


King Tonga pinned Sabu after a thrust kick out of the corner


Tonga Kid vs. Larry Cameron


Tonga Kid caught Cameron in a running cross body press near the ropes that led to the two spilling out of the ring. They both kept on brawling at ringside, leading to a double count out.


Shane Douglas vs. Johnny Ace


A distraction by Wayne Bloom led to Ace blindsiding Douglas with a lariat leading to the win


The Marauders vs. The Youngbloods


Borne pinned Wellington after the Borne Again (top rope flying sitting splash)


Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Harley Race & Leo Burke


Sarge and Hall nailed Burke with a double Slaughter Cannon to get the victory


Rick Martel vs. Kevin Sullivan


Martel won with a slingshot splash


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : Roddy Piper & Bob Orton © vs. British Steel (The Southern Tag Team Title was not on the line)


Regal had hit Orton with the Iron Fist Punch, but Piper had managed a blind tag in, and caught Regal with a schoolboy rollup with a fistful of tights to get the one two three


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Buddy Rose


A very intense and vicious match that ended when Steamboat blocked the Inside Out Backbreaker and reversed it into a belly to back suplex to earn a hard fought victory. Rose kept after him after the match.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for October 17th

 Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mark Wales

 Bigelow made a fair sized dent when he made his return to the AWA in San Francisco, now affiliated with Sheikh Kaissie's Sinister Syndicate. He went out full force in his attack on Dan Spivey, and he maintained that momentum as he tore young Mark Wales to pieces. He battered Wales from pillar to post, tossing him around like a ragdoll before going up top and crushing him with a Nuclear Splash. Bigelow might just prove to be the atom bomb in the arsenal of the Sheikh, and we'll just have to see what the forces of Spiveymania can do to counteract this.

Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas vs. Wayne Bloom & Johnny Ace

 The two junior members of the Hollywood Stud Squad were facing the junior members of Superstar Unit, and Bloom and Ace were clearly not taking their smaller rivals seriously, striking their traditional beefcake poses and flexing their muscles to the loud boos of the fans. Big mistake, as the moment the bell rang, Pillman came off the top rope with a missile dropkick on Bloom. While Douglas belly-to-belly suplexed Ace out of the ring, Pillman went for the cover and got the lightning quick one two three. Bloom and Ace were livid, and summoned Tatum and Victory to come and attack Douglas and Pillman. The Stud Squad gave some hard lumps to the youngsters before Bill Dundee rushed out and ran them off with a chair. Superstar Unit may have won this battle, but with a numbers disadvantage, how will they prevail in the war?

Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian vs. The Youngbloods

 Roberts and Nord have been seriously cranking up their profile of late, after a low key period, with a spate of intense matches. The Youngbloods put in a game effort, but ultimately the furious attack of the Snake and the Barbarian broke them down. After Nord tossed Wellington out of the ring, Jake drilled Blackman into the mat with the DDT to put a brutal end to the match. But even that was not enough for the Snakepit, as Nord came off the ropes and went flying out of the ring, landing  hard onto Wellington's chest with both knees. Where are the Snakepit going to go from here? The answer is anywhere they want to.

Bob Backlund vs. Sabu

 In spite of some tough losses, the cult following of Sabu has steadily grown, both in size and enthusiasm. Facing the always popular former World Champion Backlund, Sabu got a fair amount of cheers for his crazy attitude and antics. Backlund, for his part, seemed good naturedly bemused by his unconventional opponent, and what resulted was a fast paced, back and forth battle. It looked like Sabu just might pull it off when he came off the ropes with a high leaping legdrop, but Backlund was just playing possum and rolled out of the way just in time. Backlund followed up by wrapping him up in the Backlund Bridge and got the one two three. Post match, in a show of sportsmanship, Backlund raised the arm of Sabu, to the cheers of the fans.

Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Harley Race & Leo Burke

 The Cobra Corps have kept hammering on Playboy After Dark in their quest for revenge, but Buddy Rose's men have just refused to go away. This time out, the Playboy himself was there to rally his troops, and Race and Burke would pull out every dirty tactic they could think of to keep one step ahead of the Corps' offense. Hall took it into his own hands and started just plain overpowering Race with big slams and tackles. He was winding up to nail him with a huge lariat, but Rose pulled down the top rope from the outside, causing Hall to tumble to the floor. Hall was not able to make it back in time, and Playboy After Dark got the win by countout. Rose and crew were looking to continue the attack after the match, but Sarge got on the ringside mic and challenged all three of them to a match at the show in Denver, which Rose accepted.

AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. Death Sentence

 Kevin Sullivan's fearsome duo have come very close to taking the Southern Tag Titles before, but against all odds, Regal and Smiley have managed to prevail. Gaylord and Payne were clearly determined that the titles would finally be theirs, as they blasted the champions with double team power moves to try to wear them down.  Regal and Smiley kept coming back, showing their trademark grit and determination , but Death Sentence just would not let up. The match broke down when Smiley and Gaylord were brawling on the outside, while Regal and Payne were slugging it out in the ring. Sullivan, taking advantage of the ref's distraction, threw the Golden Spike in to Payne, but Regal intercepted it. Regal contemplated using it on Payne, but thought better of it and tossed the Spike to the outside. This hesitation cost him, however, when Tom Zenk snuck in the ring and Superkicked him in the back of the head. Payne took advantage and went for the cover, and the ref, seeing only Payne on top of Regal, counted the pinfall that spelled the end of British Steel's title reign. The crowd booed ferociously as Gaylord and Payne held the belts above their heads, but regardless of what the fans might want, Death Sentence are the new champions.

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AWA show from the Denver Auditorium, Denver, October 17th (as shown on ESPN / TNS Super Cards)

Shane Douglas vs. Wayne Bloom

 Shane Douglas opened up the match with the belly to belly suplex to get the flash pin on Bloom. The post match was filled with brawling between Superstar Unit and the Hollywood Stud Squad.

The Marauders vs. Chavo & Mando Guerrero

 Slater pinned Mando after a swinging neckbreaker

Sabu vs. Rick Martel

 Martel won with a slingshot splash

The Great Kabuki vs. Nick Bockwinkel

 Bockwinkel blocked a thrust kick with a legsweep and followed up with a double leg cradle to score the pinfall

Dan Spivey, Ron Simmons & Bob Backlund vs. Ken Patera, Bam Bam Bigelow & Dynamite Kid

 Simmons pinned Dynamite after a spinebuster slam. Bigelow continued to go after Spivey after the match.

The Sheepherders vs. The Love Connection

 The Love Connection won by DQ after the Sheepherders brought a chair into the ring. Candido seemed to be hurt very badly from a number of chair shots to the ribs. A furious Sunshine then got on the mic and challenged the Sheepherders to face a team of her choosing next week in a no DQ , loser leaves town match, a challenge that the Sheepherders accepted.

Playboy After Dark vs. Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall & ?? ??

 Buddy Rose and his crew came out , full of themselves and clearly feeling like they could take on whoever the Cobra Corps could bring out. Slaughter and Hall then made their way to the ring and Slaughter announced their partner, from Denver, Colorado … TOO COLD SCORPIO! The crowd exploded as "Walk This Way" by Run DMC & Aerosmith played over the PA and the Denver native rushed out to the ring, high fiving the fans along the way. Scorpio had been absent from the AWA for several months, ever since being brutalized by Super Vader, but was clearly ready to go. What followed was a fast paced, exciting match that ended when Scorpio pinned Burke with a top rope flying splash.

AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Super Vader

 Steamboat tried to bring the fight to Vader, peppering Vader with chops and dropkicks while dodging out of the way of his blows. But the masked man was relentless and kept advancing on the champion. Ultimately , Steamboat's wound up trying to grapple with him and tore off part of his mask. This caused Vader to completely blow his stack and he started wildly flailing , even knocking over the ref with a backhand. Vader then started raining punches down on the ref until Roddy Piper rushed in and pulled him off. It was then announced that Vader had been fined $1000 for attacking the ref.

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AWA show from the Great Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, October 18th

 Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian vs. The Youngbloods

 Jake pinned Wellington after the DDT

Brian Pillman vs. Johnny Ace

 Pillman won with the Air Pillman

Black Irish vs. Tonga Kid & King Tonga

 Both teams were counted out while brawling outside the ring

The British Bruisers vs. Ron Simmons & Bob Backlund

 Simmons pinned Jones after a flying shoulder tackle

Bill Dundee & Shane Douglas vs. The Can-Am Express

 Tatum and Victory snuck down to the ring and tripped Douglas comind off the ropes, leading to Furnas pinning him with a power slam

The Great Kabuki vs. Sabu

 Kabuki caught Sabu coming off the ropes with a thrust kick and scored the pinball

AWA Southern Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Norman Smiley

 Zenk forced Smiley to give up to the sleeper hold

AWA World Tag Team Title Match : Roddy Piper & Bob Orton © vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero

 Piper and Orton won by DQ when they were attacked by Jake Roberts and Nord The Barbarian. Both sides brawled for a while before security forced them from the ring.



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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for October 31st

 Johnny Ace & Wayne Bloom vs. Kent Nelson & Aaron Knight

 Last week, Ace and Bloom suffered a humiliatingly quick loss at the hands of Pillman and Douglas, so this time out they were determined to take it out on Nelson and Knight. While John Tatum and Jack Victory prowled around the ringside area, wary of any possible interference from Superstar Unit, Ace and Bloom battered their young opponents with a series of power moves before Bloom torpedoed Nelson with a flying shoulder tackle to put him away. A decisive victory, but the Hollywood Stud Squad are still clearly hungry to take out Bill Dundee and his young charges.

The British Bullies vs. Mando & Hector Guerrero

 With two of the most skilled tag teams in the AWA squaring off, one would expect an intense technical showdown, and that is definitely what the fans got.  Plentiful matwork and counter-wrestling, followed by an exchange of suplexes, had the crowd on the edge of their seats through much of the match. Unfortunately, Dynamite Kid decided to make his presence felt by nailing Mando with a top rope dropkick while the ref was distracted, allowing Jones to trap him in a double leg rollup to score the pinfall. Chavo charged into the ring to protest the call, but the decision stood.

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Ben Morgan

 After seemingly being driven out of the AWA at the hands of Super Vader, Scorpio came back with a vengeance  in front of his home town Denver fans. His colleagues from the Cobra Corps were at ringside, cheering him on (and watching his back) , Scorpio dazzled everyone present with his rapid fire and high flying moves, finally putting down young Ben Morgan with a top rope flying splash. The Cobra Corps are clearly getting new fire with the return of their youngest recruit.

Ken Patera vs. Bob Backlund

 These two had some truly epic bouts when Backlund was WWF champion, and the rivalry between these two titans was clearly still burning. The powerful Patera went all out against Backlund, and Backlund in turn held back nothing against the former Olympian. It broke down into a battle of the Full Nelson vs. the Crossface Chicken Wing, where attempts by both men to get their finishing holds led to them tumbling out of the ring and slugging it out at ringside until the bell rang, signaling a double countout. A disappointing ending, but I don't think we have seen the last of this feud.

Al Perez vs. Sabu

 Young Sabu has been running a gauntlet of tough technical opponents of late, and this time out would face off with perennial favorite and title holder Al Perez. Sabu showed that he has clearly been learning from his experience, blocking attempts at the German Suplex and rolling through multiple attempted submission holds.  He kept sticking and moving against Perez, keeping the Latin Heartthrob off balance until he came off the ropes one time too many and Perez was able to catch him in a waistlock and hit the German Suplex. One three count later and Perez stood victorious, but, as has been happening lately, helped up Sabu and shook his hand, congratulating him on a solid effort.

AWA American Title Match : Bob Orton © vs. Steven Regal

Ever since he won the American Title from Dan Spivey, Bob Orton has been a fighting champion. For all that one might disapprove of his tactics, Orton has taken on all challengers and not loosened his grip on the title. This time out, he was facing one half of British Steel, and the Young Gentleman fought like a lion to try to bring the Cowboy down. Regal has some rock solid technical skills , but seemed determined to let his fists do the talking as he peppered Orton with lefts and rights. Orton was able to regain control of the match on a number of occasions and bring Regal to the mat, but Regal kept maneuvering his way out of jeopardy and coming back with big punches.  The Ace took some hard shots, but was able to weather out the storm before luring Regal into a massive lariat. Even that was not enough to keep him down, so Orton hoisted him onto the top turnbuckle and took him down with the Superplex, which finally put a halt to Regal's challenge. A strong showing for the popular Englishman but he came up short this time.

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Yeah I think we missed some pieces of the main event... outside of that... I think what is most telling is the match of Ken Patera and Bob Backlund happening here and what it means now compared to a couple of years ago. I think they both have relevancy but here in the AWA they are continuing to fight to show that they are on top of their game. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

AWA show from the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, October 31st (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)

 The Marauders vs. The Youngbloods

 Borne pinned Blackman after the Cannonball (top rope sitting splash)

Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Buddy Rose & Harley Race

 Both members of Playboy After Dark really tore into Hall throughout the match, but Hall was able to catch Race in the Corporal Punishment to pull out the win

Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera & Dynamite Kid vs. Dan Spivey, Ron Simmons & Bill Dundee

 Dynamite pinned Dundee after a belly to belly piledriver. Both sides continued brawling after the final bell.

No DQ , Loser Leaves Town Match : The Sheepherders vs. ?? ??

 The New Zealanders were incredibly cocky as they came out to the ring, jawing with the fans and giving every indication they felt more than a match for anyone Sunshine could send against them. Shortly after, Sunshine, wearing a bikini top and tropical sarong type skirt, made her way to the ring, with Al Perez and the Great Kabuki at her side. The Sheeperder were ready to go after Perez and Kabuki, but Sunshine got on the mic and announced that they were not going to be in the match but were there to watch her back. Instead, the Sheepherders would be facing her newest tag team … Haku … Tama … The Islanders! The Sheepherders were enraged but not intimidated, attacking the Islanders as they entered the ring. But Haku and Tama were loaded and ready to go, and what resulted was a wild and furious battle where all four men ended up getting busted open. Butch Miller tried to take advantage of the No DQ stipulation by bringing a chair into the ring and whalloped Haku in the head with it, but stood slack jawed in astonishment as Haku simply turned around and stared at him. Haku then knocked Miller to the mat with a thrust kick to the jaw, followed by a top rope flying splash by Tama to get the one two three that sent the Sheepherders out of the AWA for good.

AWA Canadian Title Match : Leo Burke © vs. Too Cold Scorpio

 Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw.

AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : Death Sentence © vs. British Steel

 Death Sentence hit a double goozle on Smiley for the victory

Ricky Steamboat, Rick Martel & Bob Backlund vs. Roddy Piper, Bob Orton & Super Vader

 Martel caught Orton in a schoolboy trip, combined with a running cross body block by Steamboat for the pinfall. After the match, Vader went after Steamboat, landing some brutal punches to the head before the AWA officials intervened.

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The main event makes you wonder how much longer Piper will be able to control Super Vader, especially if eventually, Vader costs him a major title match. But in the meantime, that makes for a great intimidating factor. And great debut for the Islanders, sending the Sheepherders packing!

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