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[2018-11-03-NJPW-Power Struggle] Tomohiro Ishii vs Minoru Suzuki

paul sosnowski

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I enjoyed the last two Ishii-Suzuki matches but there was always too much outside shenanigans and contrived crowd brawling to make them truly "great". That all changed with this match as they intentionally kept everything in the ring. Good Lord the shots they threw in this match. The previous matches had been physical but Suzuki and Ishii laid into each other way more then they ever had before. I really got the sense that everything that had happened in the previous matches was building up to this. No crowd brawling, no chair shots. Just heavy, back-and-forth bombs. The match went on maybe 2-3 minutes longer than it needed to but this was still and incredibly fun and violent contest. 


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This felt like the first real New Japan match in months. Two bad motherfuckers beatin' the hell out of each other for almost twenty minutes with no fluff or shenanigans. We all know Ishii can lob a mean elbow but some of those elbows Suzuki was throwing were scary. Of course, Ishii is one of the best at selling a beating and dishing it back out, which he did he. I liked his over-the-shoulder piledriver counter - I don't think I've seen him use that before - and a little blood doesn't hurt. I haven't seen any of their British matches but I reckon that they're nowhere near as good.  

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-11-03-NJPW-Power Struggle] Tomohiro Ishii vs Minoru Suzuki

Loved this. Big strikes and both guys looking like the absolute man. Agreed that it goes a little too long and there's a little too much downtime during some of the strike exchanges. But man, this was great when it was great. Those elbow smashes were just...cringe in the best possible way. Simple match but down to a high level. Great stuff.


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