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[2018-11-18-WWE-Survivor Series] Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair


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Rousey rookie of the year vs. the motivated Charlotte Flair makes for some magic. These two go out and earn their lost spot as the WrestleMania main event. Rousey is just so scrappy every time she goes out there. There's struggle behind every movement that even her collar and elbow tie ups look absurdly aggressive. Despite that aggression, she also has some of the best bumping and selling in the game? It's a spectacular combination that creates a match where everything felt earned and there seemed to be a feel that anyone could nab the advantage at any second. Not because of any your turn-my turn booking but because both workers were just so determined to just dog it out. That finishing angle was hot as hell and the path to a Rousey Mania main event seems clear. Return to us oh Becky soon, please. Awesome stuff. 


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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-11-18-WWE-Survivor Series] Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair

This was wild as shit. I gave Charlotte so much shit for her face championship reign, but this is her best showing ever.

Just everything looks intense, fueled by hate. There is not a single stance of wasted motion, as even the most basic of chinlocks are a struggle for position. Charlotte elbowing Rousey in the face and busting her up was an amazing visual. 

More than once, it almost seemed that Charlotte's arm was going to turn in the wrong way, and Ronda was completely bruised, from head to toe.


A war. Love that Ronda gave us 3 legit MOTYC within 7 months.

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This was the most un-WWE match in a WWE ring I've ever seen. This looked like an actual knock-down, drag-out fight and both Charlotte and Ronda sold it as such. Just absolutely beating the crap out of each other to the point where you couldn't tell if their exhaustion was legit or just really good selling. Ronda matches are always so different from what you normally see as they have a sort of controlled chaos feel. She's a bit sloppy, but it works. Charlotte also knocked it out of the park here. She's always been a much better heel than face as it basically just allows her to beat people up which has always been the best part of her game. But just like the Brock match, it frustrates me that this was one of the few matches this year where it actually looked like Charlotte gave a damn. Still, arguably the best MR match this year.


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This was pretty damn great. The fantastic transitions and counters from Ronda. Some awesome duel limb work with Ronda going for the arm and Charlotte going for the leg along with some great selling from Ronda (And Charlotte too). This was very intense and some parts were nasty and brutal like the snug spear from Charlotte. Liked this a ton. The finish was awesome too, job well done. Maybe the best women's match in WWE history. ****1/2

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