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[1987-10-03-WWF-Boston, MA] Strike Force vs The Islanders

Superstar Sleeze

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Strike Force vs Islanders - WWF Boston 10/03/87

I couldnt find any of the classic Strike Force vs Islanders matches I have reviewed.:( So I decided to check this out. 

Man, I have I said many times, many ways, Tama should have been a heel megastar. He is such a cocky asshole. He takes three king-sized bumps early. The biggest is off a dropkick over the top rope to the floor and then over the railing. Martel is such a joy to watch. He is always high-stepping his way into your heart. Tito Santana is a great blood feud worker. I loved him just punching Tama right in the face on a leapfrog. The heat segment is set up nicely by Martel knocking heads with Haku and falling back into enemy territory. Tama chokes him with the tag rope. Tama is the biggest douche and the best part is that he spits at Tito. Some really great Islanders offense paired with great heel tactics like slamming Martel's head into a ring post and a dropkick & shoulderbreaker by Haku. Haku misses a somersault splash. HERE COMES TITO! Big back body drop on Tama, he was up in the rafters! FLYING BURRITO! Haku makes the save. Strike Force double dropkick! Strike Force looks poised to win as Tito wraps Tama up in a figure-4, but as the ref is sending Martel out, Haku hits a king sized diving headbutt on a prone Tito. Haku pins Tito to win. Typically great Strike Force vs Islanders match not as good as their MSG classics as this is a bit shorter, but it is the three of the best workers of all time just ruling the ring. God I love Tama! ****

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