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paul sosnowski

[2002-06-16-EPIC-International Collision] Super Dragon vs American Dragon

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INDY KINGS ROAD! It's almost needless to say this was very good, stiff pro wrestling between arguably 2 of 3 most talented US dudes in 2002. Match had good build and Super Dragons arm selling was excellent, textbook stuff. He was struggling to hit his signature move, even intentionally fucking up a springboard dive and whiplashing into the ropes. Outside interference was a little goofy but lead to a huge double stomp from Dragon. Danielson in this early stage was a pretty fun wrestler of his own, busting out a lot of things that will come unexpected if you are used to the later WWE or RoH version.

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  • Excalibur and Larry Rivera suck on commentary.
  • Excalibur and Disco Machine didn't do much in SDs corner. They somewhat buried the ref. who clearly saw them intervene and didn't do anything to discourage it.
  • Nice gritty collar and elbow tie up, sucks it was very brief and didn't lead to a takedown.
  • Low kick and slap exchanges were weak/sucked.
  • The flying armbar counter to the elbow from SD was great. Loved AD showing desperation rushing to the ropes to get out of it.
  • The arm work from AD was neat. Loved the counter hip toss into a modified Russian leg sweep and the arm stomp.
  • Decent selling of the arm work from SD. Loved him not being able to pull himself up for the springboard and not being able to pull up AD for the piledriver the first time around.
  • SD's butterfly lock with his legs and face kicks are always neat to watch as he knows how to make them look convincible without being excessive.
  • The indy strike exchanges are played out at this point as it's been happening in the majority of indy matches.
  • Loved AD going back to the arm and his clothesline to cut off SD's attempt at a comeback.
  • The lariats from SD look great usually and AD is great at lariat bumps.
  • The springboard double stomp was a cool spot, but not sure why it'd crush AD and not Disco Machine's knees as well.
  • Super blue thunder bomb spot was pretty crazy. Could've been the finish, but since this is built as a first time ever dream match and this being during the period of AD's run where he was impossible to put out, it made sense for him to kick out.
  • Seemed like a botched finish (if it wasn't, Excalibur didn't do a good job covering up for it on commentary. Makes sense for AD to win with the cattle mutilation, but I think they could've milked this a bit more as it was somewhat anti-climatic.
  • Very good match overall and they left plenty on the table for future matches.

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This was my first time to see a Super Dragon match. I thought the match was pretty weak, choreographed, and unconvincing, and I don't get the Super Dragon gimmick. What is he meant to be? An American guy trying to dress like Great Sasuke? 

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