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Bomb Squad get the upset with a pretty sweet finish.

Windham is about ready for a title shot.

The Guerreros are moving towards another chance at the titles. 

Mega Man has been stepping it up. 

Midnight's show why they're holding gold as they retain against the tough British Steel. 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on ESPN / TSN, October 1st


Black Tiger vs. Ben Morgan




After making his first appearance in a tag match with Tony St. Clair, the mysterious Black Tiger makes his singles debut tonight. The masked man was all over the rookie Morgan, tying him in knots with a serious of weardown holds and flummoxing him with super fast flying moves. He finally drove him to the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver and got the pinfall. The British Invasion has gone through a lot of changes, but the addition of Black Tiger might well help them break into the upper ranks of PCW.


Mike Rotunda vs. One Man Gang


Mike Rotunda Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Age,  Height, Wiki-Bio  The One Man Gang | Wrestling superstars, Pro wrestling, One man gang


Another relative newcomer to Pacific Coast Wrestling is the One Man Gang, and he has been pretty much mowing through anyone he has faced. Mike Rotunda was a game challenger and did everything he could, but nothing he attempted was able to put a dent in the big 747. In a desperation move, he tried to get him up in a Samoan Drop, but the Gang's towering mass was too much for the Syracuse letterman , and the two crashed to the match. Gang was able to get up and hit two elbowdrops, followed by a running splash for the one two three. That was not enough for the Crazy Gang member, as Percy Pringle tossed him his chain. One Man Gang looked like he was going to do some serious damage on Rotunda, but then a cheer went up from the crowd as Barry Windham, making his return, charged out and sent Gang out of the ring with a dropkick to the back. Windham hovered protectively over Rotunda, and Gang looked like he was going to get back in the ring, but Pringle ushered him back to the locker room. It looks like Windham is drawing a line in the sand and is determined that the One Man Gang's rampage goes no further.


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Chris Adams & Brian Adams


Wrestling Redux: WCW: 2 Cold Scorpio | Wrestling superstars, Pro wrestler,  Professional wrestlingNorman Smiley - Wrestler - Fantasy Profile - Character profile -  Writeups.orgWorld Class Memories: "...he was the one I always thought was going to be  as big as anyone could be in wrestling..."Gallery - Online World of Wrestling


While Gary Hart's men have had some wins over the Thundercats, the American Ninja's headstrong attitude is clearly grating on both Hart and Chris Adams. Once again, he tried to shoulder the bulk of the action in the match, and while he landed some big moves on his smaller opponents, you could see him getting some dirty looks from his manager and teammate. His newfound confidence got the better of him when he was beating down Smiley in the corner, but had failed to notice that he had tagged in Scorpio. Scorpio came in with a top rope Sunset Flip, and with an assist of leverage from Smiley, he held Adams' shoulders to the mat for the count of three. Brian Adams was downcast after the match, and Hart and Chris Adams kept berating him all the way back to the locker room.


Badd Company vs. The Bomb Squad (Chris Candido & Al Snow)


piZap by Mary Isbell | Wrestling, Memphis, CompanyChris Candido - IMDbRasslin' History 101 on Twitter: "A photo of Al Snow in his rookie year in  pro wrestling back in 1982… "


In a very short time, The Bomb Squad has become one of the most exciting teams in the crowded PCW tag ranks. In spite of Candido's bratty attitude, their high speed, high risk style has captured the attention of he fans who love their dynamic in ring ability as much as they hate their insufferable disposition. Tonight, they would be facing another exciting team, Badd Company (who were surprisingly out without their manager, Missy Hyatt). The two teams engaged in an incredibly quick paced match, which led to the fans nearly gasping for breath as they tried to keep up with the action. It looked like it would go to Badd Company when they had Snow set up for their Thrust Kick/German Suplex combo. But Candido intercepted Diamond before he was able to hit the Thrust Kick, and Snow took Tanaka down with a legsweep. He then followed up with a Wheelbarrow Suplex that scored the pinfall. After that impressive win, the Bomb Squad are clearly exploding to the top.


Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring


Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guests have suffered some setbacks lately in Pacific Coast Wrestling … the Five Man Army.


 Leo Burke - IMDbimage.png.517a8bbc52143a1fcf716cb64e436911.pngBig Bully Busick Redux - Old School Pro Wrestler Monster Heel Powerlifter  Wrestling Legend - YouTubeimage.png.7be12b2b0c294826b36b197b636a552c.pngGallery - Online World of Wrestling


The crowd cheers as the Five Man Army head to the ring, but the Army are clearly not in a jovial mood. Leo Burke looked miserable, while Bam Bam Bigelow, Nick Busick, Shane Douglas and Steve Blackman looked equally grim. Once they got to the ring, Burke asked Bonnema for the microphone.


Burke : Thank you, Frank, I can take this from here. There's something I need to say to the men in front of everyone. * The Army give him their full attention * Army, face it. I blew it. I didn't listen to you and I trusted the Masked Avenger, and it cost us. I was betrayed by him and he left my lying in the middle of the ring. And now, Bam Bam is no longer the television champ because of him. I screwed up, and if you guys want to say "I told you so" … well, now is your chance. I sure deserve it.


Bam Bam looks to the others, who nod their heads, agreeing that he will speak for all of them.


Bigelow : Leo, no way we are going to do that. The Army is not an "I told you" kind of team. You made a mistake … well, so have the rest of us. No sense beating yourself up over things you can't change now. You trusted someone and it turned out badly. Well, you trusted us too. Hell, you took a chance on me, a yahoo from Asbury Park, and I will always be thankful for it.


Burke : Well, thank you, Bam Bam. That is very generous of you.


Bigelow : None of that, boss. We're a team. We're going to move forward as a team and take care of business. The Masked Avenger stabbed us all in the back, and we are going to make him pay. If it is the last thing we do … we are going to run the Masked Avenger out of Pacific Coast Wrestling!


Steven Regal vs. Dennis Condrey


 British Wrestlers Reunion - Steve (William) RegalDENNIS CONDREY WRESTLER 8 X 10 WRESTLNG PHOTO NWA | eBay


British Steel have been hot on the heels of the Pacific Tag Champs the Midnight Express, but Jim Cornette's men have been thus far able to keep the titles out of their grasp. While Regal's partner Robbie Brookside was by his side for this singles match, Condrey was backed up by Bobby Eaton, Jim Cornette, and Cornette's huge bodyguard Big Bubba Rogers. With all of these distractions at ringside, it was difficult for Regal to get much traction in the match, but he certainly did his best. Unfortunately, when the action spilled out to ringside, Cornette was able to draw the attention of the referee while Big Bubba hit the Bubba Slam on Regal. Regal was not able to make it back in the ring, leading to a countout win for Condrey. Brookside helped his partner up and the two were livid at the result, but Cornette's men didn't seem to care, cackling all the way back to the locker room.


Tony St. Clair vs. Ed Wiskowski


Exclusive Tony St Clair Interview by Seconds Away-British Wrestling Podcast  then and now • A podcast on AnchorProWresBlog: Mid-South Wrestling 12/3/1981 Review

Someone else gunning for PCW gold is Regal and Brookside's British Invasion stablemate, "Tough" Tony St. Clair. He is hot on the trail of the Pacific Heavyweight champ Buddy Rose, but tonight, he would have to face the Playboy's closest ally, the big "Polish Prince" Ed Wiskowski. Easy Ed was in no mood to trifle and threw plenty of big bombs as he was clearly out to hurt St. Clair. But they didn't call St. Clair "Tough" Tony for nothing, and the Englishman weathered out the storm and started throwing bombs of his own. He was ultimately able to hit the spinning forearm smash to knock out Wiskowski for the victory. No one is going to get in St. Clair's way on his path to the Playboy

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Black Tiger shows what he can do solo.

OMG runs into his first serious roadblock.

Adams is getting into some hot water with his crew.

The Bomb Squad go 2-0 against Badd Company.

The 5 Man Army is still standing strong & ready for payback!

Cornette & crew show the kind of tricks that put them on top of the PCW tag scene.

St Clair beats the right hand man but can he finally get one over on the head of the table?

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Black Tiger continues to impress.

OMG takes down Rotunda and wants to inflict more pain until Barry Windham puts a stop top that. OMG vs. Windham...OH YEA! 

Thundercats take advantage of Brian's overconfidence and get back on the winning track. Dissention remains with Gary Hart's duo. 

Bomb Squad pull off their biggest win to date over Badd Co. 

Bigelow and the Army quickly forgive Burke. Avenger now has 5 men to deal with. 

Cornette, Eaton and Bubba on the outside is to much of a distraction, just ask Regal. 

My man Tony St. Clair continues his quest for the title as he takes down the Playboy's number one henchman Easy Ed. 

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver on Pacific Super Cards on ESPN / TSN , October 2nd


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


Douglas caught Steiner with a belly to belly suplex for the win


Ron Simmons & Brickhouse Brown vs. Stan Hansen & Joel Deaton


Hansen pinned Brickhouse after hitting the lariat


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Brian Adams & Chris Adams


Once again, Brian Adams wrestled the bulk of this match for his team, but this time it was because Chris Adams refused to tag in. Chris Adams and Gary Hart were berating Brian Adams the whole time, but the American Ninja put in a game effort against the former Golden State Tag champs, up until Chris Adams finally came into the ring, only to hit his own partner with a Superkick, right into a rollup by Smiley for a Thundercats win. Chris Adams and Gary Hart continued to verbally abuse Brian Adams even after the end of the match, until Brian had enough and grabbed them both by the throat. Unfortunately for him, at this point a mysterious man in face paint charged the ring and nailed Brian with a crescent kick. He, Chris Adams and Gary Hart proceeded to put the boots to Adams. When this happened, the Thundercats bailed out of the ring, leaving Brian to his fate, but soon Vic Steamboat, Shane Douglas and Steve Blackman ran out to rescue the big Hawaiian, sending Chris Adams, Gary Hart and the mystery man running out of the ring. Who is this strange new cohort to Gary Hart International.


Wrestling with Sin: 121 | Ring the Damn Bell


Nick Busick vs. The Masked Avenger


The Man From Powerhouse Hill did his best to try to avenge his mentor Leo Burke, but the huge Masked Avenger was able to take him down with an over the knee backbreaker to get the win.


Brian Pillman vs. Hector Guerrero


Another fast paced classic from these two that Pillman won when he trapped Hector with a crucifix counter to an attempted clothesline


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


While Cornette distracted the referee , Big Bubba Rogers entered the ring and hit a Bubba Slam on Brookside, leaving him to be pinned by Bobby Eaton


Tony St. Clair, Black Tiger & Vic Steamboat vs. Budy Rose, Ed Wiskowski & Fit Finlay


Finlay had Tiger set up for a Tombstone Piledriver, only for Tiger to reverse it into his own Tombstone and score the victory


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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, October 3rd


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


Severn beat Rose with a takeover suplex


Ron Simmons vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


Simmons won with a running spear


Barry Windham, Tom Magee & Scott Hall vs. The Hart Foundation & The Great Muta


The highlight of this match was a long exchange between Windham and Bret Hart. Hart ultimately won the match for his team when he countered an attempted neckbreaker by Magee with a lightning quick Russian Legsweep.


Eddie Gilbert vs. Bob Orton


Gilbert caught Orton coming off the ropes with a Hot Shot for the victory


Pacific Television Title Match : Big Bubba Rogers © vs. Mike Rotunda


Rotunda was still showing the effects of the earlier attack by One Man Gang, but put in a valiant effort before being pinned by the champ after an Avalanche in the corner


Iron & Steel (Tony Atlas & Larry Cameron) vs. The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner)


Another hard hitting bout between these two heated rivals that ended when Cameron went for the Harlem Hammer (running double axehandle to the back of the head and neck) on Ed Gantner, only for the Wild Bull to duck and come back with the Bull Hammer (running forearm smash to the face) to get the win


California Title Match : Tracy Smothers © vs. Owen Hart


Owen hit a flying cross body off the top rope to the outside on Smothers, then was able to make it back into the ring to beat the count and get the win by countout. Smothers remained California champ.



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First Vancouver.

2 stiff tag matches get the night started off.

C.Adams & Hart finally have enough & (literally) kick B.Adams out of the group. Plus he's already been replaced by TNT. Honestly not too surprised the Thunderbirds peace out'd considering his behavior. Nice of Vic & Black Gold to lend a hand though.

1 down & 4 to go for the Masked Avenger.

Pillman & Guerrero make more magic.

British Steel really need to consider bringing some friends to their matches with the MXE.

Black Tiger proves his worth by taking down the fighting Irishman.

On to Kelowna.

The Odd Couple with another win over former champions. How long until their title shot?

Simmons runs through Miller.

Hart's men halt the Brigade.

Gilbert is making his case for another title match.

A injured Rotunda isn't enough to get past Bubba.

The Bull Pin must've been ecstatic with their boys winning this slugfest.

Owen is certainly due a rematch after this performance.

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It's really good to see the Black Tiger netting wins - I love that gimmick. I could watch Barry Windham fighting Bret Hart a thousand times! Owen Hart is going to snatch the title, I'm sure. It's only a matter of time!

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Couple of fun house shows. 

Gary Hart brings in TNT! Good career move here.

I'm sure the fists were flying in the Busick and Avenger match. Avenger pulls it out but still has more to deal with.

I hope Pillman and Hector wrestle til the end of the year.

Tiger's stock is rising.

Simmons takes down Miller as Hansen awaits.

Bret gets a little revenge on Mega Man. Hopefully we get a Windham/Bret one on one.

Orton/Gilbert is another one of my favorite programs. 

Bubba is proving to be a solid TV champ.

Love that hard hitting finish in the Iron/Steel-Wild Bulls match.

Owen gets the co win but Smothers remains CA champ. Owen would make a great CA champ but man am I enjoying Smothers run here. 

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Just wanted to let you know that I.m keeping up with that's happening in PCW.  Hard to write big reviews but I enjoy how well you keep building on all your angles from show to show.  I am really enjoying the Cornette angle.  Simmons, Gilbert are a cose second.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , October 8th


TNT vs. Matt Dyson


Wrestling with Sin: 121 | Ring the Damn Bell


Last week, Brian Adams found himself kicked out of Gary Hart International and subsequently attacked by a mysterious facepainted man. This week , Gary Hart came out and introduced that man as his newest protégé, the Puerto Rican firebrand known as TNT. Young Matt Dyson was probably wishing that he was making his debut on a different week, as TNT brutally and effectively dismantled him with a series of chops and kicks before putting him down for good with a whalloping spin kick. An impressive debut, but he had best be on his guard, because you know that big Brian Adams is going to be out for vengeance.


Brian Pillman vs. Mando Guerrero


 Anything Wrestling - 22 Years Later: October 5th, 1997 - WattpadMando Guerrero – Online World of Wrestling


The former Cincinnati Bengal has had several exciting matches with Hector Guerrero, but tonight he would be facing another Guerrero, Mando.  Mando did everything he could to ground Flyin' Brian with some takedowns and submission holds. But Pillman has learned a lot in his short time and was able to roll through or break out of these holds, and it didn't take long for him to take to the sky. He peppered Mando with his trademark aerial moves before pinning him following the Air Pillman. A satisfying win for Pillman, however you know he is looking for just one more match with Hector Guerrero.


Pacific Television Title Match : Big Bubba Rogers © vs. Brickhouse Brown


Big Bubba Rogers ( Shown here with the UWF Title). He also portrayed this  particular character … | World championship wrestling, Wrestling  superstars, Pro wrestlingBrickhouse Brown Passes Away at 57 Years Old After Battle with Cancer - PWP  Nation


Ever since his controversial win over Bam Bam Bigelow for the Pacific TV Title, Big Bubba Rogers has been an unstoppable juggernaut. No one has come close to taking the belt from him. The popular Brickhouse did his best, but Rogers would not be denied, catching him with a Big Bubba Slam for another dominating victory. After the match , he and Jim Cornette , along with the Midnight Express, gathered in the ring. Frank Bonnema joined them.


Shitloads Of Wrestling — The Midnight Express, Big Bubba Rogers, and Jim...


Bonnema : Well, Jim Cornette, you certainly seem to be full of yourself today.


Cornette : Well, Freewheelin' Frank, I have every right to be. The Midnight Express are the Pacific Tag Team Champs, my man Big Bubba is the TV champ, and no one is even close to taking the gold from us. Camp Cornette is on top of the world  and no one can stop us n- …


Cornette is cut off by the sound of "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest. playing over the arena PA. Cornette and his men are initially furious, but then start laughing when they see Robbie Brookside and Steven Regal, the members of British Steel, come to the ring, looking mad as hell and not about to take it anymore.


The Golden Boys – in pictures: early years – Eire + Alba


Cornette : Well, well , well … if it isn't George and Andrew, fresh from guesting with Elton John at Live Aid! How can we help you, boys? If there is something bugging you, Big Bubba will gladly wake you up before you go go!


Brookside : Jim Cornette, every time we get close to winning the Pacific Tag Titles, you send this big clot *pointing at Big Bubba* into the ring to pull your fat out of the fire. Well, at San Diego Battleground, that comes to an end! We have request in with the PCW board of directors to get us a title match, and Big Bubba will be banned from ringside.


The Midnight Express immediately seem anxious, with Big Bubba remaining his usual impassive self, but Cornette calms them down and turns to British Steel.


Cornette : Now, now, boys, we both know that will go nowhere. My mother's lawyers will have that injunction tied up until hell freezes over. I need Big Bubba for my own personal protection from these yahoos in the audience. But I am feeling generous, so I will make a little deal with you. I am sick of looking at you , week in and week out, and I never want to see you again. And I don't want you going to some other territory and crying about how the big , mean Midnight Express cheated you out of the titles. I want your team done for good. So I will agree to your conditions. We will defend the titles and Big Bubba will stay back at the locker room … on one condition. If you lose the match, whichever one of you loses the fall … will be gone from Pacific Coast Wrestling! British Steel will be no more! One of you will have to go somewhere else, while the other one will be forced to stay behind and live with the shame of their failure! What do you say, boys?


There follows some intense discussion between Brookside and Regal before they make their reply.


Regal : Well, Jim Cornette, we will accept your conditions, but only with one condition of our own. Your stipulation will also apply to your own team. If the Midnight Express lose, the loser of the fall will be forced to leave Pacific Coast Wrestling!


Some more frantic chatter among the Midnight Express before Cornette responds.


Cornette : You drive a hard bargain. But it is worth it to me just so I don't have to see your stupid faces again. I have full confidence in my men that there is no chance of you winning. You're on!


Eddie Gilbert & Vic Steamboat vs. Bob Orton & Joel Deaton


365 Pro Wrestlers In 365 Days – Day 11 – Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert |  Blastzone Mike's Live Show/blastzone OnlineVic Steamboat - OWW  image.png.4b7045972cb461f8b76ab620451cbddf.png Joel Deaton - OWW


Gilbert and Steamboat have fought hard against the men from the Crazy Gang and have just gotten the word that they would be facing Orton and Deaton, respectively, in singles matches at San Diego Battleground. Neither team wanted to look weak before their high profile battles, so they both went all out in this match, and it seemed at different points like either team could take the match. It came down to skullduggery on the part of the Crazy Gang, as they took advantage of a distraction of the referee to blindside Steamboat with a double lariat to take the win. A tough loss for Missy Hyatt International, but they are focused on getting the win back at San Diego Battleground.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Shane Douglas


Legend Playboy Buddy Rose Found Dead - OWW image.png.7be12b2b0c294826b36b197b636a552c.png


Shane Douglas has learned a lot in his time in the Pacific Coast, both from his mentor Leo Burke and his partner Steve Blackman. Tonight, all that education would be put to the test as he got his shot at the Playboy's Pacific Heavyweight Title, and he was determined to make the most of that opportunity. He was very aggressive with the champ, and Rose seemed somewhat caught off guard by the fighting spirit of the young Pennsylvania native. Rose certainly knew how to cut off some of Douglas' offense by digging into his considerable bag of tricks, but Douglas just kept battling back. Shane's youthful high spirits got the better of hi when he went for a running cross body on Rose, only for the Playboy to counter with a rollover and, with his feet on the ropes, get the tainted pinfall. While Douglas may not have won the title, he certainly had won a new level of respect from the fans.


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TNT makes his explosive in ring debut.

Mando tries to do his hermano a solid & take out Pillman but it doesn't work out.

Big Bubba bests Brickhouse but Camp Cornette ends up making a huge deal with British Steel giving San Diego Battleground it's first match.

The Crazy Gang excel in chaos as Gilbert & Steamboat find out the hard way.

Douglas probably shouldn't have been a convincing challenger but to your credit he surely had the crowd believing.

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Pacific is defiantly the place for TNT. 

Pillman takes out Mando. I'm looking forward to another Pillman/Hector match. 

A lot at stake between the Midnight's and Brits. YES! San Diego Battleground is coming! Props to Cornette, the man can talk. 

Crazy Gang wins a battle tonight but more to come in San Diego. 

Young Douglas looks impressive but the champ pulls it out. Can't wait to find out who Rose is defending against in San Diego. 



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Really good show.  Big stakes for Cornette's men against British Steel.  I like the push of Shane and the decision to keep the belt on Buddy.  You have everyone in the right place here in PCW.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on ESPN / TSN Pacific Super Cards, October 9th


Brian Adams vs. Mr. Hito


Adams beat Hito with a spinning backbreaker


Leo Burke vs. The Masked Avenger


Burke was out for vengeance but the masked man proved to be too much power to overcome and the Avenger pinned him after an Avalanche in the corner


Vic Steamboat vs. Chris Adams


Adams won by DQ when Brian Adams came out and attacked him. While Steamboat was clearly not pleased with the result, after the match he gave a long talk to Brian Adams and then patted him on the back before leaving the ring.


Keiichi Yamada vs. Hector Guerrero


Yamada was going for a brainbuster, but Hector blocked it and was able to trap him in the Guerrero Clutch to score the pinfall


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


Blackman clotheslined Steiner into a belly to back suplex by Douglas for the win


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley)


The Midnight Express freely used underhanded tactics throughout the match, which was no surprise. What was a surprise was that the popular Thundercats seemed just as willing to cheat back. Scorpio had Condrey's shoulders to the mat after a Sunset Flip out of the corner, but while the ref was escorting Smiley out of the ring, Bobby Eaton broke up the pin with a diving clothesline on Scorpio, then put Condrey on top to get his team the one two three.


Barry Windham vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


These two have had some intense battles, and this one was no exception. But Windham seemed to especially have a fire in his belly, and wound up flattening Miller with a Western lariat to pull out an impressive victory.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Tony St. Clair


Rose won by DQ when he ducked an attempted spinning forearm smash and St. Clair accidentally hit the ref. Rose was laughing when they announced the result, but stopped laughing when a furious St. Clair chased him out of the ring and back to the locker room.


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The stipulation for the match between British Steel and the Midnight Express is quite something! I'm really looking forward to seeing it play out! Brian Pillman and Hector Guerrero are both building momentum for an epic confrontation!

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Avenger takes down another Army member. 

Adams hate for Chris costs Vic the match. Vic gives Brian a talk and they part as friends. Will these old rivals form an alliance? 

Hector pulls out a nice finish for the victory. Is Pillman next? 

Black Gold keep racking up the wins. 

Thundercats try to fight fire with fire but the Midnight's were one step ahead.

Windham shows off his intensity with that win over Miller. 

Rose gets the DQ win but St. Clair sends him running. LOL, good way to end the night. 

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B.Adams quest for vengeance against Gary Hart's men begins with a win over Hito. A alliance with steam (& by extention the rest of Missy Hyatt International) would be a wise move.

Masked Avenger just beat the General!

Guerrero beats Yamada as much by experience as skill.

I can imagine Black Gold taking a couple bruises in that match with the Dog Pound.

Interesting to see The Thunderbirds get a little dirty against the MXE, even if it didn't work.

Windham gets a big win over the leader of the Crazy Gang.

I don't blame St Clair being pissed. Being dq'd because of a accident? I'd want another piece of Rose's (considerable) ass too.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene, October 10th


Nick Busick vs. Chavo Guerrero


After a tough battle, The Man From Powerhouse Hill was able to catch Chavo in a Spinebuster Slam for the win


Jeff Jarrett vs. One Man Gang


Jarrett had the fans solidly on his side and put up a brave fight but was overwhelmed by the big 747 who pinned him after a front layout suplex


Black Tiger vs. Al Snow


A fast paced and exciting bout which Tiger won with a gutwrench suplex followed by a Tombstone Piledriver


Dan Severn vs. Fit Finlay


Two of the toughest men in PCW threw down in a hard hitting bout that ended up in a double countout with both men slugging it out in the aisle


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Chris Candido © vs. Pat Tanaka


An extremely competitive bout that ended when Candido ducked a Tanaka spin kick and countered with a leg sweep, followed by a legdrop and running senton to successfully defend his title


Scott Hall, Tom Magee & Brickhouse Brown vs. The Hart Foundation & TNT


A very heated battle that went to the Brigade when Magee caught Neidhart with a thrust kick to the jaw


California Title Match : Tracy Smothers © vs. Steven Regal


Young Regal really got the crowd going and looked like he might just pull off an upset win for the title when he had Smothers set up for a Cradle Suplex. But Smothers was playing possum and lured Regal into a DDT to remain the champ


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Busick with the Spinebuster outta nowhere!

OMG flattens Double J.

Black Tiger may be on the hunt for a title shot.

I know the crowd loved watching Finlay & Severn pound on eachother.

Candido has a FIRM grip on the Light Heavyweight title.

A Brigade win is a guaranteed pop.

Mr Hollywood always has a plan.

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Have I told you how much I love Busick's Spinebuster slam. 

OMG takes down young double J. 

Severn and Finlay is a brawl for sure.

That was an impressive moveset by Candido to put Tanaka away. 

Brigade gets another confidence building win over Gary Hart's men. 

One of my favorite champions in the game (Tracy Smothers) retains. What a great run he's having. 

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