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RoH Mens Roster

Akira Tozawa

Andrade “Cien” Almas

Angelo Dawkins

Austin Aries

Baron Corbin

Brian Kendrick

Buddy Murphy

Cedric Alexander

Christopher Daniels

Dalton Castle

Damian O’Connor

Dash Wilder

Dave Mastiff

Donovan Dijak

Drew McIntrye

Eddie Kingston

Fabian Aichner


Humberto Carrillo

Jack Evans

Jack Gallagher

Juice Robinson

Keith Lee

Kevin Steen

Lio Rush


Marcel Barthel

Mil Muertes

Montez Ford

Mustafa Ali


Pete Dunne

Raul Mendoza

Roderick Strong

"El Generico" Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe

Scott Dawson

Trent Seven

Tyler Bate

Tyler Breeze

Uhaa Nation


WoH Roster

Alexa Bliss


Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair

Cheerleader Melissa

Heidi Lovelace

Io Shirai

Kacy Catanzaro

Killer Kelly

Madison Eagles

Mandy Rose

Meiko Satomura

Sonya Deville

Tenille Dashwood


Tag Teams/Alliances

The Revival: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

The Street Profits: Montez Ford and Angel Dawkins

British Strong Style: Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven

Dave Mastiff & Damian O'Connor

Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose


Ring of Honor General Manager

William Regal


Ring of Honor Announce Team

Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix


Ring of Honor Managers

Zalina Vega


Ring of Honor Backstage Staff

Sara Amato


Ring of Honor Owner

Gabe Sapolsky


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Ring of Honor announces separation from Sinclair Broadcast Group, New Owner, New Television Deal, and plans for Ring of Honor World Title

In the wild state of wrestling in the modern times, Ring of Honor certainly hasn't been immune. In a press conference today it was announced that Ring of Honor was sold from the Sinclair Broadcast Group today. However, many people were surprised that the new buyer was former RoH booker and EVOLVE owner, Gabe Sapolsky. Gabe was joined by former NXT Agents William Regal and Sara Amato, and took questions from reporters. Here are some noteworthy notes taken during the Press Conference

-Ring of Honor has declared all of the Ring of Honor World, Ring of Honor Tag Team, and Woman of Honor World Title have been declared vacant, and there will be tournaments to decide the new champions. Furthermore, RoH has officially retired the Television Title, and have said the Six Man Titles are to be considered "Inactive" at this time.

-All three of the speakers actually had a 5 minute description of there plans with the company. Gabe went into detail that with the experience of Regal and Sara helping to run things, they are wanting RoH to become the prime destination for young talent, both treating this as an active company and a training facility. At that point both Regal and Sara co-presented a projected training facility, with Regal and Sara as co trainers. It was also added that they had signed a few key veterans who have also given commitments to help train young perspective talent as well. When pressed on the issue, Gabe still insisted there primary goal was to put on the best show for the fans every single time out, he continued that the goal is for fans to be able to watch the next generation of elite wrestlers grow in front of them, but instead of them jumping elsewhere like in the companies past, to become the key cornerstones into the company long term.

-Furthermore, Gabe was very vocal about wanting to run with the current wave of young female talent in the industry, and has said he fully wants both the RoH and WoH to be considered main event belts. 

-Finally, Gabe confirmed that RoH had come to terms with the CW network for a TV deal. The channel will air late, at 10 PM Eastern on Friday nights, starting on the 18th, but Gabe said they are hoping if the ratings support it to move to move to a more prime time time slot. 


Shortly after this, the following appeared on the RoH website


RoH World Title Tournament: All former RoH Champions Welcome!

RoH is pleased to announce that they will be holding a 16 man tournament to decide who will be crowned the new Ring of Honor World Champion, and they want to bring back some of the most storied names in company history to do it! Invites have been sent to all former RoH World Champions to see if they would like to participate in the tournament, as we want the winner to be without question a man worthy of holding the gold! So far RoH has gotten confirmation from "The Peacock" Dalton Castle, "The Almighty" Christopher Daniels, "The Greatest Man To Ever Live" Austin Aries, and "The Messiah of the Backbreaker" Roderick Strong! 


Of course, RoH is also pleased to announce that many of the top up and coming wrestlers in the world are signed on to be included in the tournament as well! Joining them in the field will be "The Man that Gravity Forgot" Pac, Tyler Bate, "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne, and "The Best Kept Secret" Buddy Murphy!  1st round matches start this Friday only on the CW!

Also, on the card, a Six Woman Tag Team Match, as Meiko Satomura, Athena, and Io Shirai will team up to take on the team of Tenille Dashwood, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville! Also, the "Greatest Tag Team in the World" The Revival of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have announced an open challenge for any team to answer! All of this and more on RoH TV!

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RoH TV for January 18th, 2019, filmed in Las Vegas


Pre Show Matches

Cheerleader Melissa defeats Kacy Catanzaro with the Air Raid Clash in 5:43

Dominick Dijak defeats A Local Competitor in 2:12 after hitting Feast Your Eyes

Bianca Belair and Viper defeat Killer Kelly and Madison Eagles when Belair pinned Kelly after hitting an Argentine Facebuster


The show opens with the announce team of Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix welcoming everyone to the new era of Ring of Honor wrestling. They talk about how excited they are to have 4 first round matches in the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament, and that the first tournament match will come on shortly, but first the Ring of Honor General Manager would like to address the crowd.

William Regal makes his way to the ring to a chorus of cheers, and he puts over the crowd as being some of the best fans in the world. He tells the crowd with pride that this is the start of a new era of RoH, and says that over the next 2 weeks we will have 8 first round matches in the Ring of Honor Title tournament, with the finals taking place live in iPPV in February for the 17th Anniversary Show.

Before he can go any further however, the crowd goes absolutely crazy as Becky Lynch makers her way to the ring. It takes a solid minute before Becky can actually address Regal. Becky says that she signed on the dotted line with Ring of Honor because she was promised that the Women would have main billing right beside the men, yet she hasn't heard anything about any plans for the WoH Title. Regal grins at her and says while he is delighted Becky made her way out to introduce herself to the crowd, she cut him off from his other announcement: Starting next week, the WoH Title Tournament will start next week, and next week Becky Lynch will have her first round match, in the Main Event. Becky And i she wanted a chance to scout her opponent, as she will be wrestling tonight in the six man, before leaving. Becky asks him which one, but Regal just grins and walks away. Becky addresses the crowd, saying that no matter who the opponent is, they will get shown that The Man is gonna run Ring of Honor

*Commercial Break*

RoH World Title Tournament 1st round match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven vs. Samoa Joe

Bate comes down first with his Mustache Mountain partner Trent Seven to a big pop, but when the Godzilla music hits the roof almost comes off as Joe makes his return to RoH. And this match is worked cleanly by both guys, with Joe using his power and ring experience to get the advantage on Bate a good deal of time. However, Bate counters with his own power game, including getting Joe up for an Airplane Spin. However, after 3 rotations, Joe slips out the back straight into the Kokina Clutch. Bate is stuck in the middle of the ring and is forced to tap. Both men shake hands after the match

Winner, and moving on to the 2nd round of the RoH Title Tournament in 7:17, Samoa Joe

*Commercial Break*

Tag Team Scramble Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: The Street Profits of Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel vs. "Big Damo" Damian O'Connor & Dave Mastiff vs. Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick

(Rules of a Scramble Match: 2 men in the ring, everyone else on the apron, you can tag any member of an opposing team. Also, if you leave the ring, anyone else can enter and it count as a legal tag, one fall to a finish)

Interesting match here as Scramble Matches were traditionally for dive fests, but this is a different take on the rules, seemingly, as Damo and Mastiff are huge men and Barthel and Aichner are much more technical based then high fliers. And Aichner and Barthel seem more acutely aware of the rules then the others, as they actually use it to make tags to attack people from behind before anyone else knows what is going on, working over Ford for a large portion of the match using that tactic. At the end of the day though, it does go to a more "Scrambley" type of dive train, with Ford and Tozawa hitting impressive ones. However, it's Damo that really steals it with a Dive onto literally all the other teams, followed by rolling Aichner into the ring... right into a Mastiff Cannonball in the corner, which is more then enough

Winners via Pinfall in 9:13 : Dave Mastiff and "Big Damo" Damian O'Connor

There victory celebration is short lived, however, as Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring, looking disgusted. He grabs a mic and tells the crowd that he hates that he has been forced to working "low level indies" like this, and talks about how it's a joke a that "guys who look like they should be working at gas stations" like Damo and Mastiff get work here. Damo and Mastiff respond by beating the crap out of Corbin, with Damo throwing Mastiff into an even harder Cannonball in the corner on Corbin, leaving him laying.

*Commercial Break*

Six Woman Tag, 20 Minute Time Limit: Tenille Dashwood, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose vs. Meiko Satomura, Athena, and Io Shirai

Big Six Woman Tag, as the face team of Satomura, Shirai, and Athena is basically a dream team. Satomura opens for her team, against Rose, and it sure seemed like Mandy didn't know what she was getting into, because after one kick, she quickly tagged into Sonya. Sonya actually held her own rather well, against the other 3, and Tenille had a nice stand off with Meiko here. The heels get to work over Athena a good deal, which is the first time Mandy actually gets back in a bit once her team has control. Sadly for her, she was unable to prevent the hot tag to Meiko, who went house of fire on all 3. After knocking Sonya and Tenille out of the ring, Io falls up with a giant moonsault outside on both. Meiko tags back in Athena as Mandy Rose is down, and as Mandy stands, she tries to beg off from Meiko. Meiko just tells her to look behind her, and Mandy turns straight into the Eclipse. The pinfall is academic at that point

Winners via pinfall in 11:32: Meiko Satomura, Athena, and Io Shirai

RoH World Title Tournament First Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Roderick Strong vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy comes out to a decent ovation, but "Mr RoH" gets a sizable one, in Roderick's homecoming. And these two have a very physical fast paced match, that really gets the crowd going, and damn are they hitting each other hard. Roddy's chops and Murphys knees are both absolutely on point in this one. Roderick is the surprise of nobody working over the map and is controlling a good deal, but Murphys power and strikes are keeping it close. Roddy tries to lit Buddy with the end of heartache, but Murphy hits knees on his way up, leading to Roddy keeling over and Murphy hitting him with another big knee. Roddy is almost out,  but Murphy lifts him straight into Murphy's Law for what might be construed as a minor upset

Winner via pinfall in 12:42 and moving onto the second round in the RoH World Title Tournament: Buddy Murphy

After the match not only do both men abide by the code of honor, but Roddy actually raises Murphy's hand, and seems to put him over a lit. 

*Commercial Break*

After the break, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, The Revival make there way to the ring, getting a mixture of a pretty large pop and almost immediately heel heat. Wilder and Dawson both look incredibly smug, proclaiming they are finally in a promotion that does Tag Team Wrestling right. They say they now have the best tag team in wrestling in RoH, and will take on any challenger. Out comes Uhaa Nation by himself to some decent applause. The Revival make fun of him, saying that in case he didn't hear, this was a challenge for a Tag Team. Crew gets in the ring, and the crowd gives a slightly bigger pop as coming out of the crowd comes Keith Lee behind the Revival, poking them on the shoulder. The Revival bail out of the ring, but the ref tells them the match is official, and is getting started

Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Keith Lee and Uhaa Nation

The Revival see somewhat caught off guard early, as the speed and power from the Lee and Nation team is something they just can't match. One on one they are having tons of problems, but the moment Uhaa makes a mistake with going with a Gorilla Press and Wilder falls out the bag and quickly chop blocks him, things turn for the better quickly. And work over the Leg the Revival do, tearing apart Uhaa's knee. Surprisingly, the Revival make a pretty big mistake when they whip Uhaa too close to Lee when they are hitting the Shatter Machine, and Lee blind tags in. As Wilder covers Uhaa, arguing with the ref on why he's not counting, Lee Pounces Dawson. Wilder turns around to a kick to the gut followed by a massive Spirit Bomb! Lee gets the three and scores the massive upset

Winners via pinfall in 11:12: Keith Lee and Uhaa Nation

*commercial break*

RoH World Title First Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Dalton Castle vs. Drew McIntrye

Castle gets a big pop returning, and Drew gets a pretty sizable pop at his entrance too, though he seems a lot less receptive to the crowd response then Castle is. And this match got off to a very fast start as Drew hits the Claymore Kick at the Bell, and the only thing preventing this from being over already is that Castle falls out of the ring afterwards. This is a dominant performance from the big man here, using his superior athleticism and size just to bully Castle. Castle always has fire though, and makes a solid comeback, and is seemingly planning to go for the Bang-A-Rang, but Drew is just too big and is putting up too much of a fight and Castle has to release him, Castle lasts a little while but a 2nd Claymore is just too much

Winner in 8:16 and Advancing to the 2nd round of the RoH World Title Tournament: Drew McIntrye

Post Match, as Castle is walking back, Tyler Breeze comes out and walks past him to the ring for the next match, but Castle and Breeze both pause, and size each other up as they go.

*Commercial Break*

Four Corner Survival Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Tyler Breeze vs. Trent Seven vs. Lio Rush vs. Jack Gallagher 

(Rules of the Match: 2 Men in ring, have to tag in another for them to be legal, 1 fall to a finish)

An interesting group of talent who are all looking to find a way to stand out from the pack. Surprisingly Seven is the guy that ends up getting worked over a bit as Gallagher uses his technical skill to damage the arm. While Seven is trapped in the ring a good deal, the other 3 just seem to be getting on each others nerves which each of there antics. Eventually Seven makes a tag to Breeze who goes House of Fire on both Gallagher and Rush. However Seven in his desire to get back in the match to get the win tags back in from Breeze as he hits a dive on Gallagher. That leads to be Seven's undoing, as Lio Rush hangs his arm up over the top rope, and quickly goes up to the top and hits a huge Frog Splash or the win

Winner in 12:32: Lio Rush

*Commercial Break*

Main Event

RoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Low-Ki vs. Mustafa Ali

Big pop from any long time fans as the first RoH champion makes his way to the ring. And Ali gets a pretty big pop as well as he makes his RoH debut. And this match consists of Low-Ki hitting Ali hard and Ali bumping like a mad man for him. By 7 minutes in the crowd has gotten completely behind Ali who keeps firing back before Low-Ki puts him down with another big move, but it's never enough to put Mustafa away. Low-Ki starts to get frustrated late, taking bigger and bigger chances, and is setting up for the Ki Crusher before Ali fights him off. Ali hits a big Tilt-a-Whirl DDT, and climbs the ropes and hits the 054 to secure the gigantic win

Winner in 17:53 and Advancing to the 2nd Round of the RoH World Title Tournament: Mustafa Ali


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Breaking News: RoH given permission to add former RoH Champion Cody Rhodes to RoH World Title Tournament, will face Austin Aries on RoH TV on Friday.

We have officially received word from RoH officials today that WCW has agreed to send Cody Rhodes to work the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament. RoH officials have stated they are ecstatic over the arrangement, and have been working some last minute changes to there tournament in order to make it work, but thought the opportunity was something they had to take. They were quick to announce that Cody's 1st round opponent will be Austin Aries, and that they are excited to see how his match will go down. Tune in on Friday to see the big match in action, as Becky Lynch's WoH 1st round match, more 1st round matches in the Ring of Honor World Title tournament, and more!

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RoH TV for January 25th, 2019, filmed in Las Vegas

Pre Show Matches:

Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel defeat Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo 

Viper defeats A Local Competitor

Keith Lee and Uhaa Nation defeat the Street Profits


RoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Andrade "Cien" Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs. Christopher Daniels

 Daniels makes his way to the ring first and the veteran gets a big pop. Almas makes his way to the ring to a pretty big pop, a real surprise for the crowd. And this match is worked at a very fast pace, as Almas just seems incredibly quick to find his moments against the vet. Daniels has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but any moment he gives Almas is rapidly exploited. Daniels goes on a bit of a run late, and even has Almas set for the Angels Wings, but Almas fights his way out and transitions into the Hammerlock DDT, and that was it.

Winner in 11:24, via Pinfall, and moving on to the 2nd round: Andrade "Cien" Almas

Six Man Mayhem: Winner gets the last spot in the WoH World Title Tournament Bianca Belair vs. Killer Kelly vs. Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mandy Rose vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Madison Eagles

(Rules of the Match: 2 people in ring, everyone else on apron. Much like Scramble Rules, a wrestler going to the floor can count as a tag. 1 fall to a winner)

An interesting match between 6 women who were desperate to get into the final spot of the WoH World Title Tournament, with a bunch of different styles. The pure athleticism of both Belair & Catanzaro, the MMA influenced game of Killer Kelly, The veteran know how of Eagles and Melissa, and the underhanded tactics of Rose. Catanzaro pulls of some very impressive high flying in the early going against Eagles, as the two seem to have made a fun matchup, but eventually Eagles grounds Kacy and she plays face in peril for a while, as Eagles and Melissa try to exclude everyone else from the match for long stretches. Sadly for both, when Melissa hit an Air Raid Crash on Catanzaro that Eagles broke up the pinfall for there stretch to break down. This led to a both Kelly and Belair getting some offense in on both, leading to Catanzaro hitting a big Double Jump Tope onto the pile outside! Belair, avoids everything, and is seemingly setting for a dive, when Mandy Rose, who has seemingly been picking her spots very quietly all match, goes for a roll up with the tights, but only gets 2. This seemingly sets off Belair who starts using her signature Hair Whip, before quickly setting her up for the K.O.D.. The rest of the group are just too late to make the save.

Winner in 8:42, via Pinfall, and advancing to the WoH World Title Tournament: Bianca Belair

20 Minute Time Limit: Damian O'Connor w/ Dave Mastiff vs. Donovon Dijak

An interesting match between two completely different types of big men: The somewhat short and bulky of O'Connor against the tall and lean Dijak. And most of the way through it's O'Connor's more raw power that seems to be leading the way, including hitting a big running cross body for two. However Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring after about 6 minutes and assaults O'Connor's tag partner Mastiff. O'Connor is distracted by this and when he turns around it's right into a Discus Big Boot to the jaw.

Winner via Pinfall in 6:07: Donovan Dijak 

Post Match, Corbin continues his beat down, joined somewhat reluctantly with by Dijak. In impressive feats of strength, Corbin hits a Deep Six on Mastiff, followed by Feast Your Eyes by Dijak on O'Connor. It seems we might have a new alliance here in Corbin and Dijak.

RoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Austin Aries vs. Cody Rhodes

A really nice deal here for the crowd in Las Vegas as WCW Superstar Cody Rhodes is here, trying to become a 2 time RoH World Champion. He has a hell of a draw though, as someone who has already pulled that trick stands in his way in Austin Aries. And this is a strong back and forth match, which has really gotten the crowd going. Aries attempts a Brainbuster late, but Cody rolls out the side, straight into a Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner in 13:51, via Pinfall, and moving on to the 2nd round: Cody Rhodes


RoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Pac vs. Cedric Alexander

An interesting match between two very athletic competitors here, as Alexander makes his returns RoH and finds a stiff challenger in Pac. And Pac is not messing around here, using viscous strikes to get the upper hand. Alexander eventually comes back and is setting for the Lumbar Check when Pac grabs the ref and low blows Alexander in the refs blind spot. Pac wastes no time getting to the top rope and hits the Red Arrow before Alexander can recover.

Winner in 9:12, via pinfall, and moving on to the 2nd round: Pac

WoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Athena vs. Heidi Lovelace

 The first Women of Honor Title Tournamemt match sees 2 Women who certainly seem like they have something to prove. The former Ember Moon and Ruby Riott are going very quickly from the word go, both trying to get a major victory quickly. Lovelace controls a large portion of this match, working over Athena with many blows to the head. Sadly for her, an attempted Superplex gets her thrown off the top, and Athenas still has the Eclipse as an ace in the hole.  

Winner in 8:57, and moving on to the 2nd round: Athena

 RoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Pete Dunne vs. Homicide

Homicide gets a pretty decent pop, but Dunne seemingly gets a much bigger one, as  he seems like a pretty top star to this crowd quickly. And this actually devolves into a bit of a brawl pretty quickly, as Cide clearly wants to restablish himself as the most dangerous man in RoH. But Dunne is not afraid to brawl, and when Homicide misses a chop leading to him hitting his hand on the ring post he opened himself up to Dunnes speciality. Dunne uses his joint locks to perfection, and the opening ends up leading to Dunne finding his Bitter End

Winner, via pinfall: in 12:16, and moving on to the 2nd round: Pete Dunne

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, to arguably the biggest reaction of the night. She awaits her opponent, and out makes Io Shirai

WoH World Title Tournament 1st Round Match, 20 Minute Time Limit: Becky Lynch vs. Io Shirai

So, we get a match that feels like it could be the finals is in the 1st round. And Shirai is very aggressive here going after Lynch, throwing some very solid strikes, while Becky tries to take the match to the mat. When Becky has the match on the ground, she does seem to have a solid advantage. But Shirai's explosiveness keeps evening the match up. Eventually, Shirai goes up for her Moonsault, but Becky moves out of the way. Becky quickly sets for the Disarmer, but Io pushes her back into a school boy that is a very very close near fall. Shirai argues with the ref for a moment, when Becky locks in a Crucifix to get the winning pinning combination.

Winner via Pinfall in 16:41, and moving on to the 2nd round: Becky Lynch


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RoH News: Athena Hurt, RoH World Title Tournament Brackets Revealed, Announcements for 17th Anniversary Show

Multiple News stories are coming out from the recent RoH TV taping

- First off, we have multiple reports that Athena (Possibly most know as Ember Moon) appears to have hurt her elbow in her match with Heidi Lovelace. She requires immediate surgery and is expected to be out for at least 6 months, What this means for the WoH Title Tournament is currently unknown. RoH management is saddened about this as they viewed Athena as one there potentially biggest stars in there women's division,

-RoH also announced the brackets of the RoH Title Tournament, and when the next matches will take place. On this next weeks show, Samoa Joe will go head to head to head with  Pac, and there will also be a match between Buddy Murphy squaring off against Pete Dunne. The winners will face off 2 weeks afterwards to get to the RoH Title Tournament Finals. Next week, the two Quarterfinal matches will be Andrade "Cien" Almas against Cody Rhodes, and Drew McIntrye one on one with Mustafa Ali.

- We also have confirmation the RoH 17th Anniversary Show will take place on February 17th, in a home coming for RoH, as it will take place in Philly. RoH has seemingly made it a goal to restablish there base in the Northeast, and wanted to return to there original home city for the Anniversary Show. Question have risen about them "Invading ECW's home turn", but booker Gabe Sapolsky seems to believe that the Philly market should be able to support both of there 2 most famous promotions. 

- Also, the RoH Website has seemingly announced some tag team names for a couple of duos they have been working with. Dave Mastiff  and Damian O'Connor will collectively be known as "The Steel Bulls", and the duo of Keith Lee and Uhaa Nation will be known as "The Glory"

-RoH also has said in addition to the first 2 Quarterfinal Matches of the RoH Title Tournament, this weeks RoH will see the continuation of the WoH Title Tournament, as well as an announcement about the RoH World Tag Team Titles.

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