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Trying to get into Lucha (Need help)

Sweet Brown Koko

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**Note - I had to create a new account (Formerly Lust Hogan) since I wasn’t able to log in using that one for some reason....



So I’m trying to get into lucha and have no clue where to begin. What are books and matches that you would recommend? What’s the lucha equivalent of Hogan/Andre - something easy for the masses to understand? I would like to find some easily understandable matches and then escalate. I would also like to read more about the intricacies of lucha as well.


Any help would be appreciated!!

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I too have decided to get into lucha seriously just these days (I have watched a bunch before, and the anniversary shows of these mast few years, but never really followed it). My method ? I go the the CMLL youtube channel and I watch the shows beginning with this year. Not all shows, just the Arena Mexico stuff (I have no interest in watching isolated matches anymore). Works wonders for me thus far. I've enjoyed Fantastica Mania a whole lot more than usual because of this too.

PS : and really, lucha is not hard to get. Like someone wise once said "They don't do anything that the 80 years old grandmother at ringside can't understand". The whole "lucha is so sophisticated" is bullshit from the lucha snobs. The whole "lucha is too hard to get" is a cop out from the lucha haters. 

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Books I have no idea.

As for Big big matches I'd start with 

MS1 vs Sangre Chicana  2/3 falls Hair vs Hair EMLL 50th Anniversary Show

La Pareja del Terror (Eddy Guerrero and Art Barr) vs Octagon and El Hijo del Santo  2/3 falls double hair vs double masks from AAA When World's Collide

Negro Casas vs El Hijo del Santo vs El Dandy 2/3 falls Mask vs Hair vs Hair 6/12/96 (has a wonky elimination structure to the match)

El Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas 2/3 falls Mask vs Hair CMLL 64th Anniversary Show

Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr  Mask vs Title Halloween Havoc 1997

Atlantis vs Villano III 2/3 falls Mask vs Mask El Juicio Final 2000

LA Park vs El Hijo del Santo Super Libre Rules (which basically means street fight or no holds barred) 12/23/01

LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr Super Libre Rules 5/11/13

Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero 2/3 falls Mask vs Mask CMLL 81st Anniversary

Atlantis vs La Sombra 2/3 Falls Mask vs Mask CMLL 82nd Anniversary

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Check out Ohtani's Jacket 's blog here as well. That helped me tons in getting into and understanding the flow of lucha libre. You can spend hours reading it. It might give you a guide on who you might like or dislike as well.

Also, look for luchadors in promotions that you already know and like. That way you can see them amongst guys/gals you're familiar with and can have a sample of their work but in a style/setting that you're more comfortable with. Michinoku Pro had Solar and Super Astro in them and TNA had Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero for instance and that helped me get started.

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