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[2019-04-03-Pizza Party Wrestling] Daniel Makabe vs Fred Yehi

Wahoos Leg

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-04-03-Pizza Party Wrestling] Daniel Makabe vs Fred Yehi
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Not sure how to explain what I felt watching this.


As far as fun and innovative offense, there's not a lot better than these two. That alone makes this worth the watch, though it does feel a little long even with a good running time (22 minutes aprox.) as they do a bunch of holds and pretty much none of them had any sort of payoff at any point. I guess I would this a fun "hold fest", they exchange and bunch of shit, struggle a lot to get in control but it has little meaning. Thing is, what they do is just fun as hell to watch.

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A ton of unique stuff here with the turnbuckle and post work. I get the critique that it could feel exhibitonary but it was worked with an intensity that made the match overall feel like a game of one upping the opponent and looking for an opening. Finish played off this as well and there is plenty of room for escalation down the line if they match up again. **** (8.1) 

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