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[2019-05-25-AEW-Double or Nothing] Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers

paul sosnowski

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-05-25-AEW Double or Nothing] Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers

I feel like I've seen this match a thousand times before, so I wasn't very interested by it, and then I read that they went 25 minutes & that sure made me even more skeptical of the thing, BUT they had an absolutely awesome spotfest, for 25-damn-minutes indeed. Crazy scenes! Pure madness from start to finish with no downtime whatsoever. LOVED the nods to Steenerico & MCMG by the Bucks. Quality stuff & the fact that they had THIS kind of a match and made it compelling for nearly a half hour is a HUGE testament to their abilities. ***1/2

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This was a fun spotfest to me with some standout spots - Fenix springing from the ropes to frankensteiner Nick Jackson (I think) being the highlight. I think it went about 5 minutes and a few nearfalls too far though. My interest and that of the crowd peaked with the stomp-into-cradle piledriver spot and the heat went a little downhill from there as we waited for the inevitable Meltzer Driver. Fun but too much. ***1/2

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So many things to like here. There's plenty of stiffness and hate. There's questions surrounding the Bucks being able to get on the same page after a few mishaps. And, if you know the history between the Bucks and Lucha Bros it only makes the match better.  I could have done without the Destroyer on the apron and the double package pile driver spots, only becuse they ought to be match breakers, and neither was. But, I loved pretty much everything else. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-05-25-AEW-Double or Nothing] Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers

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