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[2019-05-25-AEW-Double or Nothing] Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega

paul sosnowski

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A bit of a shambles. The crowd weren't quite feeling it but there were some peaks. Omega's offense looked great but structurally this didn't hold up. The pacing never went at the pace to really grab the crowd or me despite the high points. Where it all fell apart was when they botched the One Winged Angel-DDT counter. It looked even worse since they did the exact same spot again. Horrible. I get that they did it as it was the lead in spot to the finish but damn did it look really bad. As for the Judas Effect, I liked it. Thought Jericho hit it well and Omega sold it great too. Hell, the crowd even popped for it so I can't be mad at that. Definitely a disappointment on this one.

That post-match though...


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I liked this one a lot but I do think it was too long and the pace never quite kicked into overdrive. However, I'd put it on around equal footing as the WK 12 match. Whereas that one was more of a plunderfest, this was more of a hard-hitting fight. I thought they did a good job building up to the bigger spots and moves, but as I mentioned the pace really could have used a boost in the finishing stretch. And botched counter was indeed bad. Still, I thought the offense was mostly well-worked and the selling (particularly Kenny selling the Judas Effect) was good.

Great match but could have been better. ****1/4

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Almost on the level of their Tokyo Dome meeting. This was a fantastic all around performance by Omega; dude was sellin' n' bumpin' his ass off for Jericho, making all of Jericho's very forgettable offense look amazing in the process. That all wrapped up very nicely as he made Jericho's new finisher look like an absolute killshot. Of course Kenny himself is great on the offense, and I loved the table-stuff - some good callbacks to that Dome meeting of theirs, and overall it was a pretty creative use of the prop, I thought. Really good match & GREAT post-match. ***1/2

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This match - 2+ years later is a bit of a unicorn in that, Jim Ross is actually really good here? And Jericho - 48 years old at the time - is exceptional, felt like this was a better fight than WK12. I liked the early brawl just fine. Even the sloppiness - the repeated spot aside (which they tried to cover for on commentary, but it was def bad) - kind of plays into Jericho's age and exhaustion, plus Kenny had his nose cracked so he was a bit off. A touch long, ok sure, but I never lost interest and the finish was decisive and two years later, exactly what the company needed out of the gate.


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