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[2019-05-31-CMLL] Virus vs Metalico


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I didn't expect to see a solid Match of the Decade contender at this point, but this was it. Just an incredible match, if CMLL did this kind of story based intense pro wrestling more often there would be no stopping the company. The psychology was sharp as a knife, early Virus working over Metalico with shots to the head followed by a control switching dive sequence felt straight out of 90s AJPW. The struggle and nearfall sequences where top tier and as good as it gets in lucha. I realize I'm sounding a little generic here, but they worked so many fine details into the back and forth, combined with a determined Metalico giving it all to take down the trickiest wrestler in the world. I haven't seen as much Metalico as I probably should have but he was great here as the aging gunslinger who would throw fists and fight tooth and nail. Even his sloppiness added to the match. Virus was as classy as usual. Every counter was incredibly well executed and perfectly timed, with some great struggle over holds and pins thrown in. Loved the constant punch outs which gave the match a feel like somebody would have to be KOd for it to end. Gotta love the fact they made suicide dive feel this epic in 2019.

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I agree completely that the sloppiness from Metalico added, especially down the stretch. It felt like visceral desperation, especially when you compared it to some of the early roll ups or the early dive flurry. In the back half, it was obvious that Virus had more skill and more in the tank, but Metalico was literally fighting for his life. You seriously wondered how he was going to hit that last dive and it was like a bullet because of it. I thought the fact that it was just one fall added a lot too because you never see that in CMLL outside of lightning matches. There was belief. There was investment. Everything felt like it mattered to the wrestlers, to the crowd, and to you as a viewer, from beginning to end. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-05-31-CMLL] Virus vs Metalico

This was a tremendous match with a mix of everything from mat work, hard strikes, and high flying. Both men fought with such desperation to put the other away the crowd felt it and so did I. There was times that both men ages showed being extremely tired but that made the whole work better. Something that elevated it even more for me was when Virus has on the STF and Metalico made a rope break and Virus pulls his arm back in an attempt to finally submit him. Little things like made me pop out of my chair. This is my top Lucha match so far this year and a MOTYC. 

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