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AAA Invading NY....the card so far....


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AAA has announced some matches for the show on 9/15 at the Hulu Theater in NYC:

Cain Velasquez/Psycho Clown/Brian Cage vs Taurus/Texano Jr/Rey Escorpion

AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Brothers vs Santana/Ortiz

AAA Women's title: Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Blue Demon


More matches will be added involving Impact wrestlers. As much of a mess it's been getting this show off the ground, the card looks pretty good so far. 

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21 hours ago, sek69 said:

So I just checked and it looks like Comcast isn't even carrying this show on PPV. It's like AAA did a reverse Crockett with this show and didn't realize having it on the same day as a WWE PPV meant no one would be carrying it. 

So I looked into this further and I did find it, airing at 10am on Monday on the Spanish PPV channel. 

Great job all around. Poorly planned, poorly promoted, poorly scheduled. 

Worst of all, AAA will most likely react to the low numbers this show gets by deciding the US just isn't interested in having their shows.

With any luck the LA show will do good just because it's a more of a traditional market for them.

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Well, this ended up a super fun card and honestly one of my favourite show of the year. They may not have packed MSG, but in the end I thought this was a complete success. The Hulu theatre is a really cool looking setting, the place looked full and the atmosphere was certainly great, as it was a total mexican/lucha crowd (I guess the "build that wall" crowd would not approve of the Mexican anthem being played in MSG, ah ah ah)

LAX vs Lucha Brothers was excellent/great as expected, Taya vs Tessa worked in complete AAA dynamic (reversed from their IMPACT role) was also very good, the Cain Velasquez six men match was basically the same stuff as Triplemania, Blue Demon vs Dr Wagner was as good of a straight match you could get from them (this is where the crowd being a true lucha crowd helped as this match would have died in front of a random US audience). The undercard was good match after good match, Chris Dickinson teaming with Mascara Dorado in the opener was quite fun, the IMPACT six men tag was very good and shockingly Elgin showcased actual personality (him "catching" the puto chant and throwing it back to the audience was a great spot, why can't he be like that all the time ???) and Fabi Apache really shined a whole lot there, the four way ended up really hot and King Puma was sporting a wonderful classic Tiger Mask outfit.

Yeah, that show was certainly not promoted well, but it came off excellent. 

Oh, did I mention Melissa Santos was ring announcing, and she's still the best at it ?

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Watched the show on AXS - breezy and enjoyable, although nothing essential. First hour is the 3 undercard matches, which were all fine (liked the heeling of the Impact guys in the six man), then Taya-Tessa and LAX-Lucha Bros are good renditions of matchups that haven't before and better, and then the two main events were kinda what you'd expect for both (and not really my cup of tea). (If you're watching on AXS, they tacked on an Impact vs. AAA match from earlier this year after the main event, although I haven't watched that yet.

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