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  1. Thought/hoped Sonya Deville would finally get some sort of push a few weeks ago. That went nowhere fast.
  2. For me, Cedric's the guy that completely turned me off from 205 live and I can't stand him. Most generic movez guy they have. But it's more to the point that it was Drew of all people getting beat and that quick. As people have referenced earlier in the thread, a guy who was talked about as being a WM headliner/sure thing champion, and supposedly was going to face the Undertaker but I guess not any more. If he was beating a midcard or a tag guy, like Murphy beating Xavier Woods would be, then fine, but this to me just felt short sighted and stupid. also think Murphy is 1000x better for the record.
  3. The womens match was the only part of Raw I liked.. not seeing anything about the first two hours that were good, fresh, exciting, or anything like that. This was absolutely a same old shit show.. a weekly 2/3 falls match for commercials purposes Drew McIntyre getting pinned clean by a lowcard cruiserweight in under 5 minutes Joe/Balor goes 90 seconds - Joe actually wins but STILL gets his ass kicked afterwards Bray Wyatt returns - doing exactly the same thing he did every single time he started a feud - but this time its cool cause he has a mask A pointless 9 second squash of Mike Kanellis. And a 10 man battle royal to set up a match we just saw.
  4. Alucard

    Extreme Rules 2019

    I recommend 2016 Impact Wrestling. Lashley vs Drew from Slammiversary, vs James Storm on Impact in August, vs Eddie Edwards in a steel cage, vs EC3 at BFG, etc as my favorites. Happy for Brock, hope we never have to sit through Seth & Becky crap again.
  5. I'm also on the side of hating the no wrestling during breaks thing. It feels ridiculously forced rather than the organic nature of just letting matches go as they go. If last night is any indication, I'll get sick of 1 minute squash matches quick and definitely prefer the variety of longer matches we've gotten over the past 5 years. Cedric Alexander is pretty damn boring in general with zero charisma, so I don't think that was going to get any type of reaction no matter which way they went. It is amusing though, considering they did the masked thing just this year, and did it *perfectly*, with Angle & Corbin.
  6. That was an awful show with nothing interesting on it at all. Just short matches and matches to use timeouts for commercials. Local ads have Taker/Drew for SummerSlam, with online reports saying Taker had requested to work with Drew.
  7. Alucard

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Reports say Johnny Impact finished up with the company last night. They're still in talks but he is a free agent as of now. I'll be sad to see him go.
  8. Alucard

    All Elite Wrestling

    Limitless Wrestling in Portland, Maine on July 12 (day before AEW's show). Announced that AEW pulled Spears "for a video shoot" and replaced him with Tommy Dreamer. Then as mentioned, after the negativity, they announced AEW had then cleared Spears to participate after all.
  9. Alucard

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Really good stuff. Taya is awesome. Agreed RVD/Moose was very good. Nothing went very long but all the big matches delivered. Surprised Swann went over Johnny Impact. Cage/Elgin was fantastic.
  10. Alucard

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Yeah that was f'n awesome from Lance/Ospreay. Didn't see that finish coming but great stuff throughout and crowd seemed super hot for it.
  11. Alucard

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Ospreay/Lance is one I'm looking forward to a lot. Liked their last match and a huge fan of Archer, no doubt he'll be looking to shine in his home state so I hope they deliver the goods. Always felt he was one WWE horribly dropped the ball on.
  12. Alucard

    All Elite Wrestling

    100% this. That Roode match was the one match of his I ever liked. Everything else I've seen from him just leaves me at, of all guys to sign/push, why this guy.
  13. Alucard

    AEW Fyter Fest

    Differentiate yourself from WWE, do not push Tye fn Dillinger as a main eventer. Agreed on the preshow being completely awful once again. Most of the main show delivered.
  14. I'm ready for 2004 with Heyman and Bischoff as the on-screen GMs again. Fun era of the Smackdown vs Raw games.
  15. Becky's twitter stuff was some cringeworthy super try-hard shit too, I know her back and forth with Edge was worked but Edge's stuff was destroying her lame attempts. The no wrestling during commercials stuff is standing out as pretty weird with all the 2/3 falls matches and pause for restarts. And yeah the tag one didn't count since it had split screen so we could still see it. I wonder if that goes away with the Fox move, even though they usually only used it once a show anyways for whatever reason.