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Consensus Greatest Lucha Trios Ever?

Tim Cooke

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Been watching a lot of wrestling during the pandemic and don't remember anyone coming up with a "best trios match in lucha" nonetheless a list of the top 10 trios matches of all time.  I have thoughts that I will add later but wanted to get the conversation started.

What's the best lucha trios match that you've seen?

What's your favorite lucha trios match?

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Best I've seen - Rey Mysterio Jr., El Hijo del Santo, & Octagon vs. Psicosis, Blue Panther, & Fuerza Guerrera 3/17/95

Favorite- LA Park and Lucha Bros vs Rush and Briscoe Brothers 8/3/18 or La Famila Real vs Los Ingobernales 5/25/18


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Excellent topic idea! Hopefully I'll learn something here.

My vote for best goes to Brazos vs Infernales from, I believe 1991. Sorry I can't be more specific off the top of my head. Hopefully the match is well known enough... (Edit: Pretty sure it's the one that was taped Nov. 22nd and aired Nov. 24th) 

My vote for favourite probably goes to another Brazos match, against Eddie, Chavo, and Mando. I'd like to see that one again! It's fun us for who is in it, but I remember it being pretty damned good as well. 

(2nd Edit:)






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Other candidates (more to come):

09/21/83 MS-1/Espanto/Satanico vs La Fiera/Sangre Chicana/Mocho Cota (CMLL)

- A week after the famous MS1 vs. Sangre Chicana hair vs. hair match.  Brawling, heat, and just a great match that you wouldn't necessarily think would happen a week after the anniversary show. 

03/16/95 Rey/Santo/Octagon vs. Panther/Fuerza/Psicosis (AAA)

- This and their 7/31/94 are basically the same.  I like the 3/95 match a little more because of Rey's dive of the century being done for only the second time and being done to perfection here.

11/29/96 Santo/Salvaje/Scorpio Jr. vs. Casas/Dandy/Garza (CMLL)

- Amazing heat worked very simply.  Lots of brawling, blood, and build to the three way mask vs. hair vs hair match at the year end Arena Mexico show

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I don't think that English speaking lucha fandom has ever been large enough or connected enough for there to be a true consensus, but the already mentioned March 1995 AAA match and the November 1991 CMLL match were probably the closest candidates. Last time I watched them, I thought that the rudos got more heat on the tecnicos during the AAA match than I'd remembered, whereas with the CMLL match I thought there was a disconnect between how Satanico wrestled (wrestling even with or even getting the better of the Brazos) versus the other two Infernales (consistently losing their exchanges, at points outright stooging).

I don't do star ratings, but when I tried to make a list of top ten Mexican matches for each year from 1988-1999, these were the six-mans that I thought were great:

Brazo de Oro/Brazo de Plata/El Brazo vs Pirata Morgan/Hombre Bala/El Verdugo (the rematch, Nov. 1989)
Emilio Charles Jr./MS-1/Tierra Viento y Fuego vs Atlantis/El Dandy/Mascara Sagrada (Nov. 1989)
Pierroth Jr./MS-1/Ulises vs El Dandy/Mogur/Popitekus (Jan. 1990)
Danny Boy/Lasser/Robin Hood vs Tigro/Panthro/Leono (title match, Aug. 1990)
La Fiera/Jerry Estrada/Bestia Salvaje vs Blue Demon Jr./El Hijo del Solitario/Huracan Sevilla (Jan. 1992)
Perro Aguayo/Rayo de Jalisco Jr./Konnan vs Cien Caras/Sangre Chicana/Mascara Año 2000 (Mar. 1992)
Negro Casas/La Fiera/Bestia Salvaje vs El Dandy/Ringo Mendoza/Ultimo Dragon (Jul. 1992)
Atlantis/Lizmark/Ultimo Dragon vs Negro Casas/Emilio Charles Jr./Bestia Salvaje (Jul. 1992)
Atlantis/Pierroth Jr./El Dandy vs El Satanico/Emilio Charles Jr./La Fiera (Nov. 1992)
Psicosis/Heavy Metal/Picudo vs Rey Misterio Jr./Winners/Super Calo (the rematch, Feb. 1993)
Negro Casas/El Felino/Bestia Salvaje vs Ciclon Ramirez/Oro/Ultimo Dragon (Mar. 1993)
El Dandy/Silver King/Ultimo Dragon vs Emilio Charles Jr./Pierroth Jr./Javier Llanes (Jan. or Feb. 1994)
Blue Panther/Fuerza Guerrera/Jerry Estrada vs Super Astro/Volador/Transformer (Jan. 1995)
El Hijo del Santo/La Parka/Octagon vs Eddy Guerrero/Santo Negro/Psicosis (Feb. 1995)
El Hijo del Santo/Rey Misterio Jr./Octagon vs Blue Panther/Fuerza Guerrera/Psicosis (Mar. 1995)
Negro Casas/El Dandy/Hector Garza vs El Hijo del Santo/Bestia Salvaje/Scorpio Jr. (rematch of the Santo turn match, Nov. 1996)
Virus/Zumbido/Halcon Negro vs Olimpico/Kendo/El Oriental (Jun. or Jul. 1998)
Dr. Wagner Jr./Blue Panther/Black Warrior vs Atlantis/Emilio Charles Jr./El Felino (Jan. 1999)
Dr. Wagner Jr./Blue Panther/Black Warrior vs Atlantis/Emilio Charles Jr./El Felino (this was a pair of matches, a brawling match first and a title match the week after)

That was a project from a while ago, and some of these have faded in my memory, so I will bold the ones that still stick out to me as MOTY level.

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